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    ready4chg reacted to Fenderbender in Water Chestnuts   
    I love them! Not much flavor but lots of crunch....
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    ready4chg reacted to Tom Denham in Water Chestnuts   
    Water chestnuts are okay. I've cooked with them a bit, but they don't do anything for me.
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    ready4chg reacted to MJam in Water Chestnuts   
    Making an elk meat stirfry and I am wondering if water chestnuts are compliant. The almighty internet says that they are in the tuber me out paleo family!
    My rule is when it doubt leave them out so I am leaving them out but now I am curious. My can lists water chestnuts and water as the only 2 ingredients. I love the crunch they give a stirfry but if they are not compliant my stirfrys can survive without them.
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    ready4chg reacted to Tom Denham in Couple of items: pickles, V8   
    Regarding the pickles... The Whole30 rules only list 3 additives/preservatives to avoid - carageenan, MSG or sulfites. That means the Clausen's are not ruled out, although better pickles exist. Until cucumbers came into season and I began making my own, I was buying Bubbies brand pickles and sauerkraut. They're really good.
    The problem with the V8 is not so much the ingredients as that it is processed and a juice. During your Whole30, we want you to adjust to eating whole foods. And we do not encourage drinking your meals or snacks.
    Note: I wrote this before the boss posted her note saying the V8 was okay, but my opinion remains the same... V8 is not a good choice.
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    ready4chg reacted to percypat in Kombucha Makers Unite; Where to ask and be answered   
    Awesome idea! Plus one for the n00bs right here ... Three weeks ago I didn't know what kombucha was, and now I (hopefully) have a pet SCOBY growing in my kitchen. Either that or I am farming mould.
    Apparently getting into this makes you crazy so it'll be nice to have a place for us loonies to hang out together
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    ready4chg reacted to Robin Strathdee in The Official "Can I Have..." Guide to the Whole30   
    Hi all!
    Before you create a new can I have, take a peek at this list we've compiled of the most common "Can I Have" questions!