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  1. As I prepped for my next W30, I was (as is my habit) beating myself up for “falling off the rails”. I was reading through literature that I had previously gathered, and I realized I hadn’t “fallen”… just leaned a little! A lot of ingrained habits have stuck. And just like the bad habits that crept in over many years, so too will the good habits (but faster!). I (we all) should stop being so hard on myself. For now: Always breakfast. Always protein & veg for meals. Not afraid of fat, but fussy about which ones. Seldom smoothies & when do, always add a “chewable”. Usually staying hydrated. Still avoiding dairy. If I am feeling lethargic, I can turn that around in a couple of days. Not a bad place from which to begin again, and discover some more soon-to-be-ingrained habits, methinks.