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    Seafarer got a reaction from EllieHH in What has been your most lasting food habit after Whole30?   
    As I prepped for my next W30, I was (as is my habit) beating myself up for “falling off the rails”. I was reading through literature that I had previously gathered, and I realized I hadn’t “fallen”… just leaned a little! A lot of ingrained habits have stuck. And just like the bad habits that crept in over many years, so too will the good habits (but faster!). I (we all) should stop being so hard on myself. For now: Always breakfast. Always protein & veg for meals. Not afraid of fat, but fussy about which ones. Seldom smoothies & when do, always add a “chewable”. Usually staying hydrated. Still avoiding dairy. If I am feeling lethargic, I can turn that around in a couple of days. Not a bad place from which to begin again, and discover some more soon-to-be-ingrained habits, methinks.
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    Seafarer got a reaction from I'veGotThis in Round two...   
    On my Round 2, I kept going past the 30 days simply because my husband arrived home from working away for several months. I'm not good at "in moderations" (read "terrible") so, from fear of falling flat after 30 perfect days, I just kept on with my W30 until hubby & I were both over that initial celebratory mood... hosting family... visiting friends. I had been pleased with my results - solid energy, solid sleep, clear skin, good mood - and had had some weight loss to boot. But around about Day 40 there was magic. I started visibly dropping weight. So, just as LadyShanny says, relax, breathe, trust the process, wait. Don't starve yourself just to lose weight. Your end goal is to get your hormones in balance AND to find a way to keep them in balance for the long term... supporting you instead of fighting you. 
    And yes, I totally get that your main goal is to lose weight. That was my main goal too when I first found W30. For me, two things will absolutely push me off the rails... dairy, and stress. Drink a glass of milk, and no matter what else I do that week (including starving) I will not lose a single solitary ounce. As for stress, you can read ISWF or any other reference, but stress will knock your hormones out of balance. For me, any little teeny tiny bit of stress (even if I am trying to fool myself into thinking I'm not stressed ) will cause weight gain. Darned hormones!
    So yeah... work on your foundation & know that your body will eventually reward you with settling into wherever your unique and beautiful body was meant to be. And because you allowed your body to settle into a rhythm where you are both supporting each other, your new foundation will work for the long term.
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    Seafarer reacted to Crastney in The crazy things people say   
    I know it's bad form to quote yourself, but... in October/November time I asked the wife if she'd do Whole30 'properly' in January.  I thought I'd give her lots of advance warning. She initially said she would if I prepared all of the meals (!?!).  nearer the time I had to remind her to read the books as preparation (like ISWF, which i got her as a birthday present in April which she still hasn't read) - she skim read the Whole30 cookbook.  I'm not sure but I still dont' think she has read ISWF, as some of the things she says make me think she hasn't...  She cooked a stir fry, and as I sat down, I said 'ooh, make sure you don't eat the sweet corn' - she'd bought a pack of mixed stir fry veg with baby sweetcorn in it thinking that they would be ok as a Veg.  when I pointed out that they were 'corn' she didn't know that that was not ok.  I couldn't persuade her, as 'I've not read the book yet, because I can't read it till she's read it, as it's her present' ! (I have really - but don't tell her).  Anyway, she only had half a baby sweetcorn, and spat out the rest, and was all like 'I've not failed!  I'm not starting over!  I'm on day 27 FFS!' ...
    the boy and I are going to my mothers at the weekend.  She asked if there was anything I wanted them to buy for my meals (especially breakfast).  I said not to bother buying anything special in (they don't have much spare money), and that I'd eat what they have, as I'll have finished the 30 days.  She said, but you can eat toast right?  I said no as it's made from flour, ie wheat/grain/gluten.  She said 'but people have eaten bread for thousands of years!' - I had to point out that there's a difference in eating the only thing you've got available so that you don't starve, and having everything possible available and chosing the most healthiest options.  I think she realised she'd lost that argument as she changed the subject.
    She also says I shouldn't lose any more weight, and that this healthy eating isn't good for me, and that I need to eat more!  Three large meals a day, and I need to eat more!  my F-I-L the other day had a good one - he was asking the wife (his daughter) if she'd noticed any differences, and after a short conversation about it he said 'it is something that one could become obsessed with though.'  I think he was making a point that maybe I am obsessed with it, and am losing too much weight, to an unhealthy level.
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    Seafarer reacted to rollande in The crazy things people say   
    There I was sitting at 3 am eating my lunch with a few other nurses.
    One of them remarks that since i started my "diet" about 2 months ago, I've lost weight, seem to have more energy, skin looks better, hair looks great and I'm not complaining about my arthritic knees.
    (I'm thinking..oh terrific, she has made the connection between what I eat and how I look and feel now)
    She then says " I guess you can stop that silly diet now".
    I really wish it was appropriate to hit your co-worker with a foam baseball bat.
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    Seafarer reacted to jmcbn in Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule   
    The protocol in the UK for a Coeliac test is actually 6wks of eating gluten prior to testing as far as I know. What we're doing here, however,  is looking for food sensitivities, and in most cases, having eliminated gluten from the system for 30 days, the reaction will be fairly quick & obvious when it is reintroduced.
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    Seafarer reacted to GFChris in Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule   
    FWIW, this is similar to the reintroduction protocol my registered dietitian used when I did an elimination diet through my doctor's office back in 2006 after food allergy testing. As I recall, the rationale for having the food in question at all three meals was to be sure you ingested enough of the food group to conduct a sufficient test for sensitivity.  If you feel crummy after 1 serving, that might be enough to stop. If you feel fine after one serving or you're not sure, it's another good reason to have the item in question at all three meals (or, if you have unclear results after 1 day, add another day of testing said food group).
    EDIT: the order in which you reintroduce food groups doesn't matter. The Whole30 reintroduction schedule is a sample of one possible order.
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    Seafarer reacted to MrsKennel in Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule   
    If standard, you mean legumes, grains (non-gluten), dairy, and gluten, in that order over 10 or so days? Then, yes. 
    I guess I'll make something with soy and also have some beans tomorrow. Might as well check it all out!