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    BecFreeby got a reaction from hummybird in Sep. 1 - Who's with me?!   
    Ha! I promise, it's all about planning. If you have prepared food you can throw in a little lunchbox to take with you, it's no big deal. And because I have done enough of these, I also know which local spots have ingredients or things on their menu that I can have to keep me on track in an emergency. But thank you for the vote of confidence!

    Exercise is not intense- just whatever I can fit in to the day. Sometimes it's just walking my dog ;-)

    Where are you both from? Do you have access to a lot of fresh produce?
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    This is a whole vibe.
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    Day 3
    Well, I didn't sleep any better last night. I woke up around 2:30 am and was pretty much tossing and turning, dozing in and out, until my alarm at 7. I only snoozed it once so I consider that a win. I have always been a chronic snoozer. I didn't have any caffeine after 10 am yesterday so I'm not sure why I'm having such a hard time staying asleep. 
    Instead of attempting a regular workout this morning, I did a 30-minute yoga class on YouTube. I chose one on Creating Space and I think it was exactly what I needed. 
    Breakfast is the usual eggs and veggies - today I had sweet potato and some sauteed asparagus. And, of course, I had my coffee with coconut cream. I can already tell I'm cranky today. I haven't even started work and someone was blowing up my phone. Here's a tip for you, early caller, if I don't answer the first time, it's pretty unlikely I will answer the next 3 times. How about you leave a message and I will call you back when I feel like it. #KillAllTheThings #KillAllThePeople
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    BecFreeby reacted to decker_bear in Sep. 1 - Who's with me?!   
    Happy to!! What is the best way for me to support you? 
    PS I log all of my meals, feelings, and general ramblings on a thread under Whole30 Log. Feel free to follow me if you'd like! 
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    BecFreeby got a reaction from hummybird in Sep. 1 - Who's with me?!   
    Hello Decker and Hummybird! Thanks for being on my accountability team. I don't log my food in the thread, but I can summarize here from time to time. Hummy, like you I am (so far) feeling great! This is my 4th or 5th W30 and in the past I have had some pretty bad detox days. But it's been pretty smooth sailing so far. A little headache and some low-energy days, but I can handle it with guacamole, my one true love, by my side :-)

    As for other helps, I really utilize the shopping lists and I think the key is to keep it really simple but interesting. Mix in some new recipes with the old tried and trues, and be open to changing your plan if that keeps you successful. For me, I work out of the home about 14 hrs/day, so sometimes a smoothie is what it takes to keep me compliant. I don't work them in to my meals regularly, but I am a big fan of whatever freaking works. I also think that trying to keep exercise going, during the first two weeks helps me. Some days SUCK because I feel so weak but on the other side I am thankful for the consistency. 

    How are you feeling on Day 8?
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    BecFreeby got a reaction from decker_bear in Starting in September   
    Well hello! Glad to be here with you all. Izzy, you can do this. One trick for me - don't cook something else for yourself, make a substitution. If they are having tuna, do the same. But wrap it in a lettuce leaf or use as a dip for veggies. If they are doing turkey, rice, and veggies, leave off the rice and add an avocado. Convince yourself that it's easy to feed yourself well. You totally got this!
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    BecFreeby reacted to hummybird in Sep. 1 - Who's with me?!   
    I'll join! I began 9.1, so this is my 7th day. I keep waiting for the - hangover/kill all things/I just want a nap - listed in the timeline, but have not had any of those problems. I'm a pescatarian who eats eggs. I've been off most dairy for months. I did add chicken back into my diet just for the Whole 30. Since I can't have beans and I don't eat soy (oxalates/kidney stones), I would have had to eat either eggs or fish twice a day. The only things I'm missing are the square of 72% cacao chocolate I ate each day and grains. I really miss grains.
    I signed up for RealPlans which makes life sooo easy. There are hundreds of recipes and I can exclude foods I don't eat like beef. There are several foods that have too many oxalates for people with kidney stones (spinach, almonds, etc.), so I just excluded those, too. The meal plan is set up for you and the recipes are all right there. It's great! You can switch out anything you want or double something to have twice.
    BecFreeby, you said you've always loved this community, so I'm assuming you've done this before. Do you include other helps along with the eating program like meditation?
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    BecFreeby reacted to decker_bear in Sep. 1 - Who's with me?!   
    I'd love to join up! I am on Day 1 and I've been easing in for about a week now. I'll follow you! I have my food log in the food log thread. 
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    BecFreeby reacted to decker_bear in Starting in September   
    I'm a certified health coach (not a W30 Certified Coach but I'm working to get there!) and I can tell you the biggest tweaks you can make for success is psychological. Even the act of preparing (planning, shopping, etc) is psychological in nature. The biggest thing I see here is this sentence: I failed miserably. Seriously, lose the negative self-talk. There are so many ways you could rephrase this. Instead of making statements that are judgemental in nature, try statements that only contain facts and observations. For example, you may say something like, "I started on Monday and chose to eat some off-plan foods. I'm starting over with Day 1." That is simply a statement of fact. It does not place any judgement on you, nor does it classify your choices as a "failure." Negative self-talk can lead to those nasty self-fulfilling prophecies.  If you tell yourself you're a failure, then you're a failure. But YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE! You chose to eat foods that were not compliant, and now you're starting over because you care about your health and you're committed to seeing this through. 
    Hang in there! I'm excited to follow your journey! 
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    BecFreeby reacted to Melissa Urban in Plan a Whole30 dream vacation   
    I would go to Costa Rica (we've been trying to plan a trip there for ages). We'd rent a house on the beach, close enough to town that we could hit the market for fresh produce and fish. Our house would have an awesome kitchen, where we'd cook all of our own food... but we'd also have daily cleaning service, so we never had to clean up after ourselves.
    Fresh fish and seafood, mango salsa (we'd go during mango season, of course), fruit smoothies (because when you're on vacation, it's okay to go a little crazy), and tons and tons of fresh salads, because when I'm south of the border, I'm always craving greens.
    There would also be this little place in town that served pulled pork, chicken, and beef, and they could make us lettuce tacos with fresh salsa and mole sauce any time we asked. Yum.
    I'd focus a ton of fun and play, and surf, paddleboard, and do yoga. There would also be awesome mountain biking trails nearby in the hills (hey, it's MY vacation), and we'd take our bikes up there a few times, too.
    And we'd find an awesome, giant boat to take us fishing and snorkeling, and we'd eat fish we caught right off the boat, sushi-style. I forgot about that part.