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    I meant to reply earlier, not sure how I failed! Lol! I am curious about wine! Pre w30 I had a glass of wine 3-4 days/week! Is there a wine better than another!
  2. Can you just take magnesium/potassium tablets? I drink about 60-90 oz water. I use sea salt. Is there a brand/type of salt that is better than others? Thanks for the info!
  3. In the past I have woke up with "Charlie Horse's" or leg cramps, but since I started Whole30 I think they have gotten worse! Is the a food or other item I should be eating/ingesting to help with this! I have uped my water and drink less coffee, I also salt my food! I heard tonic water w/quinine helps but not sure if that's whole30 compliant. Would appreciate some suggestions!
  4. I am wanting to get green olives, no the ripe ones in a can but the pimento stuffed ones in a jar! I attached a copy of the ingredients! I have looked at tons of jars and they all pretty much have these ingredients. The approved food list says olives(all). Wasn't sure about some I the ingredients! Thanks
  5. I just bought some from Whole Foods. The Original Brat Hans, Original bratwurst, Ingredients: pork raised without antibiotics, water, white onion, containing less than 2% of the following:salt, pepper, mace, coriander, ginger, marjoram, dehydrated lemon in natural pork casing. I believe these are compliant. What's the experts call on these!
  6. Why no yolks post workout? Too much fat for post wo?
  7. I notice black olives have ferrous gluconate. Is that whole30 compliant?