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  1. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    HI! I tried to write yesterday, but it didn't work and I gave up. Anyway, yes I'm ok, thanks for asking! The past week was hosting various family and friends and cooking delicious food and hanging out. I am officially done with Whole30land, but only addeed things like dark chocolate, butter, bacon that probably had nitrites and/or sugar, etc. I feel good, though, and still about 95% Whole. I know there will be ups and downs to come, such is life. But I feel like the rest is just fine-tuning, it'll happen in phases and this life-long journey of finding how to be the best human I can be will continue. Still a lot to work on. Bring it on! I need to keep on meditating and working on taking deep breaths and taking things lightly. Love myself...that's the biggest one! I am so proud of all of us. This has been such a great support network. And will continue to be Still no period...not sure about that. I officially skipped one, which is the 1st time ever. I'm trying not to be too disconcerted by that. And I'll go to a doc if I skip the next one. Yay for almost being done with your 30 days green! Yay for eating delicious, healthy food!
  2. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    Happy hump day to you, too, green! It's feeling like a Tiger's Blood kinda day. But I'm trying to be at peace with it. I need to stop letting the highs get me high and lows get me low and try to be in the moment and know that everything will pass and that phases are part of life. There were a couple of difficult days there, and I really want to start accepting them instead of beating myself up and making it even worse than it needs to be. So there's another goal! Green, thanks for that Day15 post. Really helpful stuff to keep in mind, I'm really trying to keep my starchy veggies up! I've also had a plantain a couple of these past few days and that has been awesome. God, they're good fried in coconut oil. Oh coconut cream...I say don't do it. Very much on the nut butter level. Soooo good, though! Sweet and coconutty and delicious on a spoon, in my mouth, in my belly! It is good fat, and less phytates than nut butters...but still It's the psychological response thing that it the dangerous part. Are any of you taking any supplements? If so, which ones? I think I want to start taking magnesium and/or cod liver oil. The oil's especially pretty expensive, I'm on kind of a tight budget these days, especially with my kind of expensive eating habits Hope you're all having wonderful weeks!
  3. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    Thank you so much, ladies! I really needed all of your pep talks and advice and support. I feel ready again to take on the challenges of food. yeehaw! Erica, thanks for that Fat Loss article. Really good stuff. I feel like that has been my trajectory anyway in terms of the exercise bit. I'm not sure about the food. I have a hard time tracking things like food, mood etc. I just don't think about it in the moment and then by the end of the day I've forgotten everything I've done/eaten. And there's part of me that doesn't want to be so obsessed with it all. And just eat when I'm hungry, with a general template of protein, fat, veggie. Anyway, I've also been justifying the fruit with the season and the fact that it's all around and often free. I rarely buy fruit, truthfully. But having a delicious plum tree right outside my house...poses problems delicious problems! I'm sure I'll be eating way less fruit come fall/winter. Maybe more squash, but less fruit. That will feel good, I think. I hope there really does come a day where from there on out I don't obsess about food and can just intuitively eat when I'm hungry all the time! Again, I've had glimpses of it, few day stretches, but not for a whole month or anything. Patience, little cricket (yes, I'm talking to myself). I haven't bought nuts in awhile (except for the backpacking trip), and don't think I should for those very reasons. Why are nuts so darn good?! Cashews...I could devour those things. Green, how was Insanity? I don't know much about it, I would love to hear what you did in your class. You all are wonderful, go team, and have yourselves some scrumptious Sundays!
  4. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    Wow, for whatever reason I didn't even think about the added exercise. I have been doing way more heavy lifting, etc than previously in my life. Amy are you postulating that I'm getting cravings from more of a psychological place than a physical one because of a restriction mentality? That's definitely possible. The thing is, I'm not necesarily even craving off-Whole30 foods. Ok, I guess that's not totally true. I did want sweets last night. Ok, I had a pretty silly eating night last night. By "silly" I mean a binge. I'm trying to not use too harsh of language with myself. It was not one of my finer moment's during this Wholeexperience ...5 dates, handful of frozen berries and, oh I'm embarrassed by this one, 4 sweet potatoes. They were small, but still. 4?!?! I roasted them up and I just kept going back for more until there were none. I guess it's not bad if that's my only really hardcore binge in 44 days, but I was still kinda bummed with myself. Luckily, I did this a good few hour before going to bed so I didn't feel like total crap when sleep rolled around. But I felt thicker this morning, of course. Anyway, that's my current status. Reeling from last night and still trying to figure it all out. I need to go back and look at my goals and remember why I'm doing this. I'm nervous about what this weekend will bring...I hope a) my period, and enough strength to not go crazy and eat the whole house. Also, I think I might try some reintroductions soon. I really want to know how dairy affects me. I was thinking, cooking in butter in the morning. Maybe some cheese or yogurt later in the day. We'll see. I'm excited about that part!
  5. Ilovefat

