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    Something like cereal is not okay during a Whole30. Just because the ingredients are okay does not mean you can put them together and satisfy the requirements of a Whole30 meal. The meal template - - is specific about what a good meal looks like. 
    The easiest thing to do for breakfast if you don't like eggs is leftover dinner. I sometimes cook classic supper-time meals for breakfast because that is what I want.
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    Thank you! That was very helpful. I will use what I have into cupboard and look for an olive oil/salt version on my next shop
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    After I'm done cleaning up dinner, I brush my teeth, put on my pj's, and stay out of the kitchen.  Once I'm in the routine of winding down for the night, I'm less likely to go into the kitchen looking for something to eat even if I'm craving.  It sounds crazy, but it totally works for me.
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    paleoamy reacted to Melissa Hartwig in Worried about your milk supply? No need to worry - read this! (And keep going on your Whole30 now ya hear?)   
    Thanks for offering these tips and tricks. One website I really like for breastfeeding is The Leaky Boob ( They have some great articles (all very practical) on feeding, issues, supply, etc.