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  1. @Ravin, is the "mini-meal" template something that is actually written about in It Starts With Food, or Whole9Life.com? I haven't gotten to that yet. But I get the main idea just from the term. @amberino21, thanks for the suggestions--yes I've done both (looking online and going into Honolulu to bigger stores, including Whole Foods). Discouraged by the lack of options, but I'm not giving up! I did find canned olives that only have ferrous gluconate which is basically iron, in a small amount, and from what I can tell it's not going to mess with a person's immune system the way sulfites do. As for coconut milk, I think I may have found something--but I've got to check it out in person tomorrow. Hawaiian Sun supposedly makes a frozen (fresh) coconut milk. I don't know yet if it has any other additives, and I'm not sure but I think our local Foodland carries it. Figured this out from Nom Nom Paleo's blog post on coconut milks. Hopefully tomorrow I'll find out that they have it, and that it is simply: coconut milk (and no other additives). Fingers crossed. Here is something else I found that is very helpful and easy to use, about food additives and how they potentially affect our bodies: http://www.cspinet.org/reports/chemcuisine.htm#safety_summary
  2. Tomorrow will be my first day of Whole 30. I'm subscribing to the newsletters, I've purchased and am currently reading "It Starts With Food" and I have spent a day of stocking my pantry. In other words, I'm working REALLY HARD to do this 100%, and I want to do it right! I'm pumped up! I am exclusively breast feeding my 6 week newborn. I'm doing Whole 30 primarily as an elimination diet, and weightloss is NOT a major concern or motivator for me. I'm primarily concerned with eating clean and getting the best nutrition possible, and hoping to identify some allergy triggers for me and my newborn. I am also concerned about getting enough calories, as I have a high metabolism and an increased need for calories as a breastfeeding mum. I haven't been able to find canned coconut milk or canned olives that don't have sulfites. In "It Starts with Food" pg. 212, it says: "Sulfites occur naturally in many foods and beverages and are a byproduct of fermentation, so they are found in most wines, as well as basalmic and red wine vinegars. They are also added to processed foods to increase shelf life, preserve color, and inhibit microbial growth. Sulfites can cause significant dermatological, pulmonary, gastroinetestinal, and cardiovascular symptoms in sensitive people." This describes me. Eczema is a major problem I deal with, and it has become unbarable during this postpartum time. I have also had a short history of pulmonary tachycardia (random, rapid heart palpitations). I'd really like to set myself up for success during these 30 days, but I can't find a good source for coconut milk (ironically I live in Hawaii, but cracking open a fresh coconut is a huge effort for a small amount of harvest), nor olives that aren't canned with many preservatives. Tips? Suggestions? I will snack on avocados and nuts and seeds, but I need more variety. Would starchy veggies be a good go-to for someone in my particular situation? (sweet potatoes, especially purple Hawaiian sweet potatoes are easy to get here.) Thanks for your input!
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