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  1. Those two ingredients are Whole30 compatible. This would be fine to have on a legume/soy reintro day.
  2. Have you seen the meal template? You can download it here: I'm not sure how grams of food relate to the suggested sizes on the template so it's hard to know if you're eating the right amounts. It is really important that over the course of a day, you eat at least three meals worth of food based on the template -- it is really the minimum you should be eating, and if you're active you could easily need more. As for breakfast, do try to eat something. I know it's hard to eat when you don't feel great, but this can end up in a circle, where you don't eat b
  3. What do your typical meals look like? Are you including a serving or two of fat in each meal and eating starchy vegetables at least once a day? Are you salting your food?
  4. Those ingredients are fine for Whole30, but sometimes even things that are ok to have on Whole30 may not work well for you. Is the tea the only thing you had today that you haven't had before during the last 28 days? Have you had other teas during this time? Did you eat more of something today than you have in the past? Common culprits for causing gas and bloating include cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, kale, cabbage, or cauliflower, especially if they're raw, but for some people even when they're cooked they cause issues. Raw vegetables of any kind can be harder to digest, so if yo
  5. It doesn't ruin everything, you've still been eating good, healthy foods, and hopefully you're feeling some effects of that. As for whether to start over or extend your Whole30 or just pretend this never happened, that's up to you. Here's the official guidance on whether to start over:
  6. So, if you check the rules about re-creating baked goods, it says this: That's from this page: When we say pasta that's 100% vegetable, we typically mean if you use a spiralizer or food processor to cut your vegetable into noodle-like shapes. What this company has done is probably ground dried peas into flour, and then made pasta out of that -- they definitely didn't just spiralize some peas. So I'm going to say thos is a no while you're on Whole30, though it might work great afterwards if you find you feel better without grains.
  7. This doesn't look like too much to me. How long do your meals keep you satisfied? You're aiming for 4-5 hours between meals. If you're hungry before four hours, they're a bit small. If you're regularly going 6-8 hours without feeling hungry, they may be a little too big. It's not unusual for people to feel that they're eating too much on a Whole30. Part of this is that when you take away carbs like bread and pasta and replace them mostly with vegetables, it can take a lot of vegetables to get the same feeling of fullness you would experience with those foods, so the volume of food may tru
  8. For either of these, it is going to depend on the ingredients in the particular product you're looking at. I suspect you won't find any skinny syrups that work, as they probably all have some sort of sweetener. For the creamers, brands like NutPods and Califia Farms have some options that are Whole30 compatible, and other brands may as well.
  9. You can drink as much coffee as you'd like, although it is recommended not to have caffeine later in the day because it can affect your sleep. If you don't like your coffee black, you can use something like coconut milk or almond or other nut milks or creamers made from similar ingredients as long as all the ingredients are compatible with Whole30 rules, so no sweeteners, no carrageenan, no soy, etc.
  10. You would ideally want to do reintroductions, which take at least 10 days -- you can read the details here:
  11. There's nothing inherently unhealthy about eating protein, fat, vegetables, and fruit. As long as you're feeling good, your supply is good, you have energy, etc., staying with it should be fine. Obviously if you have any concerns, talk to your doctor.
  12. You would need to look at the ingredients. The actual active ingredients for them should be fine, but some versions have sweeteners that wouldn't be Whole30 compatible. If this is a temporary problem that's just started on your Whole30, be sure you're drinking plenty of water, eating lots of vegetables of different types, and add a serving or two of fat at each meal.
  13. This looks okay to me. I'm not familiar with that app, but there are no apps that are officially endorsed by Whole30 so always take what they say with a grain of salt. Sometimes if you're not sure if something is Whole30 compatible, it's easiest to search the particular ingredients you're unsure of, rather than specific brands.
  14. Hormonal stuff could for sure be a factor, it's hard to know exactly how that's affecting you,, but i do see a couple of things you could try food-wise to see if it makes a difference. If you suspect nuts are part of the problem, you could definitely try cutting back on them. For fats, try olives or mayo or any oil- or mayo-based sauces or dips instead. Smoothies aren't really the best choice, here's what the Can I Have list says about them: So, maybe start with subbing a meal instead of that at breakfast, and remember that if eggs are your only protein in a meal, you shou
  15. I feel like this gets into overthinking things, especially if this was a one-off type meal. If most of your meals meet the template, and occasionally one is heavy on fat, or another is light on vegetables, it all evens out over time.
  16. This explains the reason legumes aren't allowed on Whole30: There was a recent change to the rules that allows peas, the explanation for that is here: And remember that you're not necessarily giving up beans forever, you eliminate them for 30 days, you reintroduce them, and if they don't negatively affect you, you then can have them as part of your diet going forward, but if they do cause issues for you, you'll know that you want to limit or possibly avoid them.
  17. Right. Introduce one type of food on each reintroduction day, go back to strict Whole30 eating for at least two days between reintroduction days, and do not have a reintroduced item again even if you didn't seem to have a reaction until you've completed all your reintroductions. "and than adding back in all of the groups that did not have a negative impact on my digestion/health at the end of the reintroduction phase?" Something to keep in mind about this -- sometimes there is a cumulative effect with some types of food, so maybe on dairy reintro day you don't notice an issue, so yo
  18. You're correct that this wouldn't be Whole30 compatible, because no commercially prepared chips are allowed on Whole30. I'm not sure if Whole30 is working with Zoe's now or if this is something they're doing on their own, but it is a reminder to always check everything for yourself rather than depending on someone else's information.
  19. No. You'd still do Whole30 as outlined in the rules, and then do reintroductions, including reintroducing peanuts, either on legume day or on their own day. There are other nut or seed butters you can substitute, like sunbutter (from sunflower seeds), cashew butter, pecan butter, etc., or you can just not use nuts and seeds or things made from them.
  20. If the tomato paste had sugar, it would probably be listed as tomato paste (tomatoes, sugar) -- in other words, the ingredients of the ingredients are generally listed as well. "May contain" or "processed in a facility that also processes" type warnings are basically a company legally warning people who have very severe allergies that there might be some trace of those allergens, just to keep themselves from being liable for alleergic reactions. For Whole30 purposes, you can ignore them. If these are the only questionable ingredients, these are fine to have on Whole30.
  21. This is a good overview of the rules while you wait for your book: As far as breakfast, you can eat anything you eat any other time of day. Many people find it convenient to eat leftovers from the day before. If you prefer something more like a traditional breakfast food, something like a sweet potato hash is good:
  22. This is ok. The Contains sulfites part is on the next line. If the sulfites were in the ingredients, it wouldn't say contains, it would just list sulfites, or more likely something like potassium metabisulfite or some similar name that ends in sulfite.
  23. These look like they have molasses which is a sweetener, so they are not Whole30 compatible.