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  1. JayneNZ

    Starting July 1st

    Hi all This will be my second Whole30. Did my first a couple of years ago and my diet has gone steadily downhill ever since. Look forward to chatting with you all. Jayne x
  2. JayneNZ

    First Whole30 results with pic

    Wow - what a great result - congrats! And yeah, ditch the scales the photos are a much better representation of your journey.
  3. JayneNZ

    Exercise type: Does it matter?

    Thanks Amberino - kinda thought you might say something like that!
  4. Hi all - I'm on Day 29 of my first ever Whole30 and (oh sorry forgot the WOOHOO) and anyway I was wondering about exercise. I've been trying to walk places more and have also done a couple of pilates dvds at home but with all this talk of cross-fit and weights and kettleballs I'm wondering if I'm just not doing enough. I've been too tired to do much else but wondered if I should join a gym on my next whole30 (in about 2 weeks time). I did go to a gym last year (a proper one with free weights and concrete floors - no lycra!!) but an old shoulder injury flared up and in all honesty I kinda gave up on it). Should I go back? I intend to be more regular with my walking/pilates inbetween the W30's but seriously, is it enough?
  5. JayneNZ

    How long does bone broth keep in the fridge?

    Thanks - you're probably right. I guess I was thinking that it's this magical potion and would be good forever hahahaha Next time I will freeze some in little pots to use again as soon as I make it.
  6. I finally made some beef broth about a couple of weeks (roughly) ago. It's still in the fridge. I used some of it in my slow cooker stew last week but now I'm wondering if it's still any good? It still has that lovely hard crusty layer of fat on the top of half of it (if that makes any difference). Thanks
  7. Thank you all so very much for taking the time to reply. I feel a little embarrassed this morning after my rant. You all have such good things to say and yes I know that I will feel sooo good on Day 31 (which is my birthday!) when I can say that I've done it. I'm definitely guilty of the "gonna look like Salma Hayek on Day 30" goal - quite ridiculous really when you think about it, and I totally agree with everything you said lexes42!! So, I will take on your advice GFChris and maybe try to up my game a little where I have been slacking - like you said, you never know what might work. I put a DVD on this morning (Hip Hop Abs) but only managed to do 15 minutes before accepting defeat - BUT that is 15 minutes MORE exercise than I would have done if I didn't try. OMG was that a positive thought? lol And it made me drink lots of water!! Thankyou again everyone - I'm truly grateful for this forum and all of you guys.
  8. So even I can't believe that I've made it to Day 17 - but I'm here and I haven't cheated once. BUT I'm really feeling pissed off right now so excuse me while I have a rant. I have NO lion blood or whatever the hell is supposed to be coarsing through my veins right about now, I still want sugar in my tea/coffee, coconut milk will NEVER be a close second to cream in my coffee, and I seriously could do major damage to a bottle of wine about now. AND I'm tired and grumpy (in case you were wondering). For the last two days it has taken every fibre of my being NOT to go down to the shop and get a bottle of wine and end this torture by getting kicked off the course! I am still struggling even as I type this. I took halfway photos today and I'm so disappointed. I don't look ANY different!!!! What's up??? Yes, my body feels smaller but obviously that is all in my mind because my Kodak moment is all the proof I need that nothing has changed at all. I'm still craving the scales as well. Seriously though, I'm just over it. I know I could do things better. Even though I haven't cheated, I know I don't do it textbook. I don't eat enough vegies at EVERY meal and most days I don't have breakfast - YES I KNOW I'm supposed to but I just can't face food first thing in the morning. Never have been able to really. Maybe a couple of hours in but certainly not first thing. And no, it doesn't matter what kind of food it is it makes me feel sick just thinking about it. I have only just started exercising (last two days have been for a 40 minute walk) as up until now I have just been toooo tired. I'm still tired but I forced myself to walk. Even now, I'm actually getting really emotional. WHY? HELP!
  9. Oh terrific!! Thanks for your input everyone - then if I can't put it down to detox it must be an infection. And yes, I will finish the course of antibiotics now (Don't nurses make BAD patients??!!) So, lots and lots of water and antibiotics and keep eating clean - it's got to be helping in the long run! Thanks again everyone.
  10. Sorry should have probably said that I haven't had any cold or flu symptoms in the days leading up to this.
  11. Seeking advice from senior members or anyone who has experienced this. I'm on Day 5 and I woke up this morning feeling like I'd been run over by a bus. I felt like I had full on flu. Have been sniffy and coughing and feels like there's an elephant on my chest. I have had a pain in my back (lung area) for the last day and it's still there and hurts like crazy. SO. I'm an RN and know what a chest infection presents like. When I went to work tonight my colleagues also diagnosed a chest infection - so I took an antibiotic and have some more to continue for a couple of days if needed. However, I was wondering if this could actually be part of the massive detox that I am putting myself through and not 'clinically' a chest infection?? It makes sense to me but I also don't want to make myself sicker by ignoring anything. And don't say go to the doctor - I'm a nurse, we don't go to doctors unless we're dying lol Has anyone ever come across something like this before?? Could a big detox like this bring on such a big reaction?? Any thoughts or advice would be much appreciated. Jayne
  12. Hi there - it was the New World at St Martins - but they only have the chicken one at the moment. Cheers to a fellow Chcher (ok it's not a real word)
  13. Thought I would share that I found a stock that is gluten free and doesn't have sugar in it here in NZ. I got it from New World and is the brand name: Imagine. The ingredients are: Organic chicken broth (filtered water, organic chicken), organic onions, organic celery, organic carrots, sea salt, natural chicken flavour, organic spices. It has a Ceres sticker on the side if that helps in sourcing it. They only had the chicken one as the beef one was out of stock (hahaha) and it wasn't too expensive (I think $4-5)?? Sorry, threw the receipt away. Hope that info helps someone.
  14. JayneNZ

    One Whole 30 down

    Thankyou for taking the time to write this and I wish you all the best on your W90. You have inspired me to keep at it!!
  15. JayneNZ

    Aug 5th in NZ - Day 1 - Scared stiff

    Thx Darlene I have got and read the book ISWF and found it really interesting. My biggest thing at the moment is reading labels haha and I'm absolutely amazed at how much sugar is in nearly everything! I'm quite anal now as I've been surprised to find sugar listed in things that you wouldn't think would need sugar added to. I have had the book open today looking at the meal map and planning what to buy for the next few days. Lunch turned out to be left-over liver, bacon and onion with the bacon pieces picked out! It was very hard to do but I think bacon is one of the meats that is off the menu for 30 days isn't it?