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    misshannah reacted to Carlaccini in Adjusting to no alcohol   
    Hey There!
    I've never been a big drinker (except my 20's - that was a bit different), it appeals to me occasionally, but seldom.  But my boyfriend would celebrate the fact that I would indeed drink - think a loud exclamation - of a whoohoo!  She's having a drink!  Now she's going to have fun!  I wouldn't say much to him really, just politely nod and smile (usually it was around company).  But then..... he would then see the after effect of the alcohol the next day.  I would be miserable, cranky, anger easily and very, very short, on top of feeling like the proverbial bag of sh*t.  So quite literally I was no fun.  So now when I do imbibe - it's maybe twice, 3 times a year??? I usually get a comment of - you're having a drink?  Cause he knows - it totally affects me and my mood.
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    misshannah reacted to racheleats in Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!   
    No one (not even your husband) can determine how much food is too much food for you. Only you can - that is the whole purpose of doing a whole30 and the reintroductions - I'm so glad you decided to keep doing that btw! - you'll come out with the perfect meal plan/diet for YOU. Eat a template composed meal until you are full and satisfied for 4-5 hours, and voila! That is enough food to fuel your body. Because that's what food is - fuel. If you don't fill your car up with enough gas, you won't get where you want to go. If you don't give your body enough food/fuel, you'll be tired, cranky hungry etc. and more likely to overeat or yo-yo back to a different diet plan.
    Another thing - trying to tweak the program to focus on weight loss can often have the opposite effect because you're undereating or getting too stressed about losing weight that your body actually holds on to weight. Try Googling Whole30 Weightloss to find the forum discussions on that topic - you're definitely not alone here, and you might get some more insight into how doing the program and reintro as written is best!
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    misshannah reacted to SugarcubeOD in Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!   
    Hey there - I wish I could say that yes, it probably just 'didn't work for you' but honestly, especially when we're in our late 30's, things can take longer to level out... There is nothing wrong with eating 3 nourishing meals a day and assuming you're not going wild on fruit and lara bars between meals or sneak eating mounds of nuts, your body will eventually sort itself out... I know this is not the answer you want, but you didn't gain the weight in 30 days and while some people do have drastic weightloss, those are outliers, not the norm... I would wholeheartedly suggest that you do the reintros and then find a food freedom plan that works for you (maybe it's mostly whole30 with the occassional sugar in ketchup... something like that is very common).  Keep fueling your body and honoring it, dont' jump to a weightloss diet... the reason those are multi-billion dollar industries is because they don't work... a 'diet' of calorie restriction does not work, is not sustainable, is not any sort of fun and is not honoring your body... You're free to exercise your adult free will but I really encourage you to consider the long game here...
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    misshannah reacted to MeadowLily in Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!   
    Without a Reintro Phase, that's missing out on the most important part of Whole 30.
    Whole 30 and Reintro are mates like salt and pepper.  I know, I know everyone wants the side effects of weight loss.  Follow through with Reintro and you won't regret it.
    As long as I've been here, I've yet to see one person come back and say I'm soooo happy I never bothered with a Reintro.  Those that do come back, regret that they did not strike while the griddle was hot and immediately follow through.
    We've watched them, try to conduct repeat Whole 30's without doing reintros and they end up walking away without one. They start over and over and disappear.
    Embrace the greater purpose of conducting a Whole 30.  I've not ever seen weight loss permanently fix or change a relationship with food.  Thoughtful decisions going forward will.
    A Whole 30 without a Reintro can come undone on Day 31. Eating all the things in one day. You don't want to do that and experience those consequences.  A belly ache and misery. Take it slow and follow through. I promise you, you'll be glad you did.
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    misshannah reacted to SugarcubeOD in Day 30 and only lost 1 pound!?!   
    The Whole30 is an elimination protocol designed to help each individual person learn how inflammatory foods affect them... the reintroductions are the step in which you take your healed and clean gut and put things in it to see how they react.  It would hardly be wasting time to determine this.  That said, some people when they come from a SAD way of eating DO lose weight.  We don't know your history, whether you have weight you need to lose or vanity pounds, whether you have existing medical conditions that may impact your body's desire to let go of weight over healing.  It's never a waste to eat whole foods in proper quantities 3 times a day to nourish and fuel your body... what seems like a waste is paying a company $500 (!!) for some sort of eating bootcamp... 
    I can't give you any info on the Bright Line Eating plan and we wouldn't host discussions of its worthiness on this forum... but do know that anyone/company that wants to charge you money for your health is NOT in it for your health!  Yes, there are books and resources available to purchase from Whole30 but the entire program is also available online for free and always will be... that stands for something!
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    misshannah reacted to SpinSpin in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    I like spinach and mushrooms in my scrambled eggs, and I typically use frozen, chopped spinach that I toss in the pan either frozen or, if I happen to think about it the night before, put some in a dish in the fridge. Lots of times, I don't even slice my mushrooms anymore, I just pop the stem out, break in half, and then break the cap into rough chunks. Add fat of choice (usually ghee with eggs) saute my veg until nearly done, toss in my eggs, scramble, scramble, scramble, and slide onto plate. Most times, I serve with a side of tomatoes or maybe left over roasted sweet potatoes, and some avocado or olives. Yum! 
    I have a very active 3 year old, so I totally understand not having time to get things together! 
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    misshannah reacted to Vian in What A Serving of Eggs Looks Like   
    I have 3 eggs and some cubed roasted sweet potato most mornings.
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    misshannah got a reaction from Mom2A&M in Turned off from food   
    I experience some of that too. Really shows me how much I expect my food to soothe and/or entertain me, rather than fuel me. 
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    misshannah reacted to Physibeth in Turned off from food   
    The way I generally handle not being hungry is this: For meal 1 I eat something within an hour of waking no matter how I feel about it. Even if it is a smaller meal. Often when I start eating in the morning I realize I am hungry. For other meals if it has been 5-6 hours and I still don't feel hungry I eat anyway. On days when I need to stick to a schedule I just eat with the longest increments possible. If you can't finish your entire meal save the leftovers for a mini meal, but make sure you graze the entire plate (don't just eat the protein and decide you are too full for the veggies). What you most want to avoid is getting so hungry that you make a bad decision. This rarely happens to me anymore but when it does it sucks.
    If you feel turned off by food maybe look for some new recipes and try to find something you are excited about. If you eat the same thing all the time it can get boring. Try to mix up your protein and veggie sources too both for mental variety and nutrient variety. 
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    misshannah reacted to Adagio in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    1. I'd stay at a eco-friendly ranch, in a lovely log house on a pristine lake, somewhere in the high Rockies in the fall with the aspens in full bloom and the peaks dusted with snow. The house would have numerous windows with gorgeous views. The ranch would have lots of land to roam, and trails just begging me to hike and view wildlife to my heart's content. It would also have a huge garden and some fruit trees.
    2. I'd have a personal chef who would come in daily to prepare my meals. My meals would consist mostly of organic Whole30 food grown and raised on the ranch. The food wouldn't be fussy or fancy, but simple and delicious.
    3. I'd have fun/exercise riding horses, hiking, exploring, and swimming. At night, I'd look at the stars through a telescope. I'd read and write every day, too. I'd probably have a massage therapist in every day. The fresh air, sunshine, beautiful surroundings, and local healthy food would feed my body and soul, and I would be peaceful and content. (And I'd never want to leave!)