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  1. ConcreteJungleJane

    Lost my job while on Whole30

    So sorry you are in this situation. You could have easily rationalized indulging in some off-plan comfort food, so you should definitely be very proud of yourself! Best of luck on Whole 30 and the job search. (And there's plenty of info on these boards and the internet at large on eating this way on a budget. Search for for things like "Whole30 budget" and "paleo cheap" etc. Eggs, ground beef, and frozen veggies are your friends!)
  2. ConcreteJungleJane

    Round 1 Done! Results for a Mid 30's guy

    congrats on finishing and being so self-reflective!
  3. ConcreteJungleJane

    Kale - convince me

    This salad has inspired a love of kale in more than one eater: Just leave out the honey, of course.