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    Easy Lunch Ideas

    Funny enough I was just wondering the exact same thing... Are those crackers approved? But I guess not! Too bad.. ;)
  2. SimoneB

    Easy Lunch Ideas

    I love eating soup as well. It is easy to make, easy to bring along in a thermos too. In addition I also make these crackers on a regular basis and they are perfect with some smoked salmon or a homemade tuna salad.
  3. Ok, this might be a bit of a weird question and the issue at hand is still under investigation with my GP but I have an issue in my lower back on the right side. There is a lump which presses against some nerves and is causing a lot of pain. It comes in waves so it is not always as bad. Painmedication doesn't work at all. I had the same issue last year shortly before starting on our third whole30. They did an echo of my back and it is essentially a ball of fatty tissue, but it wasn't big enough to do anything about it. I did start the whole30 shortly after and the pain disappeared. This could have been a coincidence really. I have no way of knowing that. But it was rather welcome. The lump has now reappeared with a vengeance and it's causing me considerable discomfort to the point where it is almost impossible to sit for any period of time without being in lots of pain. So, I know it is probably a long shot, but I wondered if anyone has any experience with these kinds of things? Or a similar issue? I was wondering if doing a whole30 will have any effect on it? The lump - for as far as I know - is sometimes referred to as a back mouse or the below terms liac crest pain syndrome multifidus triangle syndrome lumbral facial fat herniation I guess what I would really like to know is if I can prevent an operation by changing my diet....
  4. I thought I give an update on the situation with my fat lipoma or backmouse or whatever it is called. I started my fourth whole30 three weeks ago, still in quite a lot of pain. I had seen a doctor before and even asked if he thought that any foodregime would help in the pain management. He was hesitant and didn't think it would do anything. I went to the hospital to have it looked at and met an enormous asshole of a surgeon who clearly didn't think it was important enough to have a good look at it, but he was "willing" to cut it out of my body. (he's a surgeon, they like cutting) I made an appointment for June 12th to have it removed as I was tired of the constant pain I was in. Fast forward three weeks into my whole30 and the pain has disappeared. Almost completely, there is a few times I get a little pang in the spot it is in. The lipoma is still there but the pain is just not there anymore. Coincidence? I think not. It is the second time this has now happened. The first time was my first whole30 4 years ago. The pain was not nearly so severe as it was this time around, but in both cases the pain disappeared. It might be because I am losing weight (less pressure on the lipoma maybe?) I will cancel the appointment to have it removed and I will see what will happen next if I start reintroducing foods. I have not done that properly last time, so am curious to find out what it will do. Just thought I give an update on the situation!
  5. Hi, I've done the whole30 two times before and was happy with how I felt. My eating habits have gone the wrong way since but for some reason I have suddenly developed a pretty bad case of eczema in my neck and creeping up in my face, which totally freaks me out. I have hayfever as well but I haven't had eczema for 30 years. It just suddenly came back. I remember 30 years ago it also crept up to my face which got me in a panic and I resorted to very clean eating. It disappeared within two weeks and never came back until now. Needless to say I cleaned up my food intake straight away but not sure if it is going to be as easy this time around. It feels bad. I've been reading a few reports on the forum as to the eczema, but I am wondering if anyone has good experience with this kind of eczema disappearing on the whole30? I so hope it will as I fear I won't be able to get out of the house if this continues (it looks terrible, even though I avoid scratching as much as I can) I hope someone can give me some positive news.... Kind of desperate! Simone
  6. Just a few more days to go.... I can't wait to get back on board. It is going to be my fourth whole30 in roughly two years time. I can't say all four were equally successful but I am planning on making this one work. The first one was great. The other two less so. I think in this case: the fourth has to be the charm.... What we lacked in number two and three was proper planning. I have my notebook ready this time. Plans for difficult days, schedule for the meals ahead and such... Is there anyone else out here that eats really crap just shortly before starting? It's almost like we're eating everything left in the house "now that we still can". I know it's ridiculous but it also makes me more determined to ail this one. On to Monday!!
  7. Lol.... Yes you're entirely right on that one... I'll do my best....
  8. Thanks for all the help! I kind of missed the last two replies.. I'm happy to report that my eczema got a whole lot better by just cleaning up my food intake. I haven't even gone on a full whole30 (yet) It would be my fourth and by the looks of it eating paleo is enough at the moment!
  9. O that's fun Carlaccini! I have been in Canada and there were quite a few Dutch around... I live in the middle, Almere, which is close to Amsterdam. And thanks for the tip on the low histamine... I don't think I want to go there straight away. I'll first see how it goes with just the diet. I hope that will help sufficiently..
  10. Thanks! I'm gonna look up TastyFace Organics. Not sure if I can get it here (I live in the netherlands) but I'll check it out. I did notice that using an antihistamine tablet seems to help a little. I use those for hayfever symptoms and I kind of linked the two together since it is the season but I haven't had any other hayfever symptoms other than the eczema, which I am not even sure is related to the hayfever.... I am staying of dairy to begin with as it makes hayfever in general worse too. We'll see how it goes!
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    Wedding to go to

