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    misshannah got a reaction from TitusCKM in Weight gain after whole 30   
    Try not to let that fear ruin your experience. There is so much more that you'll gain from doing this....SO MUCH MORE. I know it's very hard to not focus on that number. I'm a big fat lady and have been pretty much my entire adult life. I won't lie and say I don't want to weight less/be smaller. HOWEVER, what I want most is to be healthy. I don't want to be a burden when I'm old, I want to be fit enough to run a 5K, to pull myself up over a wall if necessary (don't ask) (just kidding), and to feel the sense of accomplishment and self-efficacy that comes from working with this miracle of a body that's got me this far -- instead of against it. 
    I'm on day 29. My next whole 30 starts in 2 days because I need more time learning how to trust my own body. One thing I'm not doing is caring if one single ounce comes off. Because if I start caring about that, I miss the real amazing stuff that's happening. 
    My 2cents, from a super newbie just finishing her first whole 30 is: relax. Trust the protocol. Use the template. Stick to the guidelines. After it's over, do the reintro protocol for real. Learn what feels good to your body and what doesn't. Then when you're going to Starbucks, you can choose with the full knowledge of what your choice means for you. 
    My husband and I are using 2 questions as our guide: 1. Is this healthy for *me*?  If not: 2. Is this *special*?  That's it. I'm hoping that will keep me reminded of what's important to me. 
    Good luck!!  Don't be scared!
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    misshannah got a reaction from MMC in Help with weight not coming off   
    EllieViolet, please read what I write knowing that I absolutely relate to your frustration. I have MORE weight than you do to lose, and I have 10 years on you, so my chances are slim. You asked what you're doing wrong? In my opinion: 1. weighing yourself. 2. consciously or unconsciously restricting something....maybe calories, maybe fat. 3. believing with all your heart that this has not been worth it because you haven't shifted the scale. 
    However else you feel about your body, until you see its inherent worth and the value in feeding it real whole foods and not hyperstimulating restaurant food and a lot of sugar, you will condemn it. I know it sounds super hokey and not at all results that you want, but you have to believe that you deserve to be nourished for no other reason than that's what's good for your physical and mental and emotional health. I'm honestly convinced that self-loathing causes a disconnect in the brain that puts it in a fight-or-flight mode all the time, caused by the anxiety of not losing weight, which causes stress hormones to course through our bodies, which interfere with our bodies' ability to self regulate and so on and so on in a vicious circle. 
    Maybe you're right and this isn't the program for you. But you haven't wasted the effort by feeding yourself. 
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    misshannah reacted to racheleats in Primal kitchen green goddess salad dressing   
    Ask away!! There are tons of answers to questions here in the forums, so be sure to google "Whole30 + whatever you're looking for" and it will likely bring you here with the discussion you're looking for. My phone was attached to my hip during my first whole30, I can't tell you how many times I googled "is ____ whole30"  Good luck!!
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    misshannah reacted to Kristen 41988 in Primal kitchen green goddess salad dressing   
    Ok well I'm pretty much a newbie to all of this. I eat horribly I feel horrible all the time and I'm trying to make this change for me and my kids. I haven't even started the whole30 yet. I'm starting on September 1st. I've just been trying to do my research now get as many questions as I can think of answered first and do some meal planning. So thank you for answering my questions
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    misshannah reacted to Anna K in Day 44: Starting to wonder why its not working   
    Like I said before, I'm on my FOURTH Whole 30 before I figured out how to do the whole "spirit of whole30" thing!  I did my last Whole30 about this time last year so it's been an interesting year of self-inquiry and healthy-eating followed by falling, as Melissa says, face first into a pint (or two) of ice cream.  BED I hear you, girl.  On my first Whole 30 I could eat four bananas with half a jar of almond butter after dinner.  No problem, no joke.  So tackling this from an emotional perspective has definitely been the focus of this Whole 30 and it's been pretty eye-opening.  
