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  1. So have the eggs for lunch or dinner, and have dinner or lunch foods for breakfast. Here's an old discussion with lots of non-egg breakfast ideas:
  2. Sometimes you do have to take medicine. Extending your Whole30 is an excellent way to deal with this, and I hope you're feeling better. You're looking for sugar in the actual ingredient list. Any plant-based foods have naturally occurring sugar, so coconut milk (and tomato paste, and even raw nuts) will have some grams of sugar. That's not important. What's important is the ingredient list. If the ingredient list contains any sugar, honey, stevia, or any other sweetener (or any other off-plan ingredient like sulfites or carrageenan), it is not allowed. It is possible for food manufacturer
  3. Some people don't experience many negative effects, so you may just be one of the lucky ones. If you feel good and your meals are keeping you satisfied 4-5 hours at a time, keep doing what you're doing.
  4. I'm not a doctor, but my understanding is that it is not unusual for women who are approaching menopause to sometimes have a period even if it's been a couple of months since they had one, and that you won't be considered post-menopausal until it's been a year since you had one. I do not know if seven days into a whole30 would cause this, it seems a little soon, but that doesn't mean it's impossible. If you are ever concerned, you should talk to a doctor, or at least maybe call and talk to a nurse at your doctor's office to see if they think it's something you should be concerned about.
  5. This kind of depends on you and your comfort level. I bought a kit (from Kombucha Kamp) because 1) I was a little intimidated by the process and didn't want to screw up, and 2) I didn't want to wait any longer than I had to (growing your own scoby takes at least a couple of weeks, plus then waiting for the first batch to be done on top of that. With a kit, you just have the waiting for the first batch to be done). So are you more the type who is willing to wait longer to do it all yourself, or are you more the type to want things to be done as fast as possible? Lots of people have had good luc
  6. Post-workout is about half the size of a full meal usually, so try 2-3 egg whites and see how that goes. If you feel you need more, that's fine as well.
  7. Be sure you're eating lots of vegetables and drinking plenty of water -- aim for at least 1/2 oz of water per pound of body weight, so if you weigh about 120 lbs, drink at least 60 oz per day. You can also try a magnesium supplement, many people find it helps with constipation. I know that original, unflavored Natural Calm brand is compliant, but there are probably other options as well. Fats are good for skin and hair health and brain health, they're necessary for your body to use certain fat soluble vitamins like vitamin A, and they help keep you full between meals, which helps keep you
  8. Basically, if you've read the book and know the rules, you just need to stock up on healthy foods, and maybe get rid of any non-Whole30 foods you may be tempted by (or if you live with other people and can't get rid of them, move them so that they're separated from your healthy stuff so you don't have to see them). There's some other tips here if you want to review them, but most were probably in the book.
  9. No, this isn't normal. Are you making your meals match the meal template? (You can find that here: Are you eating at least one serving of starchy vegetable each day? Salting your food? Drinking at least 1/2 ounce of water per pound of body weight (so a 120 lb person needs at least 60 oz per day)? Having pre and post workout meals in addition to your three regular meals on days you work out, if you work out?
  10. I'm not sure, you'll just have to read labels. Obviously, avoid cookie dough, cookies & cream, or anything with candy bars in it. Probably easiest to find plain vanilla or chocolate.
  11. Sugar is less likely to cause physical issues and more likely to cause emotional reactions/cravings, so if there's sugar in with your dairy, or sugar in with your wheat, you're still probably going to be able to separate out what's a reaction to the dairy versus what's a reaction to the sugar. However, if you have ice cream that contains wheat, you really don't know whether it's the wheat or the dairy, since they can cause similar reactions.
  12. This won't work then -- there'll be dairy in the butter, and maybe in the chocolate chips, and probably soy in the chocolate chips. If it were just a paleofied thing using Whole30 compliant ingredients, other than the rice flour you were using to reintroduce non-gluten grains, it would work, but if you had this and reacted badly, you wouldn't know if it was the dairy or the non-gluten grains or the soy. Maybe save this recipe for after all your reintros are done, and for your non-gluten grains, just have a serving of rice or corn or quinoa with your dinner instead.
