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  1. I have similar reactions to certain types of dairy - ice cream, yogurt, regular milk. They cause throat and sinus issues for me. Solid and liquid cheeses don't seem to do that to me. It's weird.
  2. Shalla

    Digestive Issues

    What type of veggies are you eating? Are they raw or cooked? I know I can have problems with some types of vegetables if I eat too much of a certain kind or if I eat too many hardy greens raw instead of cooked. Are you eating enough fat and drinking enough water?
  3. Another note on french fries - if you end up having issue with gluten, it's not just coating you have to look out for - any shared fryer will cause you problems. I have issues with fries or chips fried in the same fryer as chicken nuggets, for example. I can basically only eat fries at Red Robin (ask for the allergy fryer), Chick-fil-A (chicken is pressure cooked, fries are drop fried, entirely different machines), or Larkburger (I think that's Colorado only) since they don't make anything breaded. Basically, I don't eat fries much.
  4. @Janneke This is late, but are you having enough protein and fat with every meal? Your meal list has protein at breakfast and dinner, unclear about lunch with fat (avocado) only at breakfast. The meal template says palm sized portion of protein and a plated fat every meal. That might help? Also make sure you're salting your food, a switch to more whole foods usually means a lot less salt which could be affecting your blood pressure.
  5. Shalla

    Animal meat on the Whole30

    In terms of meat production's impact on the planet--there are meats that are better than others. Poultry and pork tend to be better for the environment than methane producing animals like cows and sheep, for example. If you can afford it, buy meat, fish, and eggs that are sustainable farmed/caught and where the animals are well cared for. In terms of the overall ethical effect of any diet - considering the amount of human rights abuses that run rampant in vegetable harvesting, there really is no such thing as a pure, ethical diet. You can do the very best you can with where your food is sourced, but at the end of the day no diet is ethically pure. Not to say you shouldn't be concerned about those things, but you can focus on where you food is from as much as is possible for you and advocating for those causes through other means when you have the time, energy, and money to do so.
  6. Shalla

    Half way minor sabotage

    Being sick suck, but you can do it! Of course you want comfort things when you're sick, are there non-food things that would be comforting? Are you a soup person when you're sick? If so I'd recommend the Applegate compliant chicken strips, a pack of the Green Giant or similar frozen riced cauliflower, and chicken stock thrown together as a quick chicken and "rice" soup. Mostly because I need chicken soup when I'm sick and all those ingredients are already prepped, they just need a little time in the microwave. And everything ShannonM said.
  7. Shalla

    Hives please help!

    Definitely go to the doctor and sad to say just because you haven't been allergic to something in the past doesn't mean you won't develop an allergy. I know multiple people, myself included who've developed allergies in their 20s and 30s out of basically no where.
  8. Shalla

    Suja Probiotic Water

    It's very light on the fruit, I had a raspberry one the other day and it's basically like drinking water with a few splashes of fruit juice in it.
  9. Shalla

    Looking for Breakfast Recipes

    I tend to like easy to reheat or eat cold things in the morning because I don't have time to cook anything really most mornings. So these frittatas from Nom Nom Paleo (Michelle has a great recipe roundup for Whole30 here) or these salmon cakes from Well Fed 2 with some microwave frozen veggies on the side (Mel's Whole30 recipes). Or just leftovers from dinner or lunch prep works too.
  10. Shalla

    Day 3- Not Hungry but Dizzy

    Interesting, I'm not entirely sure what to tell you about feeling full and not hungry most of the time. If eating doesn't actually make you feel worse (overfull, nauseous, etc), I'd say go ahead and make sure you're eating three meals to the template 4-5 hours apart and skip the pre/post workout meals. If you're able I'd also really recommend seeing if you can find a therapist or nutritional coach or dietitian with experience with Binge Eating Disorder and see if they can help. Some of your experience may be specific to that disorder and talking about it with someone who knows what they're doing could be super helpful.
  11. Shalla

    About to start and need help planning my mornings

    Breakfast doesn't have to be breakfast foods, if eggs don't work for you maybe try baked chicken and veggies with some olive oil, or tuna w/paleo mayo on cucumber and carrot slices, or something along those lines. Something that feels a little lighter to me than stuff like eggs and sausage anyway.
  12. Shalla

    Chicken Broth?

    I find Chicken Broth is frequently non-compliant, but looking for Chicken Stock or Bone Broth usually is more successful, at least on the sugar front. Pacific Foods Chicken Bone Broth is just chicken stock, veggies, spices, and cider vinegar, for example.
  13. Shalla

    Day 3 and Im starving!!

    The thing that jumped out at me from your food list is the cantaloupe and dates. Technically compliant, but really sugar-y and sugar can make you hungrier faster. Maybe try cutting out fruit and dates for a couple of days and see if that works better for you? And yep, more fat as the other posters suggested.
  14. Shalla

    Day 3- Not Hungry but Dizzy

    Are you not hungry or do you feel full? I'm guessing your hunger/full signals are a little messed up right now if you're recovering from an eating disorder. When you eat do you get to the point of fullness or does it feel like nothing changes? Do you get hungry if you start eating? Sometimes putting some food in your stomach give it a little kick to go "oh yeah, I want this."
  15. Shalla

    Recipe Blogs

    Kinda fancy stuff, but the Whole30 tag on Kitchenista has some great stuff in it