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  1. misshannah

    Day 16 and burnt out....

    Once I tried to give up coffee while attempting a round of W30. I thought I didn't drink enough to expect serious withdrawal issues. It was so severe, I felt like I was going crazy. I think my brain couldnt handle all the changes at once.
  2. misshannah

    Disguise the Veggies

    If you make things like chili or tomato sauce, you can hide some veg in there, in shreds or tiny dice etc. We added two large zucchini (not my fave) to a meaty "pasta" sauce and I hardly noticed it!
  3. EllieViolet, please read what I write knowing that I absolutely relate to your frustration. I have MORE weight than you do to lose, and I have 10 years on you, so my chances are slim. You asked what you're doing wrong? In my opinion: 1. weighing yourself. 2. consciously or unconsciously restricting something....maybe calories, maybe fat. 3. believing with all your heart that this has not been worth it because you haven't shifted the scale. However else you feel about your body, until you see its inherent worth and the value in feeding it real whole foods and not hyperstimulating restaurant food and a lot of sugar, you will condemn it. I know it sounds super hokey and not at all results that you want, but you have to believe that you deserve to be nourished for no other reason than that's what's good for your physical and mental and emotional health. I'm honestly convinced that self-loathing causes a disconnect in the brain that puts it in a fight-or-flight mode all the time, caused by the anxiety of not losing weight, which causes stress hormones to course through our bodies, which interfere with our bodies' ability to self regulate and so on and so on in a vicious circle. Maybe you're right and this isn't the program for you. But you haven't wasted the effort by feeding yourself.
  4. misshannah

    Fat Bombs

  5. misshannah

    Fat Bombs

    @SugarcubeODI completely agree that fat bombs seem too treat-like to be safe, but I'm confused about the above every time I see it. A closed handful of nuts and seeds is listed as one of the fats that can be added to every meal according to the template. Is the recommendation that they really not be used as a plated fat? Or not daily? I use all the plant fats as well as seeds and animal fats (eg bacon, crisped proscuitto, crispy chicken skin). I don't love nut butter but I do add a closed handful of pumpkin seeds to my salad daily along with olives and sometimes a couple T of guac. Is the limitation based on the nuts and seeds being higher in O6s or their tendency to be a gut irritant for some or their tendency to be (in butter form) a food w/no brakes for some? Or some combo of all of the above?
  6. misshannah

    No noticeable changes

    MeadowLily is WISE. @MeadowLily your words are a balm to me!
  7. misshannah

    Homemade Pico

    It can be confusing especially at the beginning. The more you flex your muscles looking at labels and looking up ingredients the easier it gets. That being said, be careful with your chipotle mayo because much chipotle in adobo (the pepper part of the mayo) has added sugars. You just have to get used to checking everything
  8. I just want to say SugarcubeOD and ladyshanny, you folks are doing the lord's work moderating this forum. I commend you!!!
  9. Are the ingredients compliant?
  10. misshannah

    Lindt Excellence 99% Dark Chocolate

    @ladyshanny can you clarify? Even though it has sugar in its list of ingredients it could still be used to cook with?
  11. misshannah

    Starting tomorrow - feeling nervous

    Hi Lila2103 some of us who started on July 5 are sharing support and encouragement in a community thread, you're invited for sure! I linked it below.
  12. misshannah

    Started yesterday (7/5) for the first time

    Hi July 5 folks, I was hoping to find a group of us and share accountability and ideas in one thread and I propose here in the community forum:
  13. misshannah

    Started yesterday (7/5) for the first time

    I also started yesterday! It's not my first, but it's been a long time since my first and only successful one! For me the focus these first couple days is the shift between eating for (boredom, entertainment, habit, pleasure, taste, emotions etc) and eating for fuel. It's a mental shift and the sooner it comes the easier everything goes for me.
  14. misshannah

    Start date June 1

    I saw this list in a post by moderator missmary and this is going to be my guide when I'm "riding my own bike." I'm going to practice careful reintros and really try to pay attention to what my body needs for as long as it takes to get to this point: 1. Are you able to do what you want to do? 2. Do you feel strong and capable in your body? 3. Are your emotions stable? 4. Is your skin clear? 5. Do you have a libido for your partner? 6. (Do you have) a clear mind for your chosen work?
  15. misshannah

    Start date June 1

    I don't know if this will be encouraging for anyone else, but I tried something I was scared of...the Nom Nom Paleo Kalua Pig in the pressure cooker (complete with head of cabbage cooked in the broth) and it was AMAZING. I highly recommend it to anyone. http://nomnompaleo.com/post/111934821818/pressure-cooker-kalua-pig It came out great, and I was, once again, shown that I can care for and feed myself. (A fact I doubt on a daily basis.)