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    Irish Rose reacted to Littlepeanut in Confused about eating meal one after workout   
     Not sure if you ever got an answer for an option to post WO--- I have bought and cooked chicken breast tenders before and kept them cold in a little icepack in my gym bag or purse. That way I could eat it before heading home and then make a meal. It was better then tuna since I got burnt out on it and kept me from getting post workout rage on someone from needing to eat LOL
    I would say try that... or if you don't mind fish.... that would work too. A little lunchbag to sneak in your purse or bag is all you need with a coldpak and you can find some suupppeeerr small ones that are perfect at walmart or target and such..
    Hope that helps a little more!
    Happy clean eating and workouts!  
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    So glad I read this thread because Tom , you have answered my question as to why no fat post workout. I was (pre whoe 30 )eating a banana for glycogen replacement and guzzling a protein shake in the car straight after workouts. I miss the convenience of the shake but now that I understand the reasons, I will try boiled eggs with the yolks removed. I can save the yolks for a later meal. I can't stomach dry chicken or tuna. Anyone else got any suggestions for a lean protein that could be brought to the gym?
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    My very favorite post workout meal is the "No Fuss" salmon cakes (recipe from ISWF).  There is wild salmon (great lean protein) and sweet potatoes IN the recipe.  It's perfection.  The recipe calls for canned wild salmon, which is fine, but my husband actually makes them with fresh salmon.  Double the recipe and it makes about 15 of these suckers.  Enough for each of us to take 1 to Crossfit to have post-WOD. 
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    You're welcome I also get overwhelmed if there are too many rules to follow. It starts to feel like the old calorie-crunching way that a lot of us used to lose weight in the past. Embracing the fun of all of this, really enjoying healthy food and how it makes you feel, is what makes this program stand apart. I love that there are basic guidelines to follow, but filling in the blanks is up to each of us.
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    Irish Rose reacted to Tom Denham in Fat adaption, starchy carbs   
    I ate a sweet potato every day for much of my first year of eating Whole30-style and remained fat-adapted. If you are running a lot, you may need to eat a serving of starchy veggies every day. If you are running less, you might do okay with less. I have advised some athletes to eat two sweet potatoes per day when they were doing 2 workouts per day to keep energy levels up.