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  1. Official Whole30 - August Check Ins!

    day 2 and i am super tired and have a head full of fog...ugh! but i'm staying positive and trying to think "big picture." can't wait to get to the "full of energy" stage!
  2. Official Whole30 - August Check Ins!

    I'm in! Day one almost complete and feeling good...staying positive. 29 days to go!
  3. August 1 Whole30 Start - buddies??

    new to the program as well...support will be key i think - so count me in! @grace anna - my family (husband) isn't totally on board either so we can stick together! He's supportive of me doing this but he doesn't want to give up his carbs and most importantly beer - but hopefully he will see all the positive changes in me and think twice!
  4. Are you doing your Whole30 with your kids?

    Not taking my kids along for the ride completely...but hoping to get my almost 13 year old to try new things (more veggies) and take in way less processed foods. I am selfish in that I hope this helps regulate his raging puberty hormones and takes is mood swings down a notch! My 16 month old will eat what I eat, but I'm not ready to completely take away his milk quite yet.
  5. This is day 1 for me! Can't wait to reap all the benefits of clean eating! I am up for the challenge but know that staying motivated and committed will be hard, and well worth it in the end. Support welcome and of course will be reciprocated!