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  1. You still eat carbs on whole30, they're in all plant-based foods to some degree, some have more than others (so, celery has fewer carbs than sweet potatoes or bananas, but there are carbs in all fruits, vegetables, and nuts). The body breaks down complex carbohydrates into simple forms, including glucose, which your body can use.
  2. A good place to start for any restaurant is to Google the restaurant name plus the word ingredients -- that will usually bring up lists with allergens and ingredients, especially for chain restaurants. That gives you a place to start. Even if they only list major allergens like soy, wheat, and peanuts, you can rule out a lot of menu items. From there, you can ask the restaurant about things like sugar, honey, molasses, and other sweeteners. Even if someone replies to this and says, I just ate there, here's what I ordered -- double check. Recipes can change, or vary from location to locat
  3. Maybe this strata: Or these look good: I think the baba ganoush ought to freeze pretty well, although I haven't actually tried it, so if you like it that might be a way to use some eggplants up now, but still have them to enjoy this winter.
  4. You'll need to check the ingredients of the particular teas you're interested in. Tea in general is fine, but there are teas with soy or barley or stevia or sugar or other non-whole30 ingredients that would not be. If there's a particular ingredient you're not sure about, try googling whole30 plus that ingredient, more than likely it's been asked about before and forum discussions about it will be among the first results you get. If you don't find anything, then definitely come back here and ask about the ingredients you aren't sure about.
  5. There is no official whole30 app. What are you wanting the app to do? Someone might have suggestions that could help.
  6. At any restaurant you'll need to ask questions about any dish to verify ingredients. Even if the filling of the tamales is compliant (you'd have to ask to be sure) you'd need to carefully remove the masa, the dough part that the filling is in, which is made of corn meal, and which might be difficult to completely remove if it breaks apart as you try to get the filling out. The roasted pork might be ok, but it's possible the marinade has sugar in it. The chicken chimichurri might be ok, you'd have to ask about what is in the chimichurri sauce and any marinade, find out what oil t
  7. Caramel color is made from sugar, which is why on the forum mods have always said avoid it. I am not sure why it didn't end up on any of the additives or sneaky sugars lists. What I would say is, avoid it going forward, but for now, just keep going.
  8. You might want to browse this part of the forum: -- there are a lot of us who have felt better and more energetic after whole30. What I would say is, you have absolutely nothing to lose by trying. It's 30 days, plus 10 or so more for reintroductions, of eating lots of vegetables, protein, and healthy fats. If nothing else, it may help you find new recipes that you enjoy, and you may feel better at the end of 30 days than you've felt in years.
  9. Sucralose is a sweetener -- you can download a Sneaky Sugars list for other words you might see that indicate sugar and sweeteners here:
  10. Anything your doctor has told you to do, you should keep doing, doctor's orders always trump whole30 rules. As long as everything in the smoothie is whole30 compliant, it should be fine. Double check all your labels to be sure there's no soy or sweeteners in them, those are pretty common in some of the powders.
  11. There's no guidance like that. We encourage you to follow the meal template and to learn to listen to your body. Each meal should keep you satisfied for about four or five hours. Some days you may be more hungry or some days less, and that is okay, eat as much as you need to each day. Meal template and other downloads available here: More about whole30 and macro tracking here:
  12. Yes, this is fine. Organic is not a requirement for whole30. The notice about being processed in a facility that also processes peanuts is for people who are so allergic to peanuts that even a tiny amount could cause issues.
  13. These ingredients are technically all compliant. I'm not sure what you're planning to use this for, but for cooking with, regular olive oil, avocado oil, or coconut oil would probably work better.
  14. Honey is definitely not whole30. Definitely save this one for after whole30.
  15. Yeah, unfortunately there are always people out to profit off the Whole30 name who have no affiliation with the program. The official Whole30 sl9w cooker cookbook is supposed to have some instant pot recipes, but I haven't looked at the book so I'm not sure how many. Nom Nom Paleo has many instant pot recipes online, and they tend to be whole30 or easily modified to be. I hope you find something that works better for you.
  16. No. Here is a quote from the rules: Do not consume baked goods, junk foods, or treats with “approved” ingredients.* Recreating or buying sweets, treats, and foods-with-no-brakes (even if the ingredients are technically compliant) is missing the point of the Whole30, and won’t lead to habit change. These are the same foods that got you into health-and-craving trouble in the first place—and a pancake is still a pancake, even if it’s made with coconut flour. Rather than trying to come up with new ways to do dessert, use this 30 days to learn that you don't need desserts. If you are hung
  17. These ingredients are fine.
  18. if those are the only two ingredients, sure. If there are other ingredients, if they are all whole30 compliant, then you can. If you're not sure about any ingredients, google them or ask about them here.
  19. I can't really help you with this particular problem, but I can tell you the in-forum search is not great anyway, and your better bet is to use Google or whatever search engine you prefer and include the words "whole30 forum" in your search. Most of the time, forum discussions about whatever you're searching for will be among the top results. So for instance if you want to know if you can have citric acid on whole30, Google whole30 forum citric acid.
  20. In general raw vegetables are more likely to cause bloating than cooked ones, so you might try cooked vegetables for a few days and see if that helps, then you'll just have to play with the amounts of salad and raw veggies you have going forward to find an amount you can have without getting bloated. If that doesn't seem to help, it could be something like fodmaps ( or nightshades ( Either of those can be a lot to try to eliminate, but some people find relief from elimin
  21. Those two ingredients are fine, and using a splash of juice in water or carbonated water is fine. If you want some other drink ideas you might like some of these:
  22. Fruit on it's own can cause blood sugar spikes, and for some people it keeps their craving for sweets going strong. If you need to eat between meals, we would encourage you to eat a mix of protein, fat, and vegetables, or at least two of the three. You never have to eat fruit, there's not really anything you get from fruit that you don't get from vegetables, but you can have some if you want it. You can just have it as a side with a meal, or you could incorporate it into the meal -- berries in a salad, pan fried apples and cinnamon on a pork chop, grapes in chicken salad, or this blueberr