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  1. Maycat

    Texas De Brazil

    Looking at their website, and depending on their seasonings, this place looks awesome! I found this link regarding gluten. I think steamed veggies would be ok, I would just call them and see about soy.
  2. Maycat

    Smoked salmon

    I am bumping this thread in hopes of someone in Northern California sharing where they get smoked salmon without sugar. I have been to almost every store in my town with no luck. Every single package of smoked salmon I inspect has sugar in it and some punk kid at the butcher told me smoked salmon MUST have sugar in it or it won't cure. I am 100 miles from the nearest whole foods, but am willing to order some online if necessary. Where do you get your smoked salmon from? I am in Chico, the heart of Paleo country, surely there must be some smoked salmon without sugar somewhere around here?
  3. Maycat

    Claussen Kosher Dill Pickles

    For the love of what is good and holy, why the heck do they need to ruin perfectly good pickles with Polysorbate 80 in it! I am so disgusted with this now! I am tossing the big jar in my fridge.
  4. Maycat

    Claussen Kosher Dill Pickles

    Calcium chloride should be ok.
  5. Maycat

    The crazy things people say

    What the heck is wrong with that doctor?!?
  6. Maycat

    The crazy things people say

    Eating dinner with someone who has successfully lost weight on a low-carb diet, they commented how she can't use lemon because it has too many carbs. They comment that we are "cheating" now by using lemon juice on baked chicken. Jicama, carrots and other veggies are off limits because they have too much sugar/carbs. But go ahead and enjoy this vegan hummus... She shows me her paleo indulgences book with mostly paleo cookies, cakes and smoothies. Then asks me to make a paleo bread with dinner from a recipe they have. I make it (I'm post Whole30) and it takes a day for me not to want a second piece. I explain what SWYPO is and they says, but sweets and breads are ok in moderation, right? They spent around $4,000 to the nutritionist for the diet plan, I just bought ISWF and the Whole30 emails. I eat real food. I don't have to count carbs and don't have cravings. I ate the most amazing whole30 compliant breakfast today and don't feel hungry 3 hours later. Tried to explain to DH how I felt I we had jumped on the "carrot train to crazytown," but he thought we are equally crazy. ***sigh***