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    What do you eat after a workout

    I am getting ready to start my frist Whole30 and I am looking for some post workout meal options. I eat my breakfast at the same time, about 7:30, everyday weather I am working out or not. On my 4 gym days, I usually walk into the gym around 9:15 or 9:30. I have pre-schoolers so this time really is not going to change at all for the next couple of years. What, if anything should I eat before hitting the gym floor? What are some of the things, that are portable, to eat after I workout? I come home straight from my workout occasionally. Usually I shower and run errands until I pick my kids up from school at noon. I have always taken something to eat and I have been eating paleo for the last couple of months but I am not eating the right things. Thank you for your help! I am sure I will have more questions.