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  1. NuriNoms

    Starting 1/4/16

    I'm craving creamy things, never would have expected that!!! I find coconut milk and nut butters too heavy to use as a replacement and too much like dessert. Guess I'll be doing without!
  2. NuriNoms

    Starting 1/4/16

    There was a POWER OUTAGE at my house this morning! If I hadn't had leftovers in the fridge I would have been in a sorry state. Now I have to brave the cafe for a cup of coffee or risk turning into a monster, but it will be so much easier now that I'm full of my own homemade (cold) breakfast!
  3. NuriNoms

    Starting 1/4/16

    I've been 'jumped in'... Had my first hangry episode while at Costco. Ugh, it was way too easy to consider just quitting!!! I realized today that looking at my grocery bill it replaces what I'd spend going out, eating stuff because I didn't pack a lunch, etc. Plus I did buy groceries and cook before, I just didn't use them efficiently. Just a little encouragement for anyone who is nervous about cooking. <3
  4. NuriNoms

    Starting 1/4/16

    I underestimated the effects of holiday drama and it all came down yesterday! I stayed on plan, though I just watched Netflix all day. So interesting to see the food ideas that came up! Today I'm enjoying the revelation of cumin seeds in my red onion vinaigrette. Gives it that smoky umami-ness!!
  5. NuriNoms

    Starting 1/4/16

    Hi! Starting my first complete W30, I didn't finish last time. I'm excited that since then I have worked on my friendships and self care and am much better prepared to make it through. We can do it!!!
  6. NuriNoms

    Starting 1/4/16

    Hi! Starting my first complete W30, I didn't finish last time. I'm excited that since then I have worked on my friendships and self care and am much better prepared to make it through. We can do it!!!
  7. Good for you for really thinking through all of the aspects of your Whole30. If you're new to cooking you're also new to the realities of preparation, execution, and storage, so here's some tips. Preparation: keep kitchen equipment simple and cheap, try Goodwill and garage sales with a good scrub and a bleach soak. Execution: cooking can be boring. Queue up a podcast or Netflix - it helps you track your pacing of chopping, roasting, dishwashing, etc. Storage: canning jars are cheap, great for leftovers, better than Tupperware, and more available in summer. Large sizes can hold entire Whole30 meals in layers. They are about a dollar each for twelve in a large flat pack. While you say you're not ready to spend a whole Sunday cooking, if you find yourself majorly fatigued of cooking a full meal 2-3x a day, you might want to devote at least a little weekend time to preparation. Can you give an hour and a half on a Sunday to chopping veggies, storing them in canning jars ready to be dumped into a fry-up with some eggs? While you're chopping, can you hard boil eggs or pop sweet potatoes in the oven? Finding something to do while something else cooks is all that a weekend cook-up involves. I started doing weekend cook-ups long ago because even as an experienced cook I HATED coming home exhausted and then having to cook and clean up. Check out this book by Tamar Adler called An Everlasting Meal - it's not a Whole30 book, but it does coach you through multitasking a big cook-up and encourages simple preparation that enhances high quality ingredients. Another benefit is that if you screw up cooking on the weekend, you have time to fix it. Best part is, when you're done your fridge isn't full of ingredients, it's full of FOOD!
  8. Hi errybody, feeling much clearer-headed. Not waking up with yucky throat anymore, sleeping better, and clothes are already starting to feel a little loose. Does anyone else find themselves really emotionally sensitive? Went to a movie last night and was craving chocolate really strongly. Got very upset about not being able to have any. It did not help that I kept getting asked to pass the Pocky sticks and Skittles back and forth between friends. Went surfing today and had a little meltdown because the waves were too big for me. Maybe this is the result of not being able to numb feelings with cheese, bread, chocolate, and wine, but if that's the case it's certainly for the better. Any other emotional eaters finding themselves on edge?
  9. I'm an emotional eater/stress eater and even though you don't have THIS problem, everybody is susceptible to unhealthy coping mechanisms. Think of what you'd want to hear her say if your positions were reversed. When I make that call, what I'm really saying is: "I fell victim to my old habits again. It feels like there's no way around [whatever I'm going through at work]. I feel disappointed and hopeless... please tell me I won't be like this forever! Do you have any ideas for how to beat this problem?" All of those statements only indirectly relate to food, but they're feelings everyone shares - they just cope with them differently. She values your support and she's not going to be disappointed if you can't confide that you ate a whole bag of Hot Cheetos when someone cut you off in traffic. She might feel even more ashamed if she thinks you find this behavior irrational and weird, but you want to help her so clearly you are a kind person who wants to be supportive. Ask her to come up with a list of things with you over the phone that she can do next time that will help this not to happen. Ask her how she prepared to eat at work and if she wants you to help her cook up a bunch of meals. Ask her if she wants to call you when she's about to eat something she shouldn't. Tell her about what you do to keep yourself from coping negatively, even if it has nothing to do with food. Remind her she can do it! If her behavior starts to exhaust your emotional resources and seems like it's not improving, or you're becoming really stressed about your responses, try what I said to my obese friend with an eating disorder who was constantly berating her appearance: "When you make hurtful comments about your body [or when you call me after you've gone off track], what would you like me to say in response? Because I care about you, I think you're lovely, and I know you can do it - but you often contradict me when I say those things and I still want to be a supportive friend." End result: she stopped trashing her body in front of me and she told me she appreciated hearing that I cared about how she made herself feel. It is really cool that your friendships can handle sharing embarrassing things Best of luck!
  10. YES! I am so excited to do this and so proud of going forward instead of telling myself "that won't work, you'll never make it," etc. I felt great yesterday and slept really well last night, and I'm committed to finding out what my body can handle. Too young to feel this bad, so it's time for a change! I am a total stress eater and Whole30/Whole9 are a way healthier method of dealing with stress. I am a great cook, but my difficulties lie mostly with willpower. Clean eating makes me feel like I'm doctoring my body with healthy food, and that is very calming. Anybody else a victim of their own good cookin'?