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    How do you heal the mind??

    Its like someone was reading my mind when I read your post. I am only 25 days in to my first Whole 30, but your experience is exactly what I imagine happening to me if I'm not careful- it certainly reflects my relationship with sugar in general. I have a plan... My plan is that once the Whole 30 is over, I am going to follow a strict paleo diet, and treat myself by purchasing a few really nice paleo cook books. And ONLY eat paleo treats when I have treats. I know I CAN"T handle the real stuff- milkshakes, gluten free cookies, etc... But will I make paleo pancakes with Almond flour, coconut flour, fresh fruit and coconut milk? Will I have coconut four biscuits with my bacon occasionally? YES! My thinking is this- The reason that the whole 30 is working for me is that it is a food plan that I can live with- a "diet" with healthy rules. I can follow rules. I get wonky when I start doing things MY WAY. If I eat strict paleo treats (no cheating with sugar, dairy, etc), and that is all, then I have rules that I can live with. It wont blurr into McDonalds fries or a Sonic milk shake. That's against the rules. So maybe being a rule follower doesn't work for everyone- but to me it feels like a framework that I can live within. Once I cross the line into civilian eating habits... who knows? So yeah, its just a theory, but we will soon see. I only have 5 days until its time to put it to the test.
  2. CherieAsheville

    2 weeks in, and still having stomach distress

    It gets better when I go back to sugar and milk in my coffee rather than just coconut milk. I will also add a little gluten free bread. I'm suspicious that all of the coconut milk is the trouble. Because I substitute it in all areas where I once used dairy- casseroles, coffee, on top of my fruit. I bet I'm overdosing on coconut milk. I use the raw organic kind in a can, which is pretty thick- not the carton kind.
  3. I've been mostly Paleo for almost 2 years (anywhere from 75%-90%), but every attempt at going 100% has brought on severe stomach distress. I've tried lots of things including Ox Bile because they removed my Gall Bladder before we figured out I can't eat Gluten, and Ox Bile helps peole with out gall bladders to process fats. I've been gluten free for 7 years, and had my gall bladder removed about 10 years ago. The Ox Bile makes it worse. Its a one size fits all supplement, and I'm only four foot/eleven, so it feels like too much for someone who is very small. I've always reintroduced non-paleo foods at this point because my stomach is wrecked, but perhaps I should keep going? Maybe I need more time to balance things out? Thoughts?