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  1. So, I'm not sure how they do it, in light of what @SchrodingersCat said above, but US Wellness Meats/Grassland Beef has a sugar free beef salami: I haven't tried it, but other things I've tried from them have been good, though pretty expensive.
  2. "Defer" means postpone, but "defer to" means to allow someone else to choose. Check out the definition from Merriam Webster: to
  3. If your meals are keeping you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time, you're good. Often, we see people who come from a background of calorie restriction who continue to limit their meal sizes the way they would if they were counting calories, sometimes purposefully, sometimes subconsciously. Mostly, this was a post to encourage those people to eat as much as they need to eat, even if it seems like a lot of food, and to say that it is okay to eat more than what they may be used to, if that's what it takes to stay satisfied and avoid snacking between meals.
  4. The calendar is just a general guideline. Some people follow it exactly, some not at all, and some follow parts of it bit not all of it. Eliminating some items before you start can make a difference in the symptoms you feel or put you a little ahead of the timeline.
  5. You should work on making your breakfast meet the meal template as well. You're very heavy on fruit and fat and need at least one more egg, probably two, to meet the recommendation for protein, and of course, some vegetables. Also note that chia pudding is not permitted on the program. If you're staying satisfied 4-5 hours between meals, then you're probably eating enough. If not, then you may need more. If you've been eating enough, and drinking plenty of water, but you haven't been salting your food regularly, that's probably the main thing causing your headaches. Obviously if you
  6. Definitely salt your food. That will help a lot. What do your meals look like? People are often surprised by how much they can and even need to eat on whole30. Try to make each meal meet the meal template -- a palm-sized portion or two of protein, or if eggs are your only protein, as many whole eggs as you can hold in one hand; a portion or two of fat from what's listed on the template, typically in addition to any oil you cook in; and a bunch of vegetables, like 2-3 cups or more. Occasionally have fruit if you want it. At least once a day, have a fist-sized serving of starchy vegetable,
  7. This is compliant, but we really, really recommend you make all your meals match the meal template. This meal is lacking protein (almond butter is a fat), and is pretty light on the vegetables. Maybe try sweet potato toast topped with taco-seasoned ground meat, guacamole, tomatoes, and if you like a little spice, some jalapenos. Or sweet potato toast topped with smoked salmon, avocado, tomato, and red onion.
  8. Have you tried the cacao based beverages like choffy or crio bru? I don't have them real often, but they're a nice change. Don't expect it to taste like hot chocolate, it's not sweetened, it's just brewed cocoa beans, but it's not bad. There was a discussion here on the forum recently about the mushroom based drinks, I don't remember if anyone ever went back and posted an actual review of them or if it was just people asking if anyone had tried them. You might also consider quitting all caffeine at some point and seeing how that affects things. It can be pretty miserable at first, b
  9. This is the official word on kombucha: It has been a while since I checked the labels for any GT's, so definitely check for yourself to be sure, but as far as I know, it is.
  10. I would probably at least check in with your doctor and let them know what's going on, just in case, and see if it's something they feel you should be concerned about or if there's a length of time when they'd start to be concerned.
  11. Do each reintroduction separately, and regardless of how you react, don't have the reintroduced food again during reintroductions. Here's the article about reintroductions if you want to review:
  12. When I first started, i had bought a kit with my scoby and some other stuff, and it came with ph strips, so I used them, but once I figured out how it tastes when it hits whatever level it was supposed to hit, I quit doing that. So if it makes you feel more secure, go for it -- be sure you get ph strips that will work with kombucha, I remember reading that some don't have the right range to show the level kombucha is supposed to get to.
  13. You can only edit a post for about 15 minutes after posting and then it's locked.
  14. Just to note for anyone who is still doing Whole30, beans are not okay to have during your Whole30 (unless you're talking green beans?). Yes, this is definitely true for many people. It's also a matter of experimentation -- I technically can hold four eggs, but never actually finish four eggs. Three eggs and a plate full of veggies, or two eggs, some sausage, and a plate full of veggies does keep me satisfied 4-5 hours, so for me, that's what I go with. But I did try four eggs to see how it worked, more than once, to figure that out for sure.
