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  1. Canned Tuna/Chicken?

    It was the only one I ate and I had 2 oz. for a pre workout...either way I'm going to continue eating on just seems so defeating to be on day 15 and have to start over
  2. Canned Tuna/Chicken?

    So although I'm day 15...I would have to start over
  3. Nuts about nuts!!

    I have issues with nuts and nut butters...I also have issues with binge eating at night. Personally, I started the W30 to reset my body but mostly to regain a healthy relationship with food. If I don't have the self control, I don't buy it. I tried telling myself at the store that I can handle and I bought it once thinking I would do well with small doses and convinced myself I had self control. But it was gone all too soon and I consumed way too much! My advice...cut it out for a while. Just because it's W30 approved doesn't mean it's ok to have in excess...why tempt yourself??? The purpose of W30 is to gain a healthy relationship with is fuel period
  4. Canned Tuna/Chicken?

    I grabbed some Hormel Chicken Breast in a can prior to W30...I'm on day 13 and hoping I didn't make a mistake by eating it...I typically buy the organic kind and didn't notice before eating it that it wasn't organic. Ingredients are as follows: Chicken breast meat w rib meat water sea salt modified food starch sodium phosphates chicken flavor (salt, chicken broth, natural flavors) Please advise whether this is permissable or not...thanks
  5. Post Work Out snack suggestions pls

    Johnny it the Heidi's Hens all natural turkey??? I picked it up at WF tonight and was curious if it was truly ok to eat...I was thinking there had to be some hidden ingredient...but it's WF so they have to list it right??? Lol I've been scouring the forums trying to find out if anyone had talked about this particular lunch meat...
  6. Why no snacks? the pic was taken during training season...I am off season now hahaha but I was carb cycling then so I'm trying this paleo diet out...I want to train smarter not harder and eat healthier not necessarily what will lean me out and shock the crap out of my tired of supplements and chemicals in me
  7. Why no snacks?

    Ahhhh thank you all for the info!!! I super appreciate it!
  8. Why no snacks?

    So Pre workout and Post workout meals are in addition to the (3) meals? I workout hard and compete in figure competitions and I'm eliminating all my protein shakes, BCAA's, pre workout drinks, creatine, and the list goes on and on...I'm also used to that type of diet...(6-7) meals a day 300 grams of protein a day...soooo pre workout I just did a tablespoon of almond butter and post I did salmon w/1/4 cup mashed yams and a spinach salad w/1/2 tblspn of oil and vinegar w/ lots of veggies...would I then be allowed another meal??? Sorry...first day and trying to get as much info as possible and retain my muscle mass while "resetting" my mind and body...thanks for any info
  9. calcium chloride, citric acid and guar gum

    So bottled water like "Smart Water" and "Function Water" are ok? I'm asking because there is magnesium chloride hexahydrate, potassium bicarbonate, calcium chloride in it...this is day one for me and I didn't even think about it until after I was drinking it...I need to know if I should start over tomorrow because of the water???