    Changes in Menstrual Cycle

    I'm more than 2 weeks late on my period! And very confused by it. I know for sure I'm not preggers, but I have had bouts of pms throughout these past two weeks and just want to get the whole deal over with! I started the Whole30 July 22nd and am still going strong. Before starting Whole30 I was "basically Paleo" for about a year and a half, so I don't feel like my eating habits have changed that much during least compared to lots of people. Maybe I am eating more fat and having more square meals. And the main things that I ate sometimes were dairy and sugar. Could those have such a huge affect on things? It's pretty frustrating, especially when I never know what to contribute to pms or not. Have I been having random feelings of pms throughout the past 2 weeks or am I just tired sometimes and consequently less able to control my cravings? Also, I used to have a pretty regular period that lasted 2-3 days (I know I'm lucky in that sense). However, since eating a more Paleo diet I feel like my pms has gotten a little worse. That could also just be being more in tune with things. Anyway, I just wanted to get some feedback and vent out my frustrations to some folks who might understand. Thanks for reading my rant And I will definitely be having sweet potatoes for dinner tonight.
  6. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    Things change daily for me. I'm feeling a little more out of control/hungry/binge-y than I had previously. So, I'm more than 2 weeks late on my period. I know for sure I'm not preggers, but I have had bouts of pms throughout these past two weeks and just want to get the whole deal over with! I will definitely be having sweet potatoes for dinner tonight. Seriously, though, 2 weeks? What the heck? It's pretty frustrating, especially when I never know what to contribute to pms or not. Have I been having random feelings of pms throughout the past 2 weeks or am I just tired sometimes and less able to control my cravings? The most confusing part, too, is that I don't feel like my eating habits have changed that much. Or maybe cutting dairy and sugar out has really shaken things up down there? Those are the only things that I was eating prior to Whole30 that have since been cut out. But I wasn't eating soy or grains or legumes really. I think I'll go put a post on the Ladies Only forum and see what they have to say. Anyway, it's a bummer feeling less awesome than I did even a few days ago. While everything that goes into my mouth is still Whole30 approved (that part is almost second nature to me at this point) it's the lack of control and those old habits that really get to me and bum me out. Oh the "joys" of being a woman. guh. On a happier note, way to go Amy for rocking your weekend away! There was a challenge and you rose to it. That is awesome.
  7. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    Congrats on week 1 and navigating eating out! I'm so glad you're feeling good psychologically as well as physically. That is so important. I just got back last night from climbing Mt. Adams and stayed Whole9 the whole time! I was proud. Everyone had their weird backpacking meals, and I had my own dried chili that I made last year, nuts, Larabars (which I only reserve for strenuous activity where I need more carbs) hardboiled eggs, cabbage, tuna, and avocado! Of course, since it was such a short trip (1 night, 2 days) and we weren't carrying our packs to summit, I had the luxury of bringing all that fresh food. It was awesome. I felt great, in shape, and totally capable. And it was hard at some points...steep and windy! While I'm a little banged up (minor cuts and bruises from glissading down!), I don't feel that sore and I'm going on another small hike today. Yay! Another kind of random note: sense of smell! Apparently Mt. Adams used to be mined for sulfur, and I was the only one with an acute enough sense of smell to smell it. Ok, who really wants to smell sulfur? But still, in my own head I was proud to know that my sinuses were clear enough to sense something others couldn't. hehe I'm really excited and motivated to start dehydrating projects for my 6 day trip in October. I think mangoes are 4 for $5 at the store, so that'll be my first project Hope everyone's weekend was as great as green's and mine. Big Whole9 hugs!
  8. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    Hello gals! Greeninpace, so glad you're feeling well today! I hear you with those feelings of fatigue! I started a new job at a gym this week (free Crossfit, yay!!!) but I worked the morning shift 3 days in a row....getting up at 4:30 am! I do prefer working mornings, but I was pooped out yesterday. And I've realized being tired really affects my cravings/food issues. Yesterday I had a binge-y moment after dinner. I went and picked (and ate) about 7 plums! They were little, but still! And I had a couple other snacky post-dinner things. So obviously my habits are still poking their naughty little heads out, but it reaffirms my need to be doing a Whole60 and sticking with this. I didn't totally stuff myself to feeling sick (which was a tendency of time) and it was long enough before bedtime where I went to sleep feeling fine. And luckily I slept a good 9 hours last night and feel awesome today! I'm climbing Mt. Adams this weekend and am, of course, planning on staying Whole9. I am excited to be bringing my own food and not having to worry about pack weight. I'm doing a 6-day backpacking trip in October and I am getting excited (but also nervous) about what food to bring. I'll have to start a dehydrating frenzy! I will also have to make concessions, I think. Maybe using quinoa for dinners. We'll see. It'll be a fun journey none-the-less. I hope your weekend is providing a do-able challenge, Amy. I know you'll do great! Hey, I haven't bitten my nails in over a week! I even painted them last night, which I never do because they're usually so ugly. I still kind of pick at them and want to bite them, but I haven't. Yay! Alright, back to work. Thanks, everyone!
  9. Ilovefat


