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    @pags98 do you have a hot food flask? I used to take leftovers to work in one and eat them for lunch. Worth the investment. 
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    SharynF got a reaction from Betsie_n in Starting Oct 1   
    NSV's -
    my jeans fall down without a belt.  my wedding ring is looser- this is one of my major weight loss aims as it was my grandmother's ring and she wore it for 60+ years. I don't want to have to cut it off. my bad spotty skin is slowly clearing (more spots in my 60's than I have ever had) my sleep is improving and I am waking up less often during the night. I haven't read my kindle at 4am for over a week now . hubby is still doing all the washing up despite an oft mentioned increase in pans etc   
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    @SharynF I'd never even thought of that.  Silly me!  Thanks for the heads up.  
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    Day 15 and still doing ok. Just eaten some turkey mince before my aquafit class. 
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    That's awesome @Betsie_n !  
    This weekend will be challenging for me simply because I'm going camping with my son's Cub Scout Pack.  But I've bought some Turkey Breast that is compliant and am going to make some hard boiled eggs when I get home to have for breakfast tomorrow.  Then I'll probably whip up some tuna fish with compliant mayo and relish to keep in the Yeti for dinner tomorrow night.  Really not that hard when you have a plan I guess!
    Good luck everyone for the weekend!
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    Hi all! Day 12 already and heading into the second weekend of our journey. How's everyone feeling? Ready for the weekend? I'm feeling good - and much recovered after oral surgery last week. The cold, rainy weather that hit us about 10 days ago after a long, hot, dry summer her in SW Colorado has made me feel like cooking warm savory meals, so it's a perfect time for W30. I made the BEST Instant Pot chile this week and it's been amazing for leftover lunches.  
    My weekend will be busy with my daughter and grandson visiting, meeting up with old friends visiting the area, checking out wedding venues for my daughter, an open house at a friend's home, etc. but I think I am prepared. I'll make big meals when we're home so we don't have to eat much while we're out and about and we'll probably eat out once on Saturday, but I know the right restaurant that will accommodate me (no Chipotle or Zoe's within hundreds of miles for us  ).
    What's nice is my daughter appreciates when mom feeds her "healthy yummy food" - which is really wonderful, considering I raised her on chicken nuggets and spaghetti-o's because I didn't know better. One of the best parts of changing my lifestyle is seeing it impact others. We're breaking the bad food habits with the next generation - the grandbaby's first food was avocado, not rice cereal! Winning!  

    Stay strong! Betsie
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    SharynF reacted to Betsie_n in Starting Oct 1   
    Hi all! Day 10 already! I've been MIA from the forum - but I have checked in to read your posts from time to time. 
    I had oral surgery last Wed so I had a few tough food days but I stayed compliant, though off template. The last few days I've felt better so I'm trying to refocus and be more true to the template and stay away from snacks.
    NSV - I have a long history of oral surgeries and then having serious complications afterwards, so my anxiety level was sky high before and after the procedure. I credit eating low inflammatory food to helping me heal and stay calm-ish - and maybe staving off the complications because so far, so good (knocking wood). 
    We're 1/3 complete!  
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    Lovely supper on Day 10 - pan fried cod fillet on a bed of buttery (ghee) leeks. I got up too late to have breakfast before my PT session this morning but I prefer working out empty. I had a good lunch afterwards and didn't need to snack later either. I'm getting there. Found some compliant bacon and had bacon and eggs on a bed of spinach with a chilli oil drizzled over. Yummy. I've booked aquafit for tomorrow morning and I shall try to have something to eat beforehand. 
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    Cooking beef mince for breakfast! Day 9 and I am so doing this. 
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    Already on week 2, time flies! And good to see that we are still hanging in there. 
    Week 1 was a breeze, can't say that I really struggled. Yesterday was hard. I really craved sweets and was thinking about bananas and smoothies because they are technically compliant but I wanted them for the wrong reasons so had to say no to myself. I did have potatoes with dinner. I try to avoid potatoes on the whole30 because they are a trigger food for me when it comes to over eating. But it was fine, I really enjoyed them. 
