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    Every time my parents come visit (they come quite a bit,) and they want to go do something (museum, dinner, anything,) my mom sadly says, "Oh, but you can't eat anything..." 
    Seriously, it just enrages me. I don't need to eat to enjoy spending time with my family, or to enjoy an activity. I haven't made a thing out of Whole 30, other than telling them what I was doing (and why I wasn't drinking wine.) I haven't mocked their food choices, or told them what they eat is bad (it's isn't, and it works for them, just not for me,) or insisted we eat somewhere because of my Whole 30, and yet, the food I'm choosing to eat somehow ruins everyone's plans. ARGH it's so frustrating!!!
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    Here's another response;
    " if I eat that, the voices come back."
    They'll walk away.