    This week - when I will be on the 6th day of my whole30 I have a wedding to attend. Not only do I need to go there but I also need to photograph there. On the one hand that is a good thing as it will keep me busy but on the other hand; when I am tired I am afraid I might give in to temptations.. I'm not so much afraid for the weddingcake but the dinner is going to be a challenge... Any tips for dealing with weddings in particular? It's really not an option to bring food. The couple (also friends) will be insulted if we do! But I also don't want to jeopardize my whole30...
  12. I tend to grate what I need for that particular meal. Normally that would mean roughly half a head of cauliflower. The rest I keep in one piece for next time. I kind of feel it's stays fresher that way longer... Haven't thought about freezing it grated though...
  13. SimoneB

    Ideas for breakfast?

    I've not been able to find any approved sausages here in the Netherlands unfortunately and I do typically eat eggs every morning. I do try and vary with them as much as possible with different veggies and /or meats. If I'm really tired of eggs I might go for a fruit and nuts breakfast.. I know it's not a good idea to have fruit in the morning but twice during a month I feel that's ok. Just to break the routine!
  14. SimoneB

    Wedding to go to

    Welll, the issue is that the wedding is far away, so we're sleeping close to the location the night before and since I'll be shooting the wedding I'll be there from 7.30 am to late at night.But it's a good idea to contact the restaurant where we're having dinner. That might still be on time. I will eat something compliant in the morning but it's gonna be a long day! Also a good idea to put some snacks in my bag Sarabeth5. It's gonna be scorching hot that day too, so I might just survive on lots and lots of water!
  15. SimoneB

    Started today 1/2/2013

    I've also started today! It's my second one so I'm less nervous about it (although that might be a downfall.. not sure yet) but I am looking forward to it!
  16. SimoneB

    Chorizo and ham

    I found another source that has good sausages and other meat and the "only" ingredients I am not sure about are ascorbic ascid and siliciumdioxide. Are those ok to use? I never realized there are so many products with so many things in it.. Sugar is nearly in everything these days! Ridiculous...
  17. SimoneB

    Chorizo and ham

    Hi, I've started my Whole30 this monday and sofar it's going fine... Energy is low today but since it's day 3 I read that it is to be expected... So all good. I'm liking the meals but finding certain things here is hard. i live in the Netherlands so most of the brands mentioned here are not to be found in these parts. Now I've been doing some research on getting a good type of sausage and I have found one very small company that makes good sausages from good meat. However, when I asked him if there was any kind of sugar in it, he mentioned that in order to dry the meat they use 4 gram of dextrose for every kilo of meat. He also told me that after drying that is all gone... Which all sounds nice, but I wanted to check before I go out and buy me some. The same goes for cooked or smoked ham, which is - or seems - impossible to find without any weird stuff in it.... But I'd really like to know what to do with the sausages... I'm guessing it's not good, but just wanted to make sure!
  18. SimoneB

    Chorizo and ham

    Thanks Nico and Kirsteen... I was afraid that the dextrose would be out (I knew it would be out, but hey... I thought I'd ask!) And yes, I think I can actually make my own sausage since I have done it myself but it is quite a bit of work... I'm gonna talk to the sausage guy anyway and see if he can maybe make something for me (although my guess is that the answer is going to be too costly!)