    Also I finally  feel like I have my portions under control. The first week I had to have some snacks because I was really hungry sometimes. It always takes a week or so for me to get my breakfast and lunch big enough to be able to go without snacks. 
    Let's do this!
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    SharynF got a reaction from Betsie_n in Starting Oct 1   
    Day 8 in UK and I'm up, showered, drinking my black coffee and not wanting to eat breakfast. I did ok all last week but today I just feel so full that I am going to wait until lunch which is only a couple of hours away. Last night's meal was a bit carby with roast potatoes and roasted parsnips with my slow cooked lamb. But they were lovely and compliant so that's all that really matters. There was some green veg on the plate too. 
    I am waiting for a 'Whole 30 wow' to happen but I am my usual miserable autumnal self on the grey sky days we've been having after a fantastic summer.  Got a day of sewing planned so a bit of creativity may boost my mood. 
    Have a great day my lovelies. 
    PS if you are in UK the Waitrose beef, vegetable and chicken stock is compliant and has a long shelf life. I made some chicken and mushroom soup for lunch yesterday and it was bangin' 
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    I have a severe  intolerance to alcohol so I would have sent back that steak too. No excuse not to mention stuff on menus. Well done x
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    SharynF reacted to vpoppy1 in Starting Oct 1   
    Day 4 update and Day 5:
    Plane ride was a breeze, asked for sparkling water with no issues. 
    Got to the hotel and went on a search for din din, which was a bit challenging. Not because of options, but because not many were open! Found a cute pub and thought the Blackened Salmon would be a good choice, but decided to ask the waitress just in case. She was super helpful and went back to double check with the chef, and we were able to change it so it fit with my diet. In the end, no sauce, and no blackened, just a really good seared salmon with sauteed asparagus and fingerling potatoes with sauteed spinach. Delish! Hey this asking for accommodations isn't so bad!
    At my sis's house with three dogs. Got a sweet potato cooking in the oven, and about to chow down with that and some eggs for my brunch. Hotel had zero options for me except coffee. Not super hungry, but can wait until the sweet potato is done cooking :-)
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    SharynF got a reaction from Betsie_n in Starting Oct 1   
    Day 5 is going well although I woke up with heavy legs. But I actually slept all night last night for the first time in ages. iPad and phone turned off at 9pm and lights out at just gone 10 after a read in bed on my kindle (non backlit Paperwhite). 
    This morning I managed to eat breakfast within an hour of getting up. I prepped it all before I showered and that seemed to help. I am loving my meals. Chicken, raw stir fry veggies with mayo for brekky, tuna and ego mayo with spinach and avocado oil and some citrus fruit with coconut milk and cocoa nibs for lunch.  Last night I discovered that the bag of stir fry veggies I had contained sweetcorn kernels. So I picked mine out and left them on the side of my plate - and again this morning before I mixed in the mayo. I felt like a chicken scrabbling around looking for corn  
    Have a good day 5 wherever you are x
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    SharynF reacted to pags98 in Starting Oct 1   
    Ironically I feel like the second time around is harder for me.  The first time it was the accomplishment that drove me, this time I feel like "done this before I've already proven I can so why should I keep going?"  That's just the easy and bad food talking to me when I'm tired and didn't have time to meal prep this weekend.  So last night I doubled down and meal prepped some more mid-week.  Made some Lemon and Kale Riced Cauliflower, Chicken Chorizo and pre-baked some spaghetti squash to make it easier to cook dinner tonight.   
    I feel great and I'm with you @SharynF on the weighing but yeah....I save my inches until the end, but weight is something I love to monitor.  So I guess until I don't weigh I won't be able to say I'm officially a Whole30 completer but the process (and progress) intrigue me.
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    SharynF reacted to VioletRose in Starting Oct 1   
    This is so relatable for me. This is also round 4 for me and I know I'm not gonna feel this way the entire 30 days but I'm starting to feel all the good things good food can bring me again and I always feel that I should never stop. With maybe a meal here or there that's not compliant but I feel so much better already. 
