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    Chipotle is my savior. I travel a lot and even in places where there are no Whole Foods or other 'health' markets within 50 miles, they have Chipotle. Honestly, once I had a carnitas salad for lunch and dinner...two days in a row! Eek!
    I like the idea of extra lettuce on top because when you get it to go, some of that precious quac always sticks to the lid and we can't have that!
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    This information made my day. Viva Chipotle! (But stop using soybean oil on your chicken because that chicken is DEEElicious! I'll miss you during my Whole 30, Chipotle chicken.)
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    This is what I noticed. Two separate times I went to chipotle w two different people... They loaded everything rice, beans, sour cream etc. I had carnitas, lettuce, guacamole and pico. They were feeling indegestion and overstuffed and I was feeling satifsfied and fine!
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    everytime this thread pops up as updated in my feed I get really hungry.