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  1. It will depend on the particular recipe, since cook times could be different for different types of meat, but yes, you can sometimes substitute whatever you prefer. There are tons of recipes that don't use seafood though, so if you're not comfortable changing recipes you can definitely just find other recipes.
  2. These are ok, what matters is the ingredient list, not the nutrition information. One note though, there is no official Whole30 app, so there is no guarantee that any app is 100% accurate, so always be sure to check the ingredients on any product rather than just accepting what an app tells you.
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    You should double check ingredients even for supplements that are recommended in any of the books, but ISWF in particular is several years old now, and companies can change their formulas.
  4. What are the ingredients? The only way to know if something is Whole30 compatible is to check the ingredients. If they're sweetened with anything, they're not ok, if they're like LaCroix, where it's just carbonated water and flavors, they're fine. Caffeine alone would not make something off limits either, it would depend on other ingredients.
  5. Even date paste is really not encouraged in coffee. Some people find it easier to give up coffee for 30 days than drink it not sweetened. Others find that they do get used to it unsweetened, but it does take a while. There are some ways to reduce the bitterness of coffee -- try different kinds, some are less bitter than others. Adding a pinch of salt to your coffe grounds is supposed to help reduce bitterness. Some people find adding cinnamon helps. Cold brewing can help.
  6. You're correct that this wouldn't be Whole30 compatible, because no commercially prepared chips are allowed on Whole30. I'm not sure if Whole30 is working with Zoe's now or if this is something they're doing on their own, but it is a reminder to always check everything for yourself rather than depending on someone else's information.
  7. This is ok. The Contains sulfites part is on the next line. If the sulfites were in the ingredients, it wouldn't say contains, it would just list sulfites, or more likely something like potassium metabisulfite or some similar name that ends in sulfite.
  8. This might be something you want to talk to a doctor about just to be sure it's not a sign of something that food won't fix. That said, it could be a sensitivity to something you're eating more of now. Is there anything you feel like you've been eating more of than usual? It can be hard to track this kind of stuff down, unfortunately, since all you can really do is either cut out a whole bunch of stuff, and if that fixes it, add things back one at a time and try to find the culprit; or keep eating the way you are and keep careful notes about when symptoms are better or worse and try to fi
  9. I'm not sure what to tell you about the tinnitus, but do be sure you're eating enough, salting your food, and drinking plenty of water, as not doing any of those could contribute to the kind of spacy tired feeling.
  10. If you're not attached to the noodle shape, pour sauce-heavy foods over a baked potato or sweet potato, they tend to soak up sauces well. Obviously not the same as noodles, but nothing Whole30 really is.
  11. Oats are a grain and aren't allowed on Whole30 in any form, even flour. All flour means is they've dried and ground whatever they've made the flour from, so coconut flour is dried ground coconut, oat flour is dried ground oats, regular all purpose type flour is dried ground wheat. Flours made from things that are Whole30 compatible are allowed, those made from things that aren't Whole30 compatible are not. The oat varieties of Nutpods must be fairly new, the original ones were coconut and nut milk based. This is why it is always important to read ingredients even for things you've heard
  12. No, rice extract is not compatible with the Whole30. You could look into boosting probiotics through fermented foods like kimchi, sauerkraut (look for ones in the refrigerated section, not the canned section which are heat processed and may not have as many probiotics), or fermented pickles like Bubbies brand.
  13. You can eat fruit. The meal template recommends limiting fruit to not more than two fist-sized servings per day, and having them with meals rather than on their own as snacks. Having said that, if you're used to having dessert after meals and are using fruit to fill that craving for something sweet, maybe that's a habit you want to address, so that after Whole30 you don't slip right back into having dessert so often. It’s really up to you and what you want to accomplish with your Whole30.
