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  1. Seafarer

    What sayings help to keep you on track?

    Well, this one scared me.... “Someone once told me the definition of Hell: The last day you have on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” – Anonymous
  2. Seafarer

    Canadians doing Whole30

    jplvernon... I had the same reaction, on my first W30, that you are having. Now I do what Nemo does - pack my own lunch. At restaurants I go online first & plan what I am going to order. I take my own ghee & my own salad dressing. I don't talk about my food choices unless someone asks, and then I give the briefest answers possible. Your hosts, and your waiters, will be happy you are low maintenance & enjoying yourself. The hours spent cooking, however, can be a nuisance and everyone needs to find their own path. If I am cooking, I never cook just one thing. And I rarely use a recipe... I think recipes are work. I'm also not really fond of constantly chopping up raw vegs just to have salads in winter. I just keep a whole bunch of different proteins (steak, hamburger, eggs, salmon, chicken... ) always cooked in the fridge, along with a variety of vegs (at this time of year it's often potatoes, carrots, beets, string beans, broccoli...) and I just pull out various combinations of these things whenever it's mealtime. Add mayo or ghee or olives or whatever fat you like. Grab a glass of water or a cup of tea, and a book. Put your feet up & get lost in your book while you eat. I seldom meal prep & I seldom spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This might be sheer laziness; I prefer to think of it as efficiency. LOL! I'm sure you'll find other coping ideas around the forums. Best of luck in finding your own path to enjoying this journey. It will make your reintroductions & your eventual food freedom a whole lot easier to achieve... well worth doing.
  3. Seafarer

    Canadians doing Whole30

    Welcome aboard Kimberly Ann! Nice to have you with us.!!
  4. Seafarer

    I can't keep my picky kids full!

    That's a tough one, for sure. Poor you... dealing with your own challenges & then listening to the kids on top of it. Can you stuff them at breakfast with extra eggs? (Setting them up for a good day.) Add a ton more ghee or coconut oil or duck fat or whatever you are using to everything they eat? If you are making homemade mayo & they like it, get them to eat a big spoonful, promising to give them another one after they finish colouring a nice new picture for your fridge. Do they like coconut milk? Maybe try whirling a frozen banana with coconut milk to finish a meal? I think I'd be aiming to give them the maximum caloric density as I could at the start of every meal, because little tummies don't hold a lot, so satiety really matters. Of course, "I'm hungry!" could also mean "I'm missing the foods you used to feed me!" too. In which case, aiming to keep them stuffed with things they will eat is probably your only recourse. (Change their taste buds before you tackle that quantity issue.) Do they like games? Write down their favourite W30 foods... get them to help with this; agree to everything; quietly toss out the ones that don't fit... put each food on a slip of paper & put them all in a cup... add in the ones that the Easter Bunny likes ("really dear, he does") or Simba or some other beloved character that eats meats/vegs if you need to add more in order to get a variety... and let them draw out one piece of paper whenever they & you agree that they are hungry... with the promise that they will get to eat whatever comes out of the cup. Put that slip aside so they know that sooner or later they'll get to something awesome. Kids love surprises, and are easily distracted by a surprise. GOOD LUCK!!
  5. Seafarer

    Dinner Party Dessert Dilemma

    I like Urnesha's solution! The only other option I can think of would be some Bulletproof coffee (or some special tea concoction) in a pair of special mugs as you ease away from the table into a let's-relax-&-sit-here sort of a way. That way you're not still at the table so it's not as obvious that it's "dessert time". I have done this, and slipped a small plate with some treats on it beside my friend's coffee, while I sat across the room & cradled my own coffee with enjoyment, but without the small plate of treats. Mostly people tend not to notice, and if they do I just say my tummy is so happy with supper that I'm going to leave it that way for now while I enjoy my coffee & the company. And then ask them a question that they are likely to answer at length. LOL! I don't figure that I owe anyone detailed information regarding my choices. Besides, I already know what I am eating & why. I'd rather catch up with their lives than rehash mine. Y'know?
  6. Seafarer

