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    I don't ever use a scale anymore for my food or my own weight. so I'm not so bad. It's just a thought in the back of my head all the time. I'm telling it to shut up
    I've been "off" sugar for over 24 hours now. This is probably my biggest struggle. Pretty sure my head is going to spin around at any moment...
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    Excellent! Eat up! And you're not at your worst when pmsing, even though we women have been taught by our society that we are supposed to be at our worst when pmsing. We're not. We're just really freakin' hungry. And we really really need to eat. Lots of meals. Lots of carbs. Lots of fat. Lots of protein. It's shocking how much I eat these days. And I'm teeeeeeeeeny. And, judging from comments I get the longer I eat huge amounts of nutritious food, getting teenier.  
    Have you gotten rid of your scale and anything you used to use to weigh/measure you food? That's a great set of next steps.
    There is so much freedom in sticking it to the patriarchy by actually eating.
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    What feelings are you trying to hide with food? How could you more constructively deal with these feelings? What else could you do as a distraction?
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    A couple of things come to mind.
    First, instead of saying that you cannot have bread or sugar, say you choose not to have bread or sugar. You could if you wanted to, but you choose not to. Changing your attitude toward it might be enough to help you not have the bread and sugary stuff.
    Second, be sure you're eating enough at meals. Eat plenty of protein and fat and veggies, including starchy veggies. It will help keep your mood more stable, and I find that when I'm eating enough real food, I know that I'm not actually hungry, and that makes it easier to realize when I'm sad or angry that I'm really not hungry, which makes it easier to not eat.
    Finally, like leahcarn said above, figure out what the feelings are that are causing you to want to eat. You might find journaling helpful, or talking to someone you trust. Or even just sort of sitting with those feelings, letting yourself feel sad or angry or whatever it is, and knowing that it's okay to feel that way, and that feeling will pass. 
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    You might post a couple of days' worth of sample compliant meals to see if we can help you refine your meal composition. That might help to deal with the physical side of the cravings.
    There's also the possibility that you're hungry. I find that when I first start a Whole30, especially if I've been on vacation or deliberately have been eating lots of less healthy foods, I really really REALLY eat a whole whole lot the first week back on clean eating. It's kind of shocking. Then one day I'm finally full and I can eat three human-size meals.
    Sometimes women are taught that we are craving junk food when really we are physically hungry for nutritious food. I know that if a craving is not about hunger, that there are ways to deal with it; but I would suggest keeping in mind the possibility that a craving really is about hunger. Yes, even if you just ate a full meal an hour ago.
    The point is that if you're hungry, eat a mini meal of protein and fat, or a full meal of protein, fat, and veggies.  If you are active, nursing, in a pre-menstrual part of your cycle, working shift work (or a SAHM, which is kind of like a 24/7 shift that never ends, especially with small children in the house), you may need lots of those meals.
    Deciding to eat Whole30 is not the same as deciding not to eat very much food. We want you to feel full/satisfied/satiated. There's no virtue in going hungry and white-knuckling your way through cravings that could be given some nutritious food.
    Hope some of this helps - let us know if you want tips on meal composition, and hang out here for support and encouragement.
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    That is huge, AmyS....something that I was so happy to learn during my Whole30.  If I want or need to eat then I get to eat.  There is no points, no calorie counting, no times or restrictions or needing to run 3 miles first.  You hungry? Eat food.  The end.  And that basically created an ability for me and my body to be able to trust each other and before long I had three meals per day and very rarely a mini meal of egg & mayo if needed.  When you aren't polluting your body, heart and mind with hormone disrupting foods and foods that cause incorrect physiological responses, hunger is the need for food and food is not the junk that most of us grew up "snacking" on.