    In my little opinion, I think your plan of re-introducing and then seeing where you're at with your food freedom for a bit is a good idea.  And then going back and seeing how you can tweak your program to get the most out of it!  Just make sure you're not too hard on yourself if old behavior patterns show themselves.  You're doing great!
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    misshannah got a reaction from Caitibird in Day 16 and burnt out....   
    Once I tried to give up coffee while attempting a round of W30. I thought I didn't drink enough to expect serious withdrawal issues. It was so severe, I felt like I was going crazy.
     I think my brain couldnt handle all the changes at once.
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    misshannah reacted to SweetEnough in Help with weight not coming off   
    Thanks for this update, I have been wondering how you're doing. Please do fill us in on progress for these next couple of weeks. We all carry each other. 
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    misshannah reacted to Carlaccini in Adjusting to no alcohol   
    Hey There!
    I've never been a big drinker (except my 20's - that was a bit different), it appeals to me occasionally, but seldom.  But my boyfriend would celebrate the fact that I would indeed drink - think a loud exclamation - of a whoohoo!  She's having a drink!  Now she's going to have fun!  I wouldn't say much to him really, just politely nod and smile (usually it was around company).  But then..... he would then see the after effect of the alcohol the next day.  I would be miserable, cranky, anger easily and very, very short, on top of feeling like the proverbial bag of sh*t.  So quite literally I was no fun.  So now when I do imbibe - it's maybe twice, 3 times a year??? I usually get a comment of - you're having a drink?  Cause he knows - it totally affects me and my mood.
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    misshannah reacted to Sister.Journey in July Fivers reintro   
    Hi everyone! It is good to hear how we are doing. Best wishes to Ouisie for a second W30 it sounds like a good idea to add the exercise. The only change I have made is I have half-and-half in my coffee or black chai tea. Otherwise I am compliant in all other ways. I haven't noticed any trouble with the milk/cream and it's been just about a week. However, I'm not interested in adding yogurt, etc. I really wonder if the sugar in yogurt -- even the good brands that I buy -- won't conjure up that nasty sugar dragon! But I am getting bored with my three or four favorite meals. I think it is time to experiment and do some cooking. As some of you know cooking is not something I have much experience in so it is challenging because I feel resistant to do all the work that is necessary, figuring out what to make, shopping, storing, preparing and chopping, and cooking. I know it may not sound like much to everyone, but every step of the way seems like such a bore and so tedious. I'm trying to be mindful and take my time and accept that this is how good wholesome food is created. I'm trying to think love in every step and movement through a recipe. Maybe it will get easier. *sigh* The only other thing I am thinking of adding is oats for breakfast. It is the only other thing I feel is really missing from my diet. I lost another pound so am at 10 lbs down from when I started. I too need to get more exercise in every day. We are doing great! Big hugs to one and all
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    misshannah got a reaction from Hypotheticalfox in July Fivers reintro   
    Legumes are up next for me @Hypotheticalfox... specifically peanut butter, green peas, and black beans. I also had a bit of sugar in an almond milk latte (so not worth it) and a honey/garlic/coconut aminos sauce for beef in lettuce wraps with grilled pineapple. More worth it! But yes, super sweet and sticky LOL.
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    misshannah got a reaction from Sister.Journey in July Fivers reintro   
    I had some cocktails on Friday night with predictable results (relatively poor sleep and some joint pain) but they were worth it for celebration.  we had French 75s, which are gin and champagne. 
    Satureday we rreintro'd corn. At first I was elated because I didn't feel any immediate ill effects. I thought "yay, can have corn chips and tortillas and popcorn and all the corn!" But the wisdom of the reintroduction process (stay compliant for a couple days) revealed that corn inflames my system and today my lungs feel a tad asthmatic and my sinuses were all stuff this morning! For my partner, he had digestive distress...lots of bloating and gas over the two days.