  15. You have to use actual sugar, and it's fine to use whatever kind you normally use. I've used plain white sugar and organic, sugar in the raw type of stuff, though not that brand. I mostly settled on a mix of those two. I have heard of people using things like coconut sugar or honey or maple syrup, but from what I've read the results with those were inconsistent. For some people they worked out fine, for others they didn't. So if you try something different than you usually use, be sure you have an extra scoby or two in case you need to start again from scratch -- look for information on starti
  16. Bloating and other symptoms are pretty common in the first week or so, especially if this is a pretty big change from how you ate before. If you hang in there, it'll probably get better in a few days. If you're eating a lot of nuts, cut back on those (try to have not more than a closed handful every other day or so). If you're eating a lot of raw vegetables, try cooking them for a few days, or if you're eating a lot of cruciferous vegetables (like cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower), maybe cut back on those and eat some different vegetables for a while. Also be sure you're drinking plent
  17. Hey, @KathrynW. You've only been at this a week, which might be a little soon to see improvements. I would recommend that you try to limit the nuts and seeds, though -- they're not the best fat source, and they often cause digestive issues for people. Try to limit them to a small closed handful at a time, maybe every other day or so. There are other fat options that would be better choices -- you could make mayo or dressings, have olives, avocado/guacamole, or any kind of coconut products. If you know there is something that causes issues for you, definitely leave that out, but if yo
  18. @Fernsk there's no hard and fast rule, so just whatever makes sense to you, I guess. Think about how you'd use these things in a typical meal -- if you're having bread, and you'd mostly just want a piece or two at the end of the meal to sop up the last bit of sauces on a plate, you might just have slightly less of everything so you wouldn't be too stuffed to have the bread. If you serve something over rice, even though rice is not a vegetable, for the average person, it's kind of taking the place of vegetables, so instead of having your food over cauli rice or over a potato, you have it over
  19. Be careful with information found anywhere other than the official Whole30 site or books or the official Whole30 social media accounts -- there's lots of stuff on the internet that says it's Whole30 that isn't. Always read your labels, even if someone else tells you something is okay.
  20. Larabars are not really protein bars. They're dates and nuts with some other fruit for flavor. If you have a sweet tooth at all, you probably should avoid them, because they're as close to candy bars as you can get on whole30. Even if you don't have a sweet tooth, they should really just be for times when you have no other options available.
  21. Eat. Even if you feel like you're eating based on the meal template, it is okay to eat more if you're hungry. In the week or so leading up to their period, some women find they eat twice as much as they normally would each day. You may or may not need that much, but definitely eat more, there's no reason that you need to feel hungry. It can help to include extra starchy vegetables and extra fat at your meals.
  22. There's nothing about eating lots of veggies, protein, and healthy fat that would be unsafe, but what we do see a lot is people not eating enough -- maybe not enough fat or not enough starchy vegetables or just flat out not enough in general. Or we see people not salting their food, so they end up with their electrolytes out of balance, which can result in tiredness and dizziness. If you do decide to try Whole30 again, I'd recommend following not just the rules, but the recommendations as well, and hanging out here on the forum to get feedback on your meals early in your 30 days, before you
  23. Yes, as long as they're all from the same group, all legumes or all dairy, so not beans cheese on the same day, but hummus and peanuts one day, cheese and milk another day.
  24. Hello everyone and welcome to the Whole30 forums. We welcome everyone to join the forum and have discussions about Whole30 -- just please be sure you follow the rules. If you're not sure you want to make an account, feel free to browse as much as you want while you decide, but please know that if you want to post on the forum, you do need to make an account. You will also need an account to report posts that you feel don't meet the forum rules as well as to send private messages to members and mods. Signing up is free and easy to do; you don't even have to tell us your real name if