  13. People have bread or ice cream on other reintro days, so yes, this would be fine.
  14. You may have an obvious reaction after one of the three, or you may end the day just generally feeling not so great. If it's the first, you know that that particular food is causing a reaction, if it's the second, you really just know that in general, legumes aren't great for you. Some people do break things down more, so if they're curious about peanuts/peanut butter in particular, they do a day of just peanuts. They could then do a day of just soy if they wondered about soy. It really depends on what you want to know from your reintroductions. As they're laid out in the official
  15. This is just something you have to decide to change. There's nothing that says breakfast has to be eggs or other "breakfast" food, it can be leftovers, or soups, or fish, or meatballs, with whatever vegetables you prefer. Here's one thread of non-egg breakfasts: And if you google Whole30 no egg breakfast or something along those lines, you can find other discussions as well.
  16. Theoretically, the more expensive stuff should be from better quality butter, although there are no guarantees on that just based on price. It's not really hard to make your own, and I like the stuff I make better than any of the brands I've bought, although I did like the Tin Star Brown Butter Ghee better than the couple of other brands I found at local stores to try. The last time I made my own I used this crockpot method. Having said all that, ghee is just not my favorite. It's okay, but I regularly go months and months without using it. I just use coconut oil, olive oil, duck
  17. I like this one: Or this one: There are some here as well: If you prefer to buy some, look for Tessemae brand in the refrigerated section near produce or you can order them online. Not all of their varieties are whole30 compliant, but several are. Remember that you don't have to just eat salads, and sometimes people find if they're eating a lot of raw v
  18. Olive oil is fine. When they say no vegetable oil, they mean the bottles labeled vegetable oil in the store.
  19. If you continue eating Whole30 style, making your meals match the meal template, you will continue to improve your health, and you will almost certainly also lose weight as you get healthier, although it may not be as fast as you would like. However, losing weight slowly while eating in a way that is sustainable means you won't yo-yo, losing and gaining and losing over and over again. Losing a pound a week is not bad. Keep doing that and in a year, you'll have lost 50 lbs. Focus on the other improvements you've seen. List them somewhere -- actually write them down -- and when you
  20. Ghee is clarified butter (the big difference is that it's cooked longer to allow the milk solids to brown before it's strained, giving it a different flavor than regular clarified butter). It will list butter and sometimes milk as ingredients, or might have an allergen statement listing milk. It's fine. Using a calorie tracker, on the other hand, is not really a great idea during Whole30 -- more information on that here:
  21. The timeline is just a general guideline. Some people follow it pretty closely the whole way through, some don't. Be glad you haven't had the rough days in the beginning some people experience, and just keep going.
  22. I found that it depends -- if I seal the scoby hotel in a fairly air tight container, there's not a lot of evaporation and the scoby doesn't start looking dried out, so I don't really add to it. If I just have cloth covering it, the way I would for the kombucha I'm brewing,, there is some evaporation and the top of the scoby starts looking dry, so I add some tea occasionally. Either way, I would just keep an eye on it and make sure it continues to look okay. Mine do lose fizz in the fridge sometimes. Don't burp the bottles before you put them in the fridge, but other than that, I'
  23. All of the schedules are just suggestions -- as long as you follow the basic process they outline (reintro one thing at a time, at least two days of Whole30 eating between reintros, and don't have the things you've reintroduced again until you're completely done with reintroductions), you can do them in whatever order makes sense for you. One of the lists goes in order from least likely to cause issues for most people, to most likely to cause issues -- that one ends on gluten, but I can't remember now what it starts with, legumes maybe? Some people break down their reintroductions
  24. You'd need to wait until after reintroductions, or if you do a reintroduction day of sugar/honey/sweeteners of some kind you could have it then. Also, just in case you didn't realize, nitrates/nitrites are okay for Whole30 purposes, it's sulfites that are not.
  25. If it's definitely mold and not stray bits of tea or something, definitely toss it all. You can read more about mold and see pics of what it looks like here, if you have any doubts.