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    It's not very fancy, but when I was at the Ram last, I saw that they had salmon baked with olive oil on the menu. That and veggies, and you should be golden.
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    SaraP reacted to Cavegirlmegan in Looking for conception success stories   
    Well guys- I'm super excited to wrap up this thread with my own success story!  That's right! I'm pregnant!  The holistic approach finally worked.  I really appreciate the support and information on this site!
    For posterity sake:
    We were trying for 16 months.  One whole30 and a paleo-majority diet for the last 8 months, some off-wagon periods throughout.  Acupuncture, supplements and chinese herbs. 
    I will probably start a new thread, either here or in the post-whole30 forum to blog about my pregnancy.  Hooray!