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    CFDubbs reacted to Beets in Spending way too much $$ on groceries!   
    Trust me. It's not bordering on hoarding unless your kids can't come to your house/s anymore and you have sunk your loved ones in a psychodrama of tragic proportions.
    But, anyway, it seems crazy when I spend, as yesterday, $98 at the grass-fed beef stand at the farmers market (in NYC that gets you a big pork shoulder, brisket, and 3 lbs of ground beef--consider yourselves lucky!) . And since I am planning most of our meals I am buying groceries all at once instead of $60 here, $100 there. And, exactly: No take out. No $16 at the coffee shop 5X a week for me and the kids. No pasta/side dishes from the prepared food shop. I'm not buying three boxes of kid snack bars a week. Or half and half or tubs of yogurt.
    I have yet to do the math--except vaguely in my head--but I think I'm coming out ok. As others have said you don't need to do all organic produce. I'd spend the money first and foremost on the best meat you can afford (filling in with canned fish a few times a week) and go from there. Chicken thighs! An organic chicken seems pricey but you can get a second meal out of it (for yrself) and make nutritious broth. Prioritize the"dirty dozen" veggies and try to buy seasonal veg. There is a section in the book on budgeting. And whole9 links ppl have posted in other budget threads.