    Learning! Knowledge gained! So now we can decide how much, if any, corn we want to eat, and what to expect! 
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    misshannah reacted to Ouisie in July Fivers reintro   
    it is very encouraging to read about everyones challenges and successes. I had a setback on my restart for yesterday. Busy schedule - bad weather - sinuses that just wouldn't stop - some of my angry moods!!!  All of that just pushed me into eating "non-program un-intentional"  reintro foods. Enough excuses. I am back on track with my basic W30.  The one I am calling my 2nd W30. I hope I can make it for the next 30 days. I really want to drop those next 4 pounds.
    Wish me luck.
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    misshannah reacted to Hypotheticalfox in July Fivers reintro   
    Trying to continue good habits during reintroduction. Made four batches of cookie dough last night (its my mother's birthday, then my step mothers birthday, then my inlaws 40th anniversary, and all of them requested various cookies as presents), and I couldn't/didn't even eat one bite of it. For the first time ever, I didn't even taste the dough! I might be an enabler to others, but special occasions demand shortbread cookies, espresso shortbreads, and chocolate chip cookies, and I resisted.
    Then, later that night, I had my husband teach me how to deadlift. I was only lifting the bar (45 lbs I'm told), but I still did 4 sets of 6. This morning I went running for two miles, then road the stationary bike for 15 mins.
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    misshannah got a reaction from Hypotheticalfox in July Fivers reintro   
    Legumes are up next for me @Hypotheticalfox... specifically peanut butter, green peas, and black beans. I also had a bit of sugar in an almond milk latte (so not worth it) and a honey/garlic/coconut aminos sauce for beef in lettuce wraps with grilled pineapple. More worth it! But yes, super sweet and sticky LOL.
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    misshannah reacted to Hypotheticalfox in July Fivers reintro   
    I weighed in the other day and found that I lost just under 5 lbs during Whole30. I've officially lost all my baby weight (almost two years later)!
    I've reintroduced legumes, specifically peanuts and soy and they went well. Today I took a step into non-gluten grains. I made cornmeal crusted chicken strips and so far so good. I've also been having some sugar, but not candy or sweets. I made homemade honey mustard dipping sauce and it was good but seemed so sweet.
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    misshannah reacted to MeadowLily in 9 Belfast Bites   
    Country boys and girls can survive.  Works for fish, too.  Anything, roasted vege prep.  The sky is not the limit.
    My other tip.  Put dry paper towels in with your lettuce and vege.  Keeps them from wilting, will last longer in the fridge.
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    misshannah reacted to SweetEnough in Help with weight not coming off   
    I don't know if it's appropriate to share this nugget, so I'm going to put it out there with the hope that a moderator will delete if it's too far 'out there.' 
    I just recently learned about the Herxheimer Reaction, or as more widely called, a healing crisis. For some people, myself included, when the body is especially full of toxins, a detox can make us feel worse before we feel better. This is because all that sludge is being released from our cells (yay!), but our organs can't keep up with the need to eliminate it from the body. So symptoms like rash, bloating, sleep problems, achy muscles and joints, and digestive issues may make it feel like the detox isn't worthwhile, but I'd argue instead that these are signs that you're doing it right! There are ways to support your body with elimination of those free-floating toxins. First off, drink more water. It sounds like you're drinking more than most people do already, but your body needs more right now to flush all that junk out. Also, fermented foods and beverages like sauerkraut and kombucha help too. The healthy acids and bacteria cling to the toxins so that the liver can rid the body of them FOREVER. Then, my friend, comes the Tiger Blood. 
    I am not an expert, no way. But it may be something to read up on and a good reason to feel hopeful. 
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    misshannah reacted to Ouisie in July Fivers reintro   
    Sister and "Missy" I believe that the power in each of us is in the power to forgive ourselves and RESTART. I have set so many goals and expectations for myself that I started with gang-busters and slipped up. I have learned over the years (can you see the gray hair in my pic) that the power is in the NEW next day. Forgive an forget - yourself. 
