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  1. It is always up to you whether to start over or not. This article may help you decide: Regardless of where you read that a particular item is Whole30 compatible, you should always check the label and be sure. Items change over time or people misread labels, it's just generally a good idea to always double check.
  2. Strawberry puree is fine, that's just mashed up strawberries. The sugar in the nutrition label is the naturally occurring sugar in the fruit.
  3. Yes, but rapeseed oil is another name for canola oil, which is recommended to be limited -- you can read more about that in the Can I Have list here:
  4. There's not a way to make something that will taste exactly like this but still be Whole30. There are plenty of Whole30 creamy potato soup recipes out there, you might look at them and see if any of them look good. Here's one: -- but if you Google Whole30 creamy potato soup, you'll find more.
  5. Have you read the rules ( Any product that is compatible with the rules is fine to have, and there are several options out there, just be sure to read the ingredients list.
  6. Hi, @Lorna from Canada -- if you just keep replying to one topic, instead of starting a new one each day, it'll keep everything together and you can bookmark/favorite the topic so you can get back to it later. If you'd like to do this, let me know, and I can combine the couple of days you already have started into one topic.
  7. They will obviously taste different, but might be okay. You could try other root vegetables instead -- maybe parsnips or turnips. Or leave them out entirely, though you may need to reduce the liquid and the salt you use if you do that.
  8. What are the ingredients? For any product, you need to look at the ingredients to determine if they're ok for Whole30.
  9. No, they fall under the re-creating pasta with Whole30 ingredients part of the rules.
  10. Mostly, you ought to he drinking lots of water, but there are some other options. Coffee, tea (read your ingredients, it's amazing the non-Whole30 things you can find in some teas). You can infuse your water with fruit, just slice whatever fruit you like, put it in a container, fill with water, and leave it to soak in the fridge overnight, the water takes on the flavor of the fruit. There's club soda or mineral water or flavored carbonated water like LaCroix. Some brands of kombucha are okay (here's an explanation of how to know which are ok:
  11. What are the ingredients? For every product, to decide if it is compatible with your Whole30, you need to check the ingredients. If there are specific ingredients you're not sure about, Google that ingredient plus Whole30, and you'll probably find past discussions that will answer your question. If you don't find an answer, then post here asking about the particular ingredients you're wondering about, or at least a list of the ingredients for us to see.
  12. I'm sorry to hear about your digestive issues, you might try sticking to fairly bland, easily digestible foods for a day or two until you feel better -- things like broth or soup, plain chicken, baked potato or sweet potato with a little ghee or olive or coconut oil and some salt. Hopefully it will clear up quickly. In general, if you're hungry, your meals may be too small or not composed well. Try to follow the meal template (available here:, and remember that the template includes a range of portion sizes and is really the minimum you should be eatin
  13. The peppers themselves are fine. If you buy them in jars or cans with other ingredients, you'll have to read the ingredients and determine if they are all compatible with Whole30 rules. Specifically, some brands do contain sulfites, although there might be other non-Whole30 ingredients as well.
  14. There's no guarantee that Whole30 will help with any weight issues. Some people do lose weight, some gain, some stay about the same. It really depends on so many factors -- your current weight, how big a change this is from how you normally eat, any underlying health issues, activity level, stress level, sleep patterns. What Whole30 is meant to do is eliminate foods that are most likely to cause inflammation and other issues in most people, see how you feel once those are eliminated, and then reintroduce those foods carefully, one at a time, to see if there's a particular food or foods t
  15. These are fine to have on Whole30, but you absolutely could choose to leave them out if you're uncomfortable with that ingredient, or you could try contacting the company to see if they would tell you what is included in the coloring, although they might not if they consider it proprietary knowledge.
  16. Pea protein is fine now, but that is a fairly recent change, so it may be that you saw an older post from before the rule change. Here's the announcement of the change:
  17. If it's a medicine you need, take it. If you can find a version of it that doesn't have corn starch and other non-whole30 ingredients, great, some meds do make a version like that, but if not, take the medicine.
  18. The forum has slower times during the year, but typically picks up around January 1, so there may be more activity here once people are actually starting their Whole30. There was this Instagram post a while back about Whole30 coaches: -- many of these will not be free, but I think I saw some in the comments that were doing some free resources. If you just want a daily bit of motivation, there are daily texts (not free): I know there are Whole30 groups on other social medi
  19. If these are all the ingredients, yes, it's fine.
  20. ShannonM816


    Here in the forum, you can keep a log in this section: If you prefer to take pictures of meals, Instagram might work. If you want something more private, any of the note taking apps that are available, like One Note or Evernote, or even Google docs. The thing that makes most food tracking apps not great for Whole30 is that they track calories and macros and give you feedback based on those measurements, and we really don't want you to worry about that stuff, just follow the meal template and eat as much as you need to. There
  21. ShannonM816


    There is no official Whole30 app. If you tell is what you're wanting an app to do, someone may have suggestions for apps that will help.
  22. This is really something you ought to ask your doctor or maybe a pharmacist about. No one here is necessarily knowledgeable enough about drug interactions to answer this.
  23. All coconut aminos are fine. This was a rule change a while back, discussed here: