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    Nancy11son got a reaction from Topaz in What do You Like from Trader Joe's and Whole Foods?   
    The TJ's in my area definitely has a large selection of dried fruit that does not have sugar.  You have to read carefully though.  One of the dried mango has sugar and another variety of their dried mango does not.  It's possible that they just didn't have dried cherries without sugar.
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    Nancy11son reacted to pjena in Final word on Almond Butter   
    I have put it on sweet potatoes as my fat.  Or eaten it with carrots and celery and hb eggs for a super fast or portable breakfast.
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    Nancy11son reacted to SpinSpin in Final word on Almond Butter   
    I use almond butter in recipes-- well fed's sunshine sauce for example, and for the rare stuffed celery with lunch as my fat option.
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    Nancy11son reacted to SanguineAspect in Final word on Almond Butter   
    I second the sunshine sauce. I did a cashew butter/almond butter mix when I made it, and I used it to sauce faux pad thai with pork, zucchini, and carrots. I didn't even need that much sauce to make a stellar dish. 
    I haven't found anything else that needs any nut butters, though. Not yet.
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    Nancy11son reacted to amberino21 in Final word on Almond Butter   
    we've only used nut butter twice on our whole30 (32?)   - I whizzed almond butter with lemon, dill and some water to make a dressing for steamed greens.
     (I lie - my husband used it another time as part of his lunch on some celery once)
    as tom and jenn mentioned, while it's not not compliant, your friend's banana/butter snack wasn't the best choice she could have made!
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    Nancy11son reacted to Jenn B in Final word on Almond Butter   
    In small quantities, as part of a meal, that serves as the "fat".
    Or, as part of a pre workout meal (suggested lean protein and a fat)
    Nuts are my nemesis, in any form, whole or in butters. If that is the case with the butter/banana, then avoid altogether. I started out with just a tad here and there, and that would occassionally grow, out of proportion food without breaks. so i pretty much eliminate that.
    I second Tom, if you are eating enough at each meal, there is no need for snacking, and if you are snacking, it should have the 3 elements. FYI, My first two weeks I had a snack after work (3p.m.ish) of fruit and nuts. I decided to try and see if I could make it to dinner without snacking... no problem! Once I eliminated the snack, not an issue. On days that are exceedingly long, or work out days, I have the extra "snack" or small meal.
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    Nancy11son got a reaction from Irish Rose in Confused about eating meal one after workout   
    My very favorite post workout meal is the "No Fuss" salmon cakes (recipe from ISWF).  There is wild salmon (great lean protein) and sweet potatoes IN the recipe.  It's perfection.  The recipe calls for canned wild salmon, which is fine, but my husband actually makes them with fresh salmon.  Double the recipe and it makes about 15 of these suckers.  Enough for each of us to take 1 to Crossfit to have post-WOD.