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  1. This is okay. It is generally better to have a variety of foods over time, because you get different nutrients from different foods, so be sure you have a variety of vegetables and change up fat and protein sources some, but it's definitely fine to keep it simple rather than making a new and different recipe every day.
  2. I use fruit juice a lot, but mostly because I'm too lazy to cut up fruit, it's so much easier to buy a few bottles of juice to keep in the pantry and then they're there when I get around to bottling for my 2F. When you did the blueberries, did you cut them up at all? When I do use berries, I cut them at least in half, and larger things like strawberries I cut into fourths. More surface area exposed in the booch=more flavor, from what I've read. If you figure out the Gingerade thing, please post how you did it. I've given up on recreating any of the GT's flavors, they never turn ou
  3. Many people find it helpful to do a weekly cook up, in which they chop vegetables to last for most of the week. Much easier than chopping them for each meal. Here's a description of how that can work:
  4. Well, stepping on the scale is a rule, so if you want to be able to say you truly did a Whole30, following all the rules... But, having said that, here is the guidance for determining if you need a restart.
  5. If you check the Can I Have list, the rule is, as long as there's no sugar added after the first fermentation, it's okay. Here's the exact quote: