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    The crazy things people say

    In January, I saw my doctor. She mentioned I had lost a few pounds (I discovered Paleo last year.) I said yes and explained how I had changed my eating habits. She said, "Well, you'll never be able to lose it with just diet and exercise" while handing me a brochure for lap band surgery. I just had a check up - down nearly 30 more pounds & blood pressure is finally in normal range again. No kudos from doc, just a reminder that they offer surgery (and will happily finance it for me too). Needless to say, *if* I need to see a doctor again, it won't be her!!! Same doctor is extremely concerned my 2 year old doesn't drink milk. (Dot breastfed for 13 months and I just never gave her bovine juice.) She eats like I do - tons of fresh veggies plus meat and fats. She does eat more fruit than I do though. Dot is off the chart in height and 75% in weight. Her iron levels are excellent and other blood work shows that she's solidly healthy and has no vitamin/mineral deficienes. But I'm depriving her of calcium. By not giving her milk. SMH!