    I have no shame in eating an avo a day! I love the stuff! I usually have half with breakfast and the other half for lunch or dinner or pre-workout meal/snack. mmmmm avocado
  10. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    Mornin! I think my favorite easy breakfast is sausage with cabbage. I am currently obsessed with cabbage. I could eat it all day long (who says that, right? ha!) But it's really easy to just stirfry that up in a pan. I usually don't put any extra cooking fat in it, because the sausage greases everything up quite nicely. This could also be done w/ any kind of green, I just like cabbage's crunch. Or eggs and veggies. Also super easy. And there's usually a half avo or handful of olives or some coconut product to be the fat. I also usually have some kind of tea with coconut milk a couple hours after breakfast. Sometimes with breakfast. Yesterday though, oh man, i had leftover salmon so I used the hunk of fish kind of like a bagel base, with mashed up avocado, red onions, tomato, capers, salt, and pepper. It was actually easy to prepare too (since the salmon was already cooked) Gosh, I could talk about food aaalllll day. Things are happening in my kitchen! Kombucha and sauerkraut and pickles! I am so excited to be fermenting things and experimenting with food. I am planning on cooking up some liver today and bone broth/stock, and cooking a bunch of sweet potatoes to have for the week. It's such a good strategy cooking in large batches to have food throughout the week. Make sense! Anyone have any favorite food projects/recipes they'd like to share? I love your idea of portioning things out, greeninpace! Little baggies of nuts for on-the-go. I haven't taken measurements/weighed myslef in a long time. I'm also 5'1", I would say between 120-130. Maybe less now? I dunno. I have pretty large breasts for my size, I am sooo wanting them to shrink! I gain most of my weight in my torso/chest region. I have also felt for the first time in awhile some weight loss. I am so glad I am doing more than those initial 30 days.
  11. Ilovefat

    I know it's been said over and over

    Great analogy, Hans!!
  12. Ilovefat

    what to do with Cabbage?

