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    This was very reassuring to find! I am only on day 6 of the Whole30 and my period is late by 3 days so far. I went paleo about 6 days before starting this. I've always known food can impact us our health (been gf/df and eating predominantly organic for 3 yrs) and wellbeing but I didn't expect such a drastic and almost immediate impact. I'm just amazed. I really am. Echoing the sentiments of others, I would think soy is the biggest culprit as that, in addition to the grains, is what I have mostly cut out. That being said, I wasn't really eating much in terms of grains prior to going Whole30. I have also opted to cut out nuts for my whole30 and a lot of tuberous veggies (echoing more of an SCD slant to this diet..not a full on autoimmune protocol, but close enough).