    Canadians doing Whole30

    Everyone sounds like they are doing just great! Good to see (read). I have been mildly amused that this seems easy & natural to me, but when I'm not officially doing a W30, snacks are a serious temptation. I think I have figured out why though... when "off" the official W30 I am not as diligent about filling up on fats & vegs. So that will be my Step One after this round. Today I was at an employer-led training session. Lunch provided. A couple of the managers are celiac, so accommodating me probably would have been easy. However, I decided not to ask, and just packed my own lunch. The Big Boss (& owner) noticed. "Didn't you get the memo?" (Me: It all looks great, thanks, but I figured it was just easier for me to be sure I could avoid the things I need to avoid. No worries.) BB: "Wheat? Dairy?" (Me: Yeah, like that.) BB: "Well, grab some salad & just fill up on dessert!" (Me: Thank you! <as I eye the platters of squares & cakes>)..... FUNNY! Just because his two seconds-in-command are celiac, he "gets" that people have sensitivities, but obviously doesn't really understand it, since wheat must only be in the bread, right? Almost finished "The Hardest Days"! Go us.
  7. Seafarer

    Canadians doing Whole30

    VivaLaMeredith.... Fantastic List! Thanks for compiling & sharing! Very helpful. Also... will try the pork belly idea. Thank you. Did anyone else join Real Plans? I wasn't going to, simply b/c I am comfortable with cooking big batches of a couple of things & then working my way through those, and when I get bored I look up new recipes & work on those for a while. But my hubby's comment "I guess I'll be doing more cooking", made when I said I was W30'ing in Jan, made me rethink that idea. Ha Ha!! More variety is called for, methinks. I was pleasantly surprised with the variety & choice on the menu (I only signed up for a month), and the ability to customize.... for example, I currently don't have any pork in my freezer, so I requested "no pork". Also no wild game, for the same reason. I was also thinking about deleting exotically-sourced ingredients, but so far when a recipe pops up with one of those, & I can't think of a good substitute, I have just played Recipe Roulette until something pops up with just local ingredients in it. It's a lazy way of menu planning, but so far is proving useful, in spite of my earlier hesitation.
  8. Seafarer

    Canadians doing Whole30

    Hi all! Viva... how did you make out with your list? Like ladyshanny, I pretty much make everything... I got tired of reading labels &/or paying exorbitant prices for things just b/c they're compliant, but I'd still be interested in what you found. I was totally blown away the other day... I was in a wee little roadside stand that sells mostly produce from the attached farm, and lo & behold, they were selling compliant bone broth. I have never, ever been able to find compliant bone broth! I almost asked if the owner is a W30 person. The one thing I miss, and can't make, is bacon. Any suggestions, anyone? Nick's Sticks is too expensive off Amazon, and I haven't found them locally (rural Nova Scotia), so I decided to try making dehydrated jerky. Note to self... never double a recipe until *after* it is perfected. Yikes. It wasn't terrible, but a little bit of hot peppers goes a lonnnnnng way! Anyway... looking forward to everyone's progress through January.
  9. Seafarer

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Awesome! Really great!
  10. Seafarer

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Awesome! Really great!
  11. Seafarer

    Canadians doing Whole30

    Kinda quiet in here...... how are ya'll doing? After barty90 mentioned the Nicks Sticks I remembered that my local health foods store used to stock a compliant stick that was, apparently, worth almost as much as my car (small exaggeration), so I checked to see if they had been able to restock. Right inside the door, in the same location as the old sticks, displayed in the same old containers..... but no. Not compliant. Darn. But.... think how much money I saved. LOL! I have been cleaning out my garden & making jars & jars of things like tomato sauce & soups.... all compliant. Should help with staying on track this winter. Hope everyone is doing well, even if staying quiet.
  12. Seafarer

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Not sure if this will work for you, but it sure does work for me...... BIG M1 + starchy vegs & ghee as part of M3. When I do that (& I freely confess that I am not always that disciplined) the urge to snack in the evening is, if not always 100% gone, at least easily ignored. Good luck on finding what works for you. PS. Hope this double posting thing can soon be fixed....
  13. Seafarer

    Starting Whole 30 on September 5th

    Not sure if this will work for you, but it sure does work for me...... BIG M1 + starchy vegs & ghee as part of M3. When I do that (& I freely confess that I am not always that disciplined) the urge to snack in the evening is, if not always 100% gone, at least easily ignored. Good luck on finding what works for you.
  14. Seafarer

    Double double post post

    Thanks much!!
  15. Seafarer

    Double double post post

    And....... nope! I just posted in another thread. Double double!