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  1. mochuisle

    Breakfast Ideas...

    Have you tried subbing ground turkey, chicken or pork for the sausage? When I use sausage, I almost always end up crumbling it, so ground meat makes a pretty easy substitution. If you want the spiciness of sausage, you can easily add spices to your ground meat before adding them to a recipe. Here's a good spice blend for Italian sausage:
  2. mochuisle

    Coconut Cream Subs?

    Some nuts are ok - macadamia, pecan, hazelnut - but other are out - cashew, almond, sunflower. My doctor suggested trying hazelnut milk with some ghee in my coffee, so I'm going to give that a shot. For the last year +, I've been using coconut cream w a little cinnamon and blending it so it tastes more like a latte. It was a big adjustment from my old cream and sugar, but I actually prefer it now. I'm hoping the hazelnut + ghee combination will be a little easier to take now! And it's the cooking piece that's freaking me out! Since I eliminated dairy, I've used coconut cream/butter/oil as subs in so many recipes. I have no idea what other food item might duplicate that creaminess in recipes.
  3. Hi all! I've been Whole 30 pretty consistently for 2.5 years and coconut cream has saved my life (both in recipes and in coffee). However, I just had some food sensitivity tests and the results show a coconut sensitivity. I've got to cut out coconut for three months then try reintroducing it. Right now, that sounds way more challenging than a Whole 30 Anyway, does anyone have any suggestions for substitutions? BTW, I'm sensitive to almonds and cashews, too, so almond milk and cashew butter are out, too. Thanks!!
  4. mochuisle

    Post-WO Help

    The chicken nugget idea might work for me - thank you!! Like you, I've never been an eater of chicken nuggets, so I don't think this is going to send me off to McDonalds
  5. mochuisle

    Post-WO Help

    I am on my 5th or 6th Whole30 and have been posting my meals in the Whole30 Log (currently on Day 25!). I got feedback from two moderators about my pre/post-workout meals, which now has me taking a closer look at things. I typically work out first thing in the morning and have 1-2 spoons of nut butter, usually pecan, sometimes a combo of pumpkin and pecan. Because I come home, eat breakfast then head off to work, I've been treating my breakfast as my post-WO meal. Now I'm wondering if I need to eat something literally directly after my workout, then eat breakfast 45 minutes later. Also, I double up workouts a lot. In the fall, I officiate field hockey, which depending on the surface and quality of play, means I jog/walk 2-6 miles in the afternoon. If I don't eat before games, I'm ravenous afterward and feel susceptible to temptation. With a snack, I have no problems. Typically, I've been eating an apple w pumpkin nut butter 30-45 minutes before I ref. When I don't officiate, I'll often do hot yoga or go for a bike ride in the afternoon. So... here's where I need help. 1) I feel like a million bucks. I'm running a half marathon in nine days, and my long runs have gotten better and better as I've gone through my 30 days. Other than being hungry after FH games if I don't eat, my appetite is fine. Does this mean I'm all set? Or should I still be looking at my fuel? 2) I have food restrictions, and I feel like most of the post-WO recommendations won't work for me or don't sound so hot to me. Eggs do not play a regular role in my life - definitely a problem food for me and blood-work backs that up. I'll eat chicken, but I'm not a huge fan, so finishing a workout and gnawing on cold chicken is super unappealing. Same with canned sardines, salmon, et al. I'm trying to make this a lifestyle change, and in the past year, W30 has become the way I eat 80-90% of the time, regardless of whether or not I'm in a W30. Yes, I might be able to stomach some chicken after my runs for 30 days, but that's not a change I'm going to be able to sustain over a long period of time. What are your thoughts?
  6. mochuisle

    Summertime = corn on the cob?!

    So happy to find this post! We're a few weeks away from having farm-stand corn here in Maine, but I plan on indulging when it's ready. Like a few posters here have said, if it's local, natural and not taking the place of other veggies in my meal, I'm all in!
  7. mochuisle

    Probably overthinking it

    I listened to people raving about ghee on the boards, so I bought a jar of Pure Indian Foods ghee at Whole Foods. I didn't get it - I think it smells funny and taste funny, and I rarely used it. For this W45, I made my own ghee using this recipe: I strained it 3-4 times to make sure I got all of the milk solids out, and it is fabulous!! It takes next to no time and effort, especially with the crock pot, and I found the quality to be much better, too.
  8. mochuisle

    breaded fish

    How about this Sweet Potato Crusted Fish? I made it last night with tilapia, and it was delicious! Obviously, I had to make some subs to keep it compliant - ghee for butter, almond flour for flour. I didn't have all the ingredients on hand for the Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette, but will definitely try it next time.
  9. mochuisle

    Cooking-fat count as fat serving?

    I'm so glad you asked this, too!! I may need to add some fats, too.
  10. mochuisle

    TMI POST...Constipation. Help!

    Robin - I have a question connected to this that I'm hoping you can answer. I've been constipated/gassy for over a week and tried Smooth Move tea last night & Tuesday night. It got things moving, but then I read another post that said Smooth Move is a bad idea because it irritates the gut, even if it is all natural. What are your thoughts? I know I'm the poster child for systemic inflammation so I don't want to do anything to exacerbate that, but was feeling so lousy I thought I'd give it a shot anyway.
  11. mochuisle

    Bathroom issues...ladies only, tmi

    I may head out tomorrow to get some Smooth Move! I'd try kombucha but I have yeast sensitivity, so I can't eat/drink anything that is fermented. Actually, my stomach feels the way it does when I've had a few beers - bleh
  12. mochuisle

    Bathroom issues...ladies only, tmi

    I snacked on nuts in the afternoon a few times last week, but cut that on Thursday when I started getting gas pains. I also had the same lunch (Spinach Meatballs w Zucchini Pasta) Wed-Sat, so I thought maybe that was the cause. For now, I've increased my water intake (usually 70-90 oz) to well over 100 oz a day over the weekend. When the gas pains started, I stopped taking my probiotic, but I restarted it today. Other than that, my diet is really similar to my last two W30s - starchy veg w breakfast in the am, green veg w every meal, fruit limited to parts of meal (berries on a salad as opposed to snacking on berries). Any thoughts??
  13. mochuisle

    Bathroom issues...ladies only, tmi

    Thank you, Robin! I desperately needed to read this. I had few, if any, digestive issues my first two W30s, but I'm having a tough time shaking them this time. I'm on Day 13 - hope to see the gas pains go away soon!!
  14. mochuisle

    Egg allergy and whole30

    I have an egg sensitivity and have done three full W30s without eggs. You need to get creative and plan ahead of time for breakfast Here is my log for this W30 and if you search the forums, you should be able to find my previous logs: Good luck!!
  15. mochuisle

    "Oh my god, what DO you eat ?"

    I'm starting my 3rd Whole 30 today and will definitely keep track again!