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  1. WholeBunchOJunk

    Compliant Starbucks?

    I take a small amount of coconut milk with me to my weekly Saturday Starbuck's date with my mother. I get an iced Americano and put my own coconut milk in it. Of course, this only works if you know you will be stopping...spur of the moment stops would be more difficult. The taste is probably slightly "acquired", but it allows me to have something with my mom.
  2. WholeBunchOJunk

    How long can you leave vegetable soup in the fridge?

    LOL! Especially with cabbage in it, lol. I think I've compromised with freezing half of a huge batch in individual serving containers, and keeping half of it in the refrigerator to eat as I need to. That seems to be working fairly well...I'll also feel better about eating it.
  3. WholeBunchOJunk

    Wedding Mishap

    I know it's been answered to everyone's satisfaction already, but another thought struck me as I was reading and thought I'd just put it out there....the cake also contains some kind of grain/flour and maybe glutens (not sure how Passover items are made, so maybe not), so that would be another reason for restart.
  4. WholeBunchOJunk


    I did try frying it once (before Whole30), and it was good that way, but it made the texture different and I wasn't sure I liked the texture. I'm thinking scrambling it with eggs might be a good compromise for me as well. Now, just have to get me some compliant liverwurst.
  5. Outback Steakhouse has a gluten-free menu with a lot of good stuff and their servers seem very knowledgeable about restricted diets. I have the least amount of trouble eating there. They have sweet potatoes in the skin which you can request without seasoning, ditto on steamed veggies and they have lots of choices for proteins.
  6. WholeBunchOJunk

    Eating together

    In my earlier years, we all ate together....my mother, father and myself. As I grew into my teens, my mother went to work for the summers and had a late shift, so I didn't often get to eat with her, but she prepared a meal for my father and I to have for dinner and the two of us would eat together. There were no cell phones or computers back then, but we did have a TV and we were all pretty much TV addicts, lol. I don't have children, which is probably a good thing because I got rid of my dining table and now just eat on the couch. Not the best of habits, but it works for me and at least I'm not passing it on to another generation. At work I just eat at my desk...also not the best of habits, but it works for me. Edited to add: I've had to stay with my mother a couple of times while recovering from surgery and we all just eat on the couch now.
  7. WholeBunchOJunk

    Help! Salt has become my new sugar!

    During my SAD days, I even salted pizza. Salad definitely requires at least a little salt in my world, lol.
  8. WholeBunchOJunk

    How long can you leave vegetable soup in the fridge?

    Thanks! I kept about 3 servings in the refrigerator and put the rest in the freezer.
  9. WholeBunchOJunk

    P.F. Chang's - Anything?

    I ate at our local PF Changs last week. I saw a suggestion here on the board somewhere to ask for fish, so I did. They have a steamed vegetable side dish on their menu so he ordered that for me with nothing on it and no tofu, then ordered a side of steamed salmon with no sauces or anything. I did take a very small bite of the lettuce wrap filling and it did taste sweet to me, so I'm guessing that's a no-go...I also had a stomach ache after lunch, my guess is that something had soy in it (I'm gluten intolerant), and it was probably the lettuce wrap filling. (He called the salmon a side-but it was a very good sized portion)
  10. WholeBunchOJunk

    How long can you leave vegetable soup in the fridge?

    Thank you!! Leaving it in the fridge is definitely great for quick snacks if needed...serves dual purpose, breakfast and snacks!
  11. Sorry, cooking novice here, lol. I made some chicken veggie soup last weekend, then divided it up and froze in individual containers for lunches for the week. That worked well, but I'd like to switch things up this week and have the veggie soup for breakfast. Freezing it would still work I guess, but I'm wondering how long it would keep in the refrigerator if I used chicken, chicken stock, veggies like carrots, celery, cabbage, etc.? I guess I've always been taught that chicken doesn't keep more than a couple of days.
  12. WholeBunchOJunk

    sardines...what do I do with them?

    Phew, okay, maybe I'll be brave and open the can, lol.
  13. WholeBunchOJunk

    sardines...what do I do with them?

    Do they come with the heads on, lol? I bought a can of sardines, oh, maybe a year ago (need to check to see if they are expired) and I've been too afraid to eat them, lol. I'm a sissy, but I can't get past eating them whole. Maybe I can try cutting the heads off, lol. Or, maybe I should just open the can to see how bad they actually LOOK, lol.
  14. WholeBunchOJunk

    WholeBunchOJunk Reintro log

    My sleep is better these days, but mostly because my allergies have been bad and I've been taking a Zyrtek every night, lol. I've fallen off the Whole Foods reintro wagon I'm afraid. I've reintroduced sugar this week--it started with the intent of just seeing how I react to it, but it has reawaken the sugar dragon. And, I've discovered that it definitely makes me feel bad in several ways. I'm wondering if I have candida because what I noticed yesterday was a bubbly, gurgle-y gut for most of the day. I felt tired and draggy all day. I also noticed a slight (very slight) sore throat.
  15. WholeBunchOJunk

    WholeBunchOJunk Reintro log

    Day 12. Well not so lucky on the sleep issue last night. I could NOT get to sleep, ever. Not even 1 hour! Was tempted to call in sick, but I knew I had a huge project to work on, so came in anyway. I always get here early, so my thought was when I finished the project I would go home. I'm still here. I just had two squares of Ghiradelli 60% Cacao chocolate. It was good, but it was pretty sweet. Definitely not going to make a habit of this, but was curious to see what would happen. Kind of dumb I guess since I'm already not feeling that great from lack of sleep.