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    Inspired by lahyshanny's "Your Whole30 Island" thread, and more specifically Munkers' comment, "I feel like the next step is to take this list and try to make a meal plan using only these foods. ", I have decided to give it a go!

    The central metaphor is that you are stuck on an island with only a certain amount of foods to eat. What would you bring if you could? What would you not want to live without? The framework can be as light or as dire as you choose to make it. As you will see, I'm keeping it pretty light. You're limited to only 10 items, hence the name Project X!

    For sanity's sake (or perhaps "shannity's" since it was her idea ), seasonings are allowed. My interpretation of that will include mustard, hot sauce, lemon juice (for making mayo), and vinegar, in addition to stuff like salt, pepper, garlic, curry powder, etc.

    I'm big on visuals, and figured being able to actually see my little island paradise would help me be inspired to try living there, so I whipped this up:

    My X items:
    Chicken & eggs (I feel it's within the spirit of the game to include these as one item)

    Some notes:
    * This'll be my 4th or 5th Whole30 so I "know the drill" ... this island metaphor is about fun and experimentation, not restriction or hardship
    * I eat keto, in case you were wondering about the lack of sweet potatoes, fruit, etc.
    * Having coffee take up a whole spot is more an acknowledgment of how simply I already eat rather than any kind of "OMG I can't live without coffeeeeee!!!" feeling
    * The cucumbers are mainly so I can have pickles, which I eat a lot with canned salmon, hard-boiled eggs, and mayo
    * I weight-train every other day in a fasted state (16:8 IF reporting in  )
    * No health or weight issues I'm currently trying to correct; everything is going swimmingly
    Monday, April 13 thru Tuesday, May 12