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  1. Thank you both for your input. I don't think I have consumed anything differently this time around other than more eggs for snacks in between meals, we make everything from scratch. The only things packaged are coconut milk and limited nuts and we always check the labels. Everything is pretty much the same as the Fall but maybe some more stress and now I am completely coffee free (the first round of Whole30 I allowed myself a cup a day) Any other thoughts? I am dragging my feet on trying the autoimmune elimination diet again because of the limitations but if necessary will try it again. Also thank you for the link Tom, we are always looking for new websites, was a saving grace for our new lifestyle and not getting bored with food.
  2. I have just completed my second Whole30. The first was back in the Fall and I had amazing results, I lost a lot of inflammation that I didn't realize I had and gained back a lot of energy. After the first 30 days I took a month and did the autoimmune elimination diet and didn't notice a difference with many foods. We fell off track in the Spring for about a month or two while we were in the process of buying our first home and moving but finally got back on track in June with our second round of Whole30. Needless to say in the time we were off track I became inflamed again. As of mid July I have completed my second Whole30 and since have completely cut out coffee yet I am still swollen which leaves me uncomfortable most of the time in my clothes. I guess I am wondering if the inflammation can be attributed to our moving stress and trying to get settled or should I redo the elimination diet again? Or if anyone has had this happen or something similar and if so what they did?