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After having my beautiful daughter, who is currently five almost six now, I struggled with getting back into shape. After three years I discovered I was not one of those people that would magically go back to my pre pregnancy weight with out having to work out and diet (I hate those people that do lol). So I consulted with my friend who competes in figure competitions. I adapted to her style of working out and dieting because it obviously worked for her. It was amazing at first the results I experienced. However, I soon found myself competing as well...why not make all this hard work count for something right??? I also discovered the extreme dieting by carb cycling was not as fun to endure as show time got closer and closer. Because I was basically starving my body prior to the show I found myself binging well after a month into my off season post show. This past season was the toughest for me and I rebounded bad with food and my weight sky rocketed! I realized this is just not healthy and my fear of carbs and fat left me with a very unhealthy view of food. As a competitive figure athlete I realized that although we may look healthy on the outside...internally it cannot be good! I was constantly shocking my body through carb cycling and the rigorous cardio during training season.

I kept hearing about paleo. After a month of binging and gaining weight this past season I decided to try paleo. I was on it for a couple of weeks, but found myself still binging on almond butter and craving "sugar free" candies and gum on a regular basis. So I started googling about paleo and competitve dieting and stumbled across the has been amazing so far and just knowing that I'm doing something proactive to change the way I view food and to cleanse my body and "reset" so to speak is such a relief. Having the forums and the book supplies all the info I need and I'm motivated to do well through the emails that hold me accountable. But I'm just so thankful to find something that is truly helping me stay healthy inside and's an adjustment and I don't know how I'm going to quite mesh my competing with the dieting but I believe it will work and I'm happy to be on this journey to make a better me :)