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  1. Thanks Elizabeth! I am active on the weekends when I'm with my kids all day, but during the week not so much. I have a standing desk, and I run around like a maniac in the evening doing chores. One day I'll do something more formal Glad to hear I can still expect good results!
  2. It is amazing seeing moms who are well into "extended" (normal biological:)) breastfeeding! I am on Day 5 of my first W30 - nursing my 16 mo daughter - and haven't experienced any of the symptoms described in the W30 timeline. I'm wondering if this is because my sleep is not ideal...my daughter wakes to eat multiple times a night, I work full-time outside the home, and I have a 5 yo son. Life is full I have not committed to any sort of regular exercise plan since my daughter's birth because I know that an exercise program is secondary to sleep. Will my lack of sleep (avg 5-7 hours a night) and lack of exercise seriously impede any benefits of the whole30? I've pretty much accepted that at this season of my life things are just more challenging, but I'd like to hear what the experts say.
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