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    Thank you for the suggestion and I did blend steamed cauliflower in the broth, but I didn't have enough to make it thick. Thank you!
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    80sgirrl2 got a reaction from jmcbn in Nut Cheese   
    I could give or take it. I put a tablespoon in my mexican soup bowl last night, but mainly as a thickener. I wanted to add it to my zucchini lasagna to add more flavor. My zucchini lasagna has a ton of flavor as is, so I don't need to add it, but thought it would enhance it. 
    This is my third round in five years, so I had no issue with not using cheese in the past. In fact, after my first Whole30, I found out that lactose is not my friend and have refrained from eating it when I'm not doing the Whole30. 
    I made a mexican soup (pictured below) using leftover barbacoa beef, pulled pork, zucchini and red onion saute, and salsa. I added broth and seasonings and topped it with guacamole, homemade sweet potato "straws", a tablespoon of nut cheese and a drizzle of homemade ranch. I stirred the soup after I took the picture and used the cheese and guacamole to thicken the soup in my bowl. 
    So, from what I understand, it's okay to move forward with the nut cheese in recipes to enhance it?
    Thank you for the response.