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    The crazy things people say

    So on the "eggs are dairy" topic I worked at a Gluten-free and allergen friendly baker for about a year. Absolutely loved the job, had to leave because the owners were bat crap crazy. So we had to know every ingredient in all the products, over 100 products total. It was crazy but we were dealing with people who could die if they ate eggs, dairy, nuts. So when a new customer comes in the first thing we would do was ask them what they could not have and mark up our menu with everything they could/couldn't have. Everything is marked with "EF" egg free, "DF" dairy free and so on. I can not tell you how many times people would come in and say they couldn't have dairy and I was like awesome, you can have everything but 2 things. Then as I'm showing them what they can have they see the "EF" and ask what that means. I say Egg free, and suddenly its "oh I can't eat eggs!" These are people with sever reactions to eggs, like throat closes up and they die and they didn't know that eggs are not dairy. It was sad and terrifying that their doctors never explained it to them.