    Great sleep, it's here, yay. I love how the Whole30 makes me sleep. I don't have any sleep issues but I get very vivid dreams when I'm on the whole30 pretty much straight away and I love it. I always remember them long after I wake up and It's like I have this second life in my dreams, if that makes sense. 
    About the weighing: I almost never weigh myself because if I do then I have the habbit of making days where I weigh more "bad" days (so negative days where I feel bad about myself and how I look) and days where I weigh less "good" days. So I did weigh myself on day 0 and gonna do it on day 30. Because I always lose a good amount on the whole 30 and that makes me feel proud and motivated.. But if weighing is something that is a habit and has no affect on your day than I understand why you would want to keep doing it. 
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    SharynF reacted to Betsie_n in Starting Oct 1   
    Hi all- I had oral surgery on day 3 so it was a challenging day for food. I ate compliant food but definitely did not meet the meal template, which is fine given the situation.
    The biggest win was day 2 when I was so anxious about the surgery I wanted to eat ALL THE THINGS! I have some PTSD from several prior surgeries so I was terrified. I stayed on track and today I'm able to eat semi normal so I think I'm going to live. 
    Cheers to day 4!
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    Day 4 and I'm going great guns. Pan fried chicken fillets with baby spinach and green beans and mayo for Meal 1. And some coconut milk with lovely fresh tasting green grapes and a few slivered almonds. 
    When I get back into eating all this lovely food it makes me wonder why I ever stop. This is my 4th Whole 30 and it's like welcoming an old and very good friend back into my home. 
    One thing I am doing differently this time is weighing myself each day. It's something I do and I am interested to see how/when the weight and inches come off, Whole 30 has never let me down in that respect so this is just for my personal interest. The mods won't like it but I've always been a rebel  
    Have a great Day 4 October First-ers x
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    Thanks, that's siting next to me on the sofa. Maybe I should read it!!
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    Day 3 in UK. I am up early as I have to get Meal 1 in a good three hours before I get to the gym for a PT session. Two hard boiled eggs, a chunk of cucumber and a small dollop of mayo. And black coffee. I don't normally eat breakfast as I fast from 8pm to 1pm each day. It's what I am struggling with the most. I feel nauseous now and I'm hoping that wears off before 11. Also I usually add BCAA's (Branch Chain Amino Acids) to my water bottle to keep me energised at the gym but they contain sucralose   Wish me luck!! 
    Have a great Day 3 x
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    that looks tasty. Where did you get the recipe for the meatballs?
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    I'm on Day 2 here in UK and doing OK so far. Hubby made a compliant Bolognese sauce on Sunday so I've been having that with salad leaves for Meal 1. Scrambled eggs with baby spinach for lunch yesterday and my pulled pork with green beans for supper last night. A few berries and a banana mid afternoon which I know is not compliant but I know from previous W30's that my need to snack mid afternoon will disappear within a day or two. 
    I went shopping and stocked up on cans of compliant coconut milk, compliant mayo and a large jar of black olives. I made ghee. And I am feeling positive. I am just brining some chicken breasts to freeze (á la Well fed One page 69) which is something I do regularly as it really is the best chicken you have ever eaten. 
    Have a great Day 2 x
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    Hi, I am starting tomorrow, 1st October, too. I have done Whole 30 several times in the past - the longest was a Whole 90 in 2016. I have got into bad habits over the last month having been successfully losing weight for the previous twelve months. I'm in UK and there are a lot of posters around suggesting a "Sober October" but as I have been teetotal since 2001 I thought I would take the suggestion and make it Whole 30 time. I've reread the basics and am getting ready for tomorrow. I'll have to be up early as my first gym class is at 9:30 and I can't eat any closer than 3 hours before exercising. It sucks now I'm retired but it's only 30 days. 
    See y'all tomorrow. 
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    The reintro link? I always have trouble finding it when I want it. 

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    SharynF got a reaction from celinam in Whole30 Sample Reintroduction Schedule   
    The reintro link? I always have trouble finding it when I want it.