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  1. @Ravin, is the "mini-meal" template something that is actually written about in It Starts With Food, or I haven't gotten to that yet. But I get the main idea just from the term. @amberino21, thanks for the suggestions--yes I've done both (looking online and going into Honolulu to bigger stores, including Whole Foods). Discouraged by the lack of options, but I'm not giving up! I did find canned olives that only have ferrous gluconate which is basically iron, in a small amount, and from what I can tell it's not going to mess with a person's immune system the way sulfites d
  2. Tomorrow will be my first day of Whole 30. I'm subscribing to the newsletters, I've purchased and am currently reading "It Starts With Food" and I have spent a day of stocking my pantry. In other words, I'm working REALLY HARD to do this 100%, and I want to do it right! I'm pumped up! I am exclusively breast feeding my 6 week newborn. I'm doing Whole 30 primarily as an elimination diet, and weightloss is NOT a major concern or motivator for me. I'm primarily concerned with eating clean and getting the best nutrition possible, and hoping to identify some allergy triggers for me and my new