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    I just bought some from Whole Foods. The Original Brat Hans, Original bratwurst, Ingredients: pork raised without antibiotics, water, white onion, containing less than 2% of the following:salt, pepper, mace, coriander, ginger, marjoram, dehydrated lemon in natural pork casing. I believe these are compliant. What's the experts call on these!
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    I meant to reply earlier, not sure how I failed! Lol! I am curious about wine! Pre w30 I had a glass of wine 3-4 days/week! Is there a wine better than another!
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    Yesss, Fox Barrel Blackberry Pear is most definitely delicious.  Their English Perry and...some other pear flavor are also alright, but nothing beats Blackberry Pear.
    You should really try Ace pear, if you haven't yet. Sometimes, it's a little sweet, but still tasty. I like some Woodchuck flavors, but they tend to have much more sugar from what I have noticed. Still and all, whichever seasonal variety with the vanilla(winter?) YUM - wish they made that all year.
    To be honest, I have not tried Stella's cider. You're probably right about it containing gluten - I just see it in gas stations all over lately. Oh, and surprisingly, Michelob Ultra Light-whatever-other-adjectives-here makes a pretty drinkable apple cider!
    Forgive me if this sounds naive, but would you say ciders are the lesser of evils when it comes to alcohol? Vs. beer/liquor/mixed drinks made with liquors. Particularly if it is a gluten-free variety. I know they tend to have more sugars than beer, and alcohol in general isn't too good for you, but is it less bad?
    Also, where would wine fall? I'd suppose both wine and (many) ciders contain sulphites, which is another boogeyman, yes?