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    Bacon or Breakfast Sausage

    Hi! I'm getting ready to start the Whole30 for the first time. I noticed that the bacon I normally eat has sugar in the ingredients label for sugar curing. So even though each serving is 0 carbs, since it has sugar in the ingredients I won't consume it for Whole30. I really do enjoy a little 'breakfast' meat with my eggs in the morning once in a while. Does anyone know of a brand that's available at Safeway, Whole Foods or Berkeley Bowl (if you're in the Berkeley area) that is Whole30 compliant? I haven't checked my sausage yet but I do know it's preservative and MSG free, so I will need to make sure it's 100% compliant. I will definately consume more beef in the place of bacon and sausage in the morning since it's less processed. Thanks!