    I think cabbage is now one of my favorite foods. Who says that? But seriously, I might eat it everyday. Cooked, raw, fermented, whatever! I have actually found it to have such a really complex flavor - kinda sweet, kinda spicy, crunchy, yuuummmmy. Who would have ever thought cabbage would be one of my favorite foods? Ha! I use it in place of lettuce sometimes. I find it a little more satisfying because of the crunch. I use the leaves as wraps...when I can successfully break them off without ripping them, that is. Here's one of my new favorite salads which I have made with cabbage or massaged kale: Salad: Cabbage Grapefruit Avocado Dressing (I don't usually measure, I just make to taste): Olive oil Apple cider vinegar Cumin Paprika or chili powder or cayenne or chipotle Salt Pepper It's delicious!!!!
  13. Ilovefat

    Going for Whole60, would love a buddy

    Welcome, greeninpace! These folks have been super supportive so far, I love reading everyone's new posts. I am sure you'll find lots of support around our little corner of the Whole9 forum. And good luck finding someone in FL to maybe meet in person. I, too, wish I could find a buddy here in the Portland/Columbia Gorge area (hint, hint any Oregon Whole30 readers out there Even without a real-life support network, you are all great and I am thankful for having you around my virtual world. Oh green, Isn't it crazy how just 2 weeks can make you bloat up like a balloon? And then you look in the mirror, try on your favorite pants (or bra!) and BAM! you realize you don't feel as awesome as you did just a freakin' minute ago. Been there! It really sucks. Way to go starting another Wholestint. I'm sure you'll be feeling that Tiger's Blood in no time Isn't it interesting how so many people have the same issues with finding foods that they can consume in large amounts to satisfy a craving just because it's allowed in the program? Are we all emotional/compulsive eaters to some degree? I'm not saying any of you are, but I know I am. Amy, I hear you! How many times have I bought Coconut Bliss, or almond butter "for the last time." Let's NOT count. But I really am finally, and only in these past few days, seeing that 'light' of "oh my goodness, I can eat only 3 meals, not snack and still be fantastically satisfied." Today after lunch I knew I wasn't 'satisfied' so I blended up some frozen berries and coconut milk. Maybe SWYPO, but I don't care because...drumroll please...I didn't even eat the whole portion!! I put a lid on the jar and put it in the freezer when I was satisfied! That's, like, a total first for me. And then I knew I wasn't going to crave anything until my pre-workout snack. I haven't bought any nuts/nut butters in awhile, and I think I'll still hold off for a bit. But I am going to soon (maybe when there's a sale somewhere, they're also so gosh darn expensive) to see how I deal with it in this new context. It's all about experimentation. I'm finding it so fun to experiment without the stress of "will I be able to stop myself from eating this, or that, or...everything!" Rock on, chocolate eaters. It's great that you know your needs and that chocolate will satisfy you more than fruit. I think that's the best part of this - finding what works for YOU. You are taking those training wheels off and eating sustainably - both psychologically and physically. woohooo! Good luck to your daughter, Erica. I hope it works for her and finds out more about her dietary needs. I tried to do "no dairy February" but I think I found the rules to not be strict enough for me and I didn't make it through, and I was cooking with butter. Haha. Hope everyone's week is off to a great start so far!
  14. Ilovefat

    Whole 30 weight loss - WHERE?

    Mlynn, 6 days is not a lot in the scheme of things. I am an extremely impatient person, so I totally get the "but where are the results NOW?!?" mentality. However, I did stick with the Whole30 (I'm on day 33) and am just now starting to see results that I feel excited about. There were ups and down up until this point. Some days even within the last few weeks I felt "heavier, fatter, thicker, less energetic, etc." I had to just trust that eventually things would start working how they were supposed to. And they did! It's different for everyone, I would definitely smash that scale with a hammer and focus on how you feel. Easier said than done, I know, but just try it? Good luck in the rest of your Wholejourney!
  15. Ilovefat

    August 26th Start Date

    I'm excited for all of you! I just finished my 30 days last Thursday, but decided to turn it into a Whole45-60. LevenAlles, I think you'll know by day 30 (maybe around day 25) whether or not an you'll need or want to extend your Whole30. I knew that I was still having cravings and not feeling totally in control of my food issues (maybe due to hormones/cycle stuff, but still). This weekend, however, is the first time I've actully felt in control of my eating. Going strong 4-6 hours between meals, not even feeling tempted to snack, really listening to my body and it's hunger signals. That is HUGE for me...especially during the weekend, when my free time leads me to boredom snack/binge. The point is, trust your body to tell you how long you'll need. If you don't quite feel right, continue on. If you're feeling like a champ, add in the food you want to reintroduce. I wish you all the best of luck, support, and delicious food endeavors!