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  1. So, I have successfully completed a round a couple of times before. I'm feeling like it would be helpful do another round, and I'd rather sooner than later. However due to work travel I don't have a 30 day period between now and Christmas where I can control my food intake completely. I have 18 days now, then a 3 day work trip I won't be able to be completely compliant, and then I have 21 days before another 2 day work trip where I could be close-ish, but not compliant, then a couple of weeks back before a 4-6 week work trip where I won't be able to be compliant at all. What would you all recommend, what would you do in my place? I'm not after advice on how to stay compliant while travelling, I can stay "close to", but the nature of these trips it won't be possible 100%. Am I better to do a short, 100% strict window now (18 days), or something like 45 days, with two short (slight) off plan windows, or just wait until January.