  14. Ok, I thought it was likely just in the dressing, if you saw my reply before I looked again and realized even the without dressing line lists soybeans, in case you saw the unedited reply. I have no idea what else might contain soy, unless they toasted the sesame seeds with soy sauce or something. You would've noticed edamame/fresh soy beans if they were included. So, unfortunately your body doesn't know the difference between something you ate accidentally and something you ate on purpose, it reacts regardless. And none of us can say whether there was enough soy to mess up your elimi
  15. It's ultimately up to you, but I think you'll probably get better results if you can eliminate nightshades first, and when you're feeling better, then start reintroductions. It will probably take cutting out nightshades for at least a few days before you feel better, if they're what is causing the problem. If you reintroduce something while you're still in pain, and it turns out that one of the side effects that reintroduced item causes for you is joint pain, you won't necessarily notice that pain because of the pain you're already in.
  16. No. Here is a quote from the rules: Do not consume baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients.* Recreating or buying sweets, treats, and foods-with-no-brakes (even if the ingredients are technically compliant) is missing the point of the Whole30, and won’t lead to habit change. These are the same foods that got you into health-and-craving trouble in the first place—and a pancake is still a pancake, even if it’s made with coconut flour. Rather than trying to come up with new ways to do dessert, use this 30 days to learn that you don't need desserts. If you are hung
  17. I grill zucchini or summer squash a lot. I've done slices of potato or sweet potato before too. I haven't tried it, but asparagus would probably work well. If you have a grill basket, you can do things like broccoli or cauliflower or green beans. Or look up cooking vegetables en papillote, which is cooking them enclosed in a parchment paper or foil pouch. Or branch out and try new and different salads, especially if you like the make-ahead factor. Here's some ideas:,
  18. So, I'm not sure how they do it, in light of what @SchrodingersCat said above, but US Wellness Meats/Grassland Beef has a sugar free beef salami: I haven't tried it, but other things I've tried from them have been good, though pretty expensive.
  19. "Defer" means postpone, but "defer to" means to allow someone else to choose. Check out the definition from Merriam Webster: to
  20. If your meals are keeping you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time, you're good. Often, we see people who come from a background of calorie restriction who continue to limit their meal sizes the way they would if they were counting calories, sometimes purposefully, sometimes subconsciously. Mostly, this was a post to encourage those people to eat as much as they need to eat, even if it seems like a lot of food, and to say that it is okay to eat more than what they may be used to, if that's what it takes to stay satisfied and avoid snacking between meals.
  21. Just keep replying at the bottom to add to your log. To reply to someone else's post in your log, click Quote on their post to quote it, like I did here, or tag the by typing the @ symbol and start typing their name (no spaces) and a list will come up, keep typing until their name shows in the list and then click on it, like @KiwiKendra. When you are looking at the list of posts in a section, if you click on the dot or star next to the post, it'll take you to the first unread post in that discussion.
  22. Remember that all your meals don't have to be fancy. Some really simple meals that I do that don't take a lot of prep: scrambled eggs with spinach/other vegetables; a can of tuna or salmon mixed with mayo or avocado or even just olive oil, on top of salad; hamburger patty (I buy frozen, pre-formed ones and cook them straight from the freezer, but you could buy ground meat of whatever type you prefer and freeze it in patties) with mayo and mustard or avocado, tomato, onion, and pickles, with a side of roasted potato or sweet potato. Or I grill a bunch of chicken at the start of the week, then
  23. The calendar is just a general guideline. Some people follow it exactly, some not at all, and some follow parts of it bit not all of it. Eliminating some items before you start can make a difference in the symptoms you feel or put you a little ahead of the timeline.
  24. You should work on making your breakfast meet the meal template as well. You're very heavy on fruit and fat and need at least one more egg, probably two, to meet the recommendation for protein, and of course, some vegetables. Also note that chia pudding is not permitted on the program. If you're staying satisfied 4-5 hours between meals, then you're probably eating enough. If not, then you may need more. If you've been eating enough, and drinking plenty of water, but you haven't been salting your food regularly, that's probably the main thing causing your headaches. Obviously if you