    Sister, I was hoping to lose more weight with my W30 but alas ... I lost 4 pounds. I had 12 to lose so now I only have 8 to lose. These last few will be a bugger thus the exercise program I am putting together.
    I went bonkers yesterday with my out of bounds eating but I started today with a plan and I stuck to it. Had a bad day with a few business issues but I did get in my workout plus my pre- and post- WO mini meals which were my challenges.  Since my hubby and I are in business together - we had a couple of glasses of wine on the patio to wind down together. My wine of choice was my Frey  - Cabernet with no added sulfites. I will let you know if it disrupts my sleep like it did before.
    I am excited about tomorrow.  Sister - I would pack my cooler for your vacation at the end of the month. Shoot, I packed my cooler for a busy afternoon. You can do it.
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    misshannah reacted to Sister.Journey in July Fivers reintro   
    Yes! I feel silly. So I had a ham steak for dinner last night. I was afraid the sugar it was cured with might trigger cravings for sugar or to over eat, it did not! I'm feeling braver now. Today - a little milk in my coffee. The only thing I've really missed. Thank you for your support misshannah!
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    misshannah reacted to Hypotheticalfox in July Fivers reintro   
    I plan on weighing myself after I get back from working out this morning, but I honestly don't think I've lost anything (not that that was my goal). I'm reintroducing legumes first. I had some peanut butter with some banana slices with my lunch, and a cup of miso soup with my dinner. This morning I had a spoonful of peanutbutter mixed into my breakfast bowl instead of almond butter. I hope peanut butter is fine. It's so much more affordable than almond butter, even the good kinds. I don't feel any differences yet. Next I think will me non-gluten grains. I'm saving dairy until last because I suspect that's what was causing at least some of my skin and digestive issues.
    im still fighting my sugar dragon, and I think that will be a life long battle, but for now I'm successfully limiting it to fruit except for special occasions.
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    misshannah reacted to Ouisie in July Fivers reintro   
    I have always been the 'Restart Queen' so after testing the waters with various re-intro foods - I have decided to push forward with another W30 and this time I am adding exercise to my life. I have not done any exercise for over 15 years. I joined a gym on my birthday and am trying to go every day (5 out of 7) even if it is only for 30 min. Since I only lost 4 pounds going through my first W30, I am going to push with the clean eating combined with exercise and see if that can get another 4 pounds off. This will also lift all of the re-intro evaluations that are driving me crazy. I will just put my Frey wine back on the shelf for a while. I will sleep better.  None of the additions were all that important. I though the wine would be what I missed the most but I don't like what it does to my sleep patterns. 
    I will keep you guys posted. 
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    misshannah reacted to Sister.Journey in July Fivers reintro   
    So, drum roll please.... weight lost = 9 lbs!!!! 225 to 216. It may not seem like a lot, but when you have a sick thyroid it seems like a miracle. I was on WW and other programs and never moved the needle. *Happy Dance*
    Other measurements: waist 40 was 42; hips 47 was 51; bust 42 and 42, thighs 26 was 27, neck 15 was 16, arms 14 was 15.
    Take that hypothyroidism!
    Love and hugs everyone
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    misshannah got a reaction from Sister.Journey in July Fivers reintro   
    Sister even if you do get farther off track than you'd like, you now have a powerful tool. Be at peace so your brain knows this is not a time for fight or flight, because the last thing you want is stress hormones coursing thru you. 
    You got this, don't worry. Going off track is part of the process. It's ok. 
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    misshannah got a reaction from Ouisie in July Fivers reintro   
    I have modified my plan because I am having celebratory cocktails. I intend to refrain from alcohol in my day to day but it's so hard to deny its role in celebration. I'm just trying to do my best so I will stay compliant w food today and the next two.
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    misshannah reacted to Cheryld in Happiness Is...   
    Happiness is....Day 30!