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  1. This is fine. Vegetables and fruits have naturally occurring sugars which will be reflected in the nutrition information, but for Whole30 purposes what matters is whether there's sugar or sweeteners listed as ingredients. 

  2. Juice is fine, just read the ingredients and make sure it's just juice, no added sugar. Almond butter is fine, check the ingredients for what's in the grocery store's machine -- it should just be almonds, and maybe salt. If they've roasted the almonds first, you'd need to check they didn't roast them in peanut oil or add any sweeteners. 

    Other options might include unsweetened applesauce or containers of fruit packed in juice, or baby food packets of similar items. 

    As you get used to this way of eating, I would say at first, take some sugar packets or something in case your sugar level drops lower or faster than you realize, so you have something that will definitely work fast -- better to go off your Whole30 than to pass out.


  3. Aside from encouraging you to follow the meal template (available here:, Whole30 doesn't really have rules about serving sizes. If you think you're eating too many or using them when emotional eating, you can change that now, but it's not a reason to start over. 

    If you've been snacking on them because they're easy, try having other options on hand, like cut up vegetables, hard boiled eggs, guacamole or compliant ranch, olives, or leftovers for example. If you're eating them because you're hungry, and your meals aren't keeping you satisfied for 4-5 hours, try increasing the size of your meals and being sure you're including fat with the meal, in addition to any oil you might cook with. If you have really long days or are just extra hungry some days, add another meal or mini meal.

  4. Air frying in general is fine. It’s not specifically called out as against the rules at all (more on the Pancake Rule, formerly SWYPO, here). 

    Occasionally people find that things that aren't necessarily against the rules still aren't in their own best interests. For instance, ifyou regularly ate fried chicken pre-Whole30 and are using your air fryer to recreate that instead of trying new ways to prepare and enjoy foods, or if you have a bad day and make yourself a pile of fries in the air fryer to chow down on mindlessly the way you might have with commercially prepared fries from your favorite restaurant before, those kinds of things are something you'd want to look at and think about if that was really helping you change habits or not. The article I linked above goes into that a little more too.

  5. The Pancake Rule specifically calls out cereal, and oatmeal is a hot cereal.

    We also really want you to try to make your meals match the meal template, which noatmeal really doesn't. (Find the template and other downloads Here.)

    Have you considered soup? Something like a butternut squash or sweet potato soup topped with sausage or leftover meat for protein or this chicken soup would meet the template better.

    Ultimately it's up to you, but there are other warm breakfast options that might serve you better.

  6. I'm not sure about all the ingredients, but just at a quick glance, it has carrageenan which isn't allowed, and then potassium acesulfame is a sweetener that's not allowed. If it was like mouthwash where you spit most of it out, it would be fine, but these you should probably avoid during Whole30. 

  7. That first one lists monkfruit extract as an ingredient, which is a sweetener, so that one is definitely not Whole30 compatible. I cannot find an ingredient list for the other, so I'm not sure about it, from that standpoint. 

    So if all the ingredients of something like this are Whole30 compatible, and you're having it occasionally because you want something different and enjoy the taste, great, go for it. Alcohol and alcohol substitutes do sometimes get a little more complicated, as described here. I don't know that that applies for you, just something that could change the answer from, yes it's fine to have this, to maybe you should consider other options. 


  8. 2 hours ago, Affinity said:

    There are cassava noodles but I haven't tried them yet and I am not sure if they would be compliant because they might fall under the same guidelines as breads and baked goods substitutes.  I like to use hearts of palm pasta but it doesn't soak things up.

    If you take a vegetable and cut it into a noodlecshape, it's fine. If you have to dry it to create a flour and then use that to make noodles, that's re-creating pasta and isn't really compatible with Whole30 rules.

  9. You could set aside a separate day for each sweetener, if you want to know specifically how, say, Splenda makes you feel vs monkfruit, or you could just do a day for sweeteners in general if you think you're using small enough amounts of them that it isn't worth separating them out.

    The main thing with any reintro is, only reintro whatever that day's reintro food is, wait at least two days between reintro days, and don't have the reintroduced items again until you're all done with reintroductions. 

  10. On 8/4/2021 at 1:30 PM, Neil Nunweiler said:

    good day, I am new,  I have a question.  on the ingredients list,  if sugar is on there, then that food is out?  


    Example  would be Salsa bought from store

    Yes, if the ingredients include sugar or sweetener of any kind, you cannot have that food. This isn't the same as the nutrition facts, where it lists grams of stuff -- a salsa could have no sugar or sweetener in the ingredients list and be absolutely fine to have on Whole30, but still show grams of sugar on the nutrition info, because vegetables have naturally occurring sugars, and the nutrition info must account for those.

  11. The process pf making ghee involves cooking the butter until the milk solids separate, and the straining the milk solids off and discarding them.  So it starts from milk, and has to list milk as an ingredient, but the most problematic parts of milk have been removed, which is why Whole30 allows it. If you were allergic to milk, you would probably still want to avoid it, but for most people it won't cause any issues.