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  1. pennylane14

    Whole30 -> vacation -> Whole30 readaptation

    Following this as I am in the same boat (literally, I'm going on a cruise 6 days after I finish mine). I too am worried about stomach issues eating cruise food. Luckily, I've been on a cruise for the past two years and the food hasn't been too tempting, so I like to think I'll be ok sticking to bland food.
  2. pennylane14

    Starting Whole30 Round 2 on 1/3!

    OK, those brussels sprouts sound delicious! Sorry for being MIA--lost track of time, and honestly haven't had a lot to report. Luckily, my friends are used to me doing Whole30s so they just accept it when I tell them I'm on one. I've also been in a real nesting and burrowing mood in the new year so have been hanging out at home which makes it much easier to just eat what I've prepared. Day 7 and feeling strong!
  3. pennylane14

    Starting Whole30 Round 2 on 1/3!

    @Rachel Hall Omg, great recipe suggestion! Whole30 is what made me LOVE sweet potatoes. How did everyone's first day go? I admit that I had a dull headache last night around 9 p.m., but also know that my few days before Whole30 were nothing but carbs carbs carbs. Meals yesterday: M1: egg bake (eggs, mushrooms, sweet potato), coffee blended with coconut oil M2: BOS (big ole salad) from Whole Foods: spinach, carrots, tomatoes, avocado mash, grilled chicken, olive oil dressing Snack: two hard-boiled eggs M3: butternut squash, chicken, dresses with Victoria tomato sauce (check labels!) and olive oil
  4. pennylane14

    Starting Whole30 Round 2 on 1/3!

    Morning, all! Fellow Jan 3 start date here! This will be my sixth (I think?) Whole30. My first one was in September 2013 and man have things changed with the program! I haven't done one in over 2 years so I'm excited to see how this one is different! My advice: don't overthink things. You can get overwhelmed with fancy recipes and crazy ingredients, but simple also works. You don't get an award for cooking a crazy meal that's compliant. But the Whole30 did make me more confident and adventurous in the kitchen.