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    That's kind of what I thought, just wanted to throw it out there. Thanks for your comments!
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    I'm asking this question for my mom (promise!) who is seriously considering the Whole30 challenge. I just finished mine, and she was amazed at my results. I'm actually continuing with this lifestyle because I feel so amazing! Anyway, back to her... She has hypothyroidism, and she has been told the last 10+ years by her doctor that her thyroid basically doesn't function. He said she needs to keep taking a strong dose of Synthroid--I'm guessing to help prevent cancer?? She very recently had her thyroid levels checked, but she wants to do the Whole30 challenge. My question is: if she continues taking the same dose of her thyroid medication while on the challenge, will she be able to tell that it has helped when she goes back after the 30 days to get them checked again? She is really hoping to at least reduce the dose she has to take, but she's under the impression that she'll never get to get off of that high of a dose because of what the doctor has told her for so many years...
  3. I agree! I've bought the same sausage 2 weeks in a row, and YUM!
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    Where to get Coconut Aminos?

    I found mine at Earthfare yesterday! Looking forward to making BBQ sauce from ISWF book for lettuce-wrapper burgers
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    The crazy things people say

    A co-worker told me yesterday (in response to hearing about me doing the program), "I'd rather do Atkins, so I can eat all the meat and cheese I want!" SMH