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    Every time my parents come visit (they come quite a bit,) and they want to go do something (museum, dinner, anything,) my mom sadly says, "Oh, but you can't eat anything..." 
    Seriously, it just enrages me. I don't need to eat to enjoy spending time with my family, or to enjoy an activity. I haven't made a thing out of Whole 30, other than telling them what I was doing (and why I wasn't drinking wine.) I haven't mocked their food choices, or told them what they eat is bad (it's isn't, and it works for them, just not for me,) or insisted we eat somewhere because of my Whole 30, and yet, the food I'm choosing to eat somehow ruins everyone's plans. ARGH it's so frustrating!!!
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    Veggie Girl reacted to Farback in The crazy things people say   
    Here's another response;
    " if I eat that, the voices come back."
    They'll walk away.
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    Veggie Girl reacted to AmyS in How to quit caring how much I weigh   
    I gave away my scale.  It helped.  A lot.  The most astonishing thing was what happened next.  I went to the house of the person I gave the scale to.  They had two scales now (scale addict!!).  I stepped on one.  It showed one weight.  I stepped on the other.  It showed another weight.  I cannot possibly have lost or gained weight in one second.  It convinced me I had made the right decision.
    I know there are folks who are looking at major weight loss in their futures.  And for those folks, a scale might be part of a successful strategy (though not DURING a Whole30 of course).  But for ten pounds?  I'm not convinced a scale is useful.  I found, the longer I ate the Whole30 way, that my weight didn't change, but my body composition did (and I'm far from being an enthusiastic exerciser).  I don't think a scale could have prepared me for how my body was going to change.  I just look very different when I eat clean.  But I don't know what I weigh anymore.  (I also don't look at the doctor's office.)
    Don't know if you have kids/have been pregnant, but if so, I don't know anything short of major surgery that will fix the skin and maybe the muscles.  I'm not thrilled that women are told our bodies need to be stuck in some sort of pre-pregnancy holding pattern.  I'm never going to look like I did before my twin pregnancy.  But dangit, I survived and so did my daughters, and now they sit at the dinner table and look at me funny while I eat my kale.  Damn and blast anyone who would tell me I need a better tummy.  I'm looking at you, women's fashion magazines.
    Eat up, buy clothes that fit, give away the scale, and expect your body to keep changing over time.  It's